Drive Safer: Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit Review!

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What Is It
With all of the driving people do, it makes sense that we spend a lot of that driving time trying not to be on our phones. With texting, music player control, apps, and phone calls calling our names every couple minutes, it can be hard to tear ourselves away from our phones. That’s why Kinivo wants to make it easier and safer for you to drive without bad temptations. Their Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit is designed to make it simpler to take care of some basic phone tasks without having to stay glued to your phone.

Using the power of Bluetooth (that most smartphones are equipped with anymore), this Car Kit allows your car to wirelessly connect with your device. You can easily control the music from your default music player as well as take hands-free phone calls. It works with most devices that have Bluetooth capabilities such as your smartphone or your MP3 player. In particular, I tried this with the Samsung Galaxy S4, S2, and an iPod Touch 5th generation and had no problem with any of them.

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The Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit comes with pretty much everything you need. It has the “button” which includes the microphone and the music player control buttons. This can easily be mounted anywhere in your car. It also has an AUX plug-in that makes the music run through your car’s own speakers. It also includes the 12V Cigarette Port adapter that powers the Kinivo Bluetooth car kit – and includes a USB port on the top so that you can charge your own devices while you use this hands-free device.

The instructions are simple enough to easily fit on the backside of the packaging. There are only four instructions, and that’s all we had to hassle with. There were no issues with it not working or anything that had to be troubleshooted. Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you still shouldn’t have too much trouble setting up the Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit.

The instructions are simple. You’ll basically want to clean both the receiver and the area you want to stick the receiver to. Peel off the adhesive area on the receiver, and stick it to the surface of your car. Plug your car’s 3.5mm audio cable into the AUX hole on the car stereo. Make sure your car is set to use the AUX audio. Then plug the 12V car power adapter into the car itself to power the Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit. Of course, then make your device “discover” the Bluetooth kit, and you’re good to go! Honestly, it was that simple, and it was done within a couple minutes.

Don’t worry about “losing” that 12V plug either. While I like to plug my GPS into one of my plugs, my car does have two. To make it even more useful, Kinivo built in a USB port into the top of the 12V charger. This means that you can plug in your cell phone or any other USB device to charge while also using the Bluetooth Car Kit. You won’t lose any of your valuable 12V space when using this car kit.

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My Opinion
I enjoyed using the Kinivo Bluetooth Car Kit. Even if I occasionally forgot to use the button instead of using my iPod to control the music, it made everything so much easier because my device was wire-free. I didn’t have to worry about catching an audio cable on my drink or anything else. I could just pull out my device from wherever, and it would be attached to the car and ready to play audio.

The audio and mic capabilities definitely work, but I wouldn’t call them the “best quality”. I’ve still had a lot of better results with using a headset for having longer conversations with someone. However, if you’re in a pinch and don’t want to have to hold your cell phone, the Bluetooth capabilities definitely work. You might have to repeat a couple sentences (which would get frustrating for me if I was using this as a full-time replacement), but if you only use it once in awhile, you’ll probably find it a helpful addition.

The only downside that I’ve noticed is that it tends to produce a “buzzing” noise that I can definitely hear. My parents haven’t been able to hear it, so it might be one of those high-frequency noises that you become less able to detect as you get older. I’ve tried replugging the AUX cable and everything; the cable seems to be snug, but I still have that slight buzzing noise.

Do be aware that the set-up does have a couple cords that go around. You have the cords that go from the AUX cable as well as the 12V cable. If you want to have this set-up and make it look nice and tidy, I’d recommend considering some same-color-as-car tape to keep everything clean and where you’d like it to be.

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Super affordable, this Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit lets you add hands-free Bluetooth capabilities to any car. It’s very versatile, and it allows you to charge your device while you use it. It’s very simple to set up, and it only takes up a small amount of room in your car. It can also be easily moved between cars.

The call audio and speaker quality isn’t fantastic, but it’ll definitely work in a pinch. It also causes a bit of a “buzzing” feedback for music playing but not everybody seems to be able to hear that.

If you want a safer and more-efficient way to play music on your car without bothering with wires, this is a fantastic way to do it. I wouldn’t recommend it for the business-person who’s constantly looking for hands-free calling, but it’s fantastic for someone who wants wire-free music capability.

Buy It
Super affordable, you can simply pick up the Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit directly from Amazon. You may even be eligible for free Prime shipping! You can also pick it up (it’s on sale now!) from the Kinivo website.

Giveaway: “Shift For Good” Inspirational Book Prize Package!


Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson always believed that if she conquered her decades-long struggle with weight, the rest of her life would fall into place. In her inspirational book, The Shift, Tory chronicled how she lost more than sixty pounds in one year, which empowered and inspired her more than ever.

But after the satisfaction and euphoria from her accomplishment faded, she found that many of the same old life challenges remained. Once again, she found herself slipping down a rabbit hole of frustration and self-doubt. She realized that she had placed too much emphasis on the false notion that a number on a scale or the size of a dress are keys to inner peace.

In an instant, Tory knew she had more shifting to do. In Shift for Good: Simple Changes for Lasting Joy Inside and Out (Hachette Books), Tory shows that by harnessing the smart and effective tenets of her original Shift, she improved her health, career, relationships, family and community.


Focused on the idea of her happiness being more than a number and how her weight loss didn’t solve all of her problems, the book makes a good sequel to her first book. For people ready to change their lives for the better (whether via weight loss or other life improvements), this book can offer the inspiration to stay on track when things start to get difficult.

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Simple Endtable Makeover with Chalk Paint

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I spend too much time on Pinterest. How do we know? Well, I found awesome examples of people using chalk paint to repaint their furniture. Up until now, I had planned on selling current furniture and purchasing furniture in the colors I want, but now chalk paint had opened up a brand new door for customizing my home!

After moving, we had a set of end tables that were destined for the garbage. I wish I could say I bought these looking this horrible, but nope – they just ended up looking that bad after the move. Guess we weren’t too careful with them as we weren’t planning on keeping them.

After cleaning this guy up, he became my first victim to try out my Annie Sloan Chalk paint. I gotta admit; I’m a little impressed by the paint. It doesn’t take much to cover areas, it goes on pretty nicely, and it isn’t hard to fuss with. The white is just the plain Pure White while the pink is a hand-mixed mixture between Pure White and Emperor’s Silk until I thought it was the right texture.

The stencil on the base was my first attempt at stenciling. I think it turned out surprisingly well!

Now the pair will be sitting next to the bed on both sides (after they finish curing!) I’m pretty excited to open up new projects with my chalk paint to get my home looking exactly how I want it.

bedside_table_chalk_paint (4)

bedside_table_chalk_paint (5)

bedside_table_chalk_paint (6)

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Gorgeous (and Affordable!) Charm Bracelets from Soufeel

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Ready to experience gorgeous charm bracelets without the high price tag most companies require? Then you’re ready to meet Soufeel. Featuring gorgeous charm bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and more, Soufeel makes it easy to customize that perfect charm bracelet without spending thousands of dollars.

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Feeling lazy? Soufeel offers pre-made, gorgeous charm bracelets. Purchase bracelets with charms already on them for a gorgeous, coherant-looking piece of jewelry. Best of all, any premade bracelet can be customized at a later date. It allows you to switch out and change the charms depending on how you feel.

No matter your hobby or preference, you can find gorgeous charms that help represent who you are. They have hobby charms, birthstones, zodiac signs, occupations, religious ones, pets, glass bead, symbols of love, and more! Each charm can be added or removed to your favorite charm bracelet.

soufeel_personalized_charm_jewelry (6)

soufeel_personalized_charm_jewelry (5)

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Soufeel charms are compatible with other bracelets as well. They are made from 925 sterling silver and can fit Pandora and Chamilia bracelets – without breaking your bank like some of those brands can!

Look at some of the gorgeous photos of my new charm bracelet. I’m so excited to wear it out and about, and after wearing it on a single girl’s night out, I received a ton of compliments. I really love how customized the charms feel. I don’t feel like this is just a random bracelet for decoration; I really feel like it helps show off parts of my personality.

soufeel_personalized_charm_jewelry (9)


soufeel_personalized_charm_jewelry (10)

I love the quality and the look of all of the charms and the bracelet. They all look gorgeous and very unique to look at. My only complaint is the clasp. It’s insanely, insanely hard to get open. In fact, the Soufeel website guide recommends using a knife or pliers to open the clasp. While I understand wanting to be able to keep the bracelet on all the time, I also like to be able to remove it when out-and-about, and this makes it pretty hard. It’s possible to open with your hands, but using something with a flat edge definitely makes it a lot easier.

Ready to place your order? Not only does Soufeel offer regular specials, but they also offer free shipping worldwide on orders over $50 as well as a 365 refund and exchange policy! That’s pretty generous and will allow you to really feel confident about your purchase. Want to save even more on their affordable prices? Use the Soufeel coupon code “Kayla5″ to save 5% on your entire purchase!

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