Giveaway: Control Your Urges and Be More Productive: The Kitchen Safe Review!

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What Is It
Are you someone who knows their bad habits are bad – but can’t seem to resist yourself? Don’t worry – it’s a pretty standard problem! Whether it be the delicious cookies in the kitchen, the video gaming you shouldn’t do until you’ve studied, your cell phone distracting you from work you need to do, or more, there are always things that distract us – and depending on what you love, some things distract us more than others.

The Kitchen Safe is the solution to that. A time-locking container, The Kitchen Safe allows you to add your items into the container, shut the lid, and the container WILL NOT open again until the timer reaches zero. There are no overrides, and short of physically destroying The Kitchen Safe, you’ll be completely safe from your temptation for as long as you set the timer for.

It’s simple to use. You just place an item in the safe, rotate the included button to set the timer, and press the button to activate the lock. Once locked, The Kitchen Safe will not unlock until the timer reaches zero. It can be locked as short as one minute or as long as ten days. If you accidentally set the wrong time, you have five seconds to press the dial to “cancel” the current time and set the correct time.

The Kitchen Safe has a width of 6.25″ with a length of 6.25″ and a height of 7.5″. It requires 2 AA batteries which will last about 6 months under normal use. You can choose a clear base to allow you to see inside the container, or for those that don’t want to see, you can choose a white, opaque design that blocks your view of the contents.

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My Opinion
When this safe claims that it’s secure, it means that it’s secure. There is no override. There is no way in. There is no “oopsie! I want it now!” You get a short period of time right after the timer is programmed and the lid is shut, but after that, you’re not getting whatever you put into this safe. The only way you’re getting what you want is by breaking the container.

This is a huge container. I could easily fit two books in here. They won’t lay flat, but they’ll fit diagonally. I can’t imagine anything reasonably-sized that you couldn’t fit. A giant pack of cookies would be fine, books would be fine, a tablet would be fine. I don’t think it would fit a laptop or a giant box of cereal, but that’s about all I’ve got. Most things that most of us consider “addictions” would probably fit in here with no problem including chocolates, cigarettes, and others.

Setting a time on it isn’t too hard. I was surprised. After reading the instructions, it only took me a couple minutes to get the timer entirely set and ready to go for the first time. It takes less than a minute now that I know what I’m doing. It’s kinda impressive how easy it is to use. They definitely thought up the usability on this one before putting it into production.

I’m seriously bad about late-night snacking. I’ve been using The Kitchen Safe to help me make it through the evenings. After I’ve had the two cookies I should only eat, I’ll lock up the rest of the cookies and set it until the next morning. It unlocks in the morning so I’m ready for the next day, but no matter what I want, I actually can’t get my cookies in the evenings. In case of emergency or whatnot, you could totally break the safe, but be aware it wasn’t designed to be broken. There will be sharp plastic shards and everything else, so that’s definitely an “emergency only” type of situation.

I love this. I think I’ve probably kept myself from cheating on my cookie limit at least 10 nights in the past 30 days. Love it.

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The Kitchen Safe was designed to ensure that you focus on what’s really important, and sometimes, what’s important is the opposite of what we want to do. The timer can go up to 10 days, and this container DOES NOT unlock until the timer is up. It’s a very well-made container, and they thought of everything. Even if the battery goes out, it still stays locked and remembers exactly what time it was at so it can resume it when you put in new batteries.

You really can’t open it until the timer is done. Seriously. So this is really going to help you control your urges, but make sure you actually don’t need it until after the time you set.

If you need to control some of your addictions or urges, it doesn’t get much better than this. You really can’t get at the items until the timer goes off, so whether it be the cookies you made, video games, your cell phone, or something else, you can get other things done because you really can’t get at this.

Buy It
You can purchase The Kitchen Safe directly from The Kitchen Safe website. You also can purchase it directly on Amazon if you prefer going through Amazon.


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Affordable and High-Quality Blankets from BrylaneHome!


I hate turning up the heat. I know it’s super cold outside in Iowa, but turning up the heat even more means paying even more for my electric bill at the end of the month. I know a lot of people are like me, and that’s part of the reason why blankets are just so amazing.

Not only do cozy blankets allow you curl up in a cocoon of warmth, but they also help keep you from needing to turn up the temperatures. When you want the perfect selection of blankets at the perfect prices, you want to shop at BrylaneHome. Whether you just want something for your bed or want the perfect blanket to keep on the couch, they offer a wide variety of blanket types at super affordable prices.

My favorite blanket from this year has come from BrylaneHome. Insanely soft, it has the perfect amount of thickness. It’s thick enough to keep the heat in and make you toasty, but it isn’t so thick that you end up feeling too hot or overheated. It’s like that blanket that’s perfect for cuddling because you can enjoy each other’s body heat without sweating.


The Soft Indulgence blanket is made from polyester microfiber, and it’s available in all standard blanket sizes and in multiple colors. It’s entirely machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about a tough upkeep with your blanket. And honestly, it’s super, duper soft. It’s not so soft that it slips off, but it’s soft enough that it feels like a cloud.

Need a blanket to stay warm this winter? The Soft Indulgence Blanket has you covered completely – and it’s super affordable. Go check out BrylaneHome now! You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with their sales and promotions.

Enjoy Your Favorite Games – Except in Edible Chocolate! Games For Motion Review


In case you were curious, it’s totally possible to play your board game and eat it too! Well, at least it is now that GamesForMotion has come up with delicious chocolate varieties of your favorite games. Some of the pieces in your favorite games are now made from entirely-edible milk chocolate. As you play the game (or after you play it!), you can munch on the delicious pieces for a fun twist on your usual board game experience.

Games For Motion offers a wide variety of game options including Monopoly, Scrabble, Guess Who?, UNO, Trivial Pursuit, Candy Land, Mr. Potato Head, Poker, Chess and Checkers, and more. While you may not want to eat all of the chocolate in a single game, you certainly could if you want to! The box even includes nutritional information about the chocolate to ensure you know what you’re eating!

All of the parts are made from the finest Belgian milk chocolate, and all of the games come in a similar box shape to make it easy for storage until you’re ready to play it. You can pull out one of these delicious chocolate games any time you’re ready to celebrate a special occasion.

That’s not all Games For Motion offers. They also made great educational and promotional games as well. If you’r’e looking for a great game to play with your children, Games For Motion could have the perfect solution.

You can buy most of the Games For Motion directly from Amazon. The easiest way to find them is to search “chocolate” with the game name you’re looking to purchase. Most of the games are between $10 and $15, so look for a different seller if the game you’ve found is outside that range. Here’s Chocolate Monopoly, Chocolate Scrabble, Chocolate Trivial Pursuit, Chocolate Guess Who?, and Chocolate Candy Land.

Make Your Workouts More Fun with Goji Play!

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What Is It
Ready to make your exercise more exciting? I bet you are! With the Goji Play, they claim that they can make 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5 – and it’s not too unreasonable of a claim! Consisting of two controls and a movement sensor, the Goji Play connects to your Apple device (no Android compatibility at the moment) to allow you to play video games. The progress in your video games is related to the amount of movement that you do during your workout.

The Goji Play comes with two controllers. These two controllers connect to the workout machine itself. The set also comes with foam batons that the controllers can connect to if you don’t like to place your hands onto the handles on the machine itself. As I like my pedometer fitness watch to count my steps, it requires moving my arms, so I use the foam batons with the controls wrapped around them.

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The two hand controllers require batteries for power. The movement sensor that clips onto your waist requires charging. It comes with a USB cable that plugs into a wall outlet, so it looks like it could be charged via USB or via wall power. Your Apple device requires the regular power, so you’ll need to charge that how you usually do.

The system was designed to be pulled on and off within seconds, so you can easily use the Goji Play at the gym or at home on different machines.

Goji Play is also designed to work with multiple people. You can set up different profiles to yourself or your partner, so you’ll be able to track fitness levels of multiple people. The Goji Play does track your fitness parameters as well. It will track distance, time, and calories as you work out, and it allows you to set goals and track your progress towards reaching those goals.

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My Opinion
I was a bit worried that setting up the Goji Play was going to be difficult, but it turns out that I had no reason to be worried. The Goji Play includes a small instruction manual that makes it easy to get started, and it only includes four steps. You’ll need to remove the battery protection from the controllers. You’ll have to charge your movement sensor. You’ll need to download the app onto your Apple device, and then you just have to use the app to finish set-up. As a note, the instructions claimed I could search “MyGoji” in the app store to find the app, but it didn’t work. However, going to the URL they provided did allow me to install the app.

Don’t plan on being able to use your GojiPlay as soon as you open the box. You’ll need to charge the device, install the app, and once you do that, you need to go through their game library and individually download each game that you want to play. I appreciate this method because it avoids filling up the memory of my device with games that I’m not even that interested in. However, it does require that you actually take the time to do it, and you’ll probably want to give yourself 10 minutes at minimum to go through a couple games to use for your first time.

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The interesting thing about the Goji Play is that it takes games that you might play on your phone or console and makes them exercise-friendly. It does this by making the game compatible with the four-button system that it provides for you to control the game. For example, you can play Pinball, and the Goji Play means that you’ll be able to control everything on the game screen by those four buttons to make it easier to use while exercising.

The games themselves are a bit cliche. There are a lot of games that you’d expect to find on a game like Wii Fit. This doesn’t make them bad games at all. They’re still fun, but you don’t really get much in terms of “non-casual” type games. I’m not blaming Goji Play for this one. When you think about it, you have to have a game that’s involved enough to keep your mind from wandering to the fact that you’re working out. This puts out most RPGs or any types of games with a lot of downtime. You’re mostly stuck with the mind-involved, action-type of games to achieve the purpose of what Goji Play is going for.

The Goji Play seems to do a good job on accurate readings as well. It did a pretty decent job of making up with wrist pedometer which I’ve already tested for accuracy multiple times. It tracks vital workout information and whatnot to give you a general idea of how hard you’re working out. If you wanted, you could always compare how your workouts have been going over-time as well.

goji_play_exercise (2)

As long as you find a game that you love, the Goji Play does do exactly as it claims to do. It makes time fly! In fact, you’ll be impressed how much further you can go if you keep your attention focused on the game. The action games seem to have a better chance of keeping my attention than the trivia games or the website reader. At the same time, with the games occupying my attention, I might not push myself quite as intensely as I normally would. However, the Goji Play makes my workout seem more like fun – and fun workouts are workouts that I want to do again. It does make time go much, much faster, so they are accomplishing exactly what they’re trying to do.

We tried this out on an iPod touch. It’s totally possible to play it on such a small screen, but I sincerely recommend you use an iPad Mini or a full-sized iPad for the best experience.

goji_play_exercise (1)

The Goji Play is pretty simple to set-up, but it does take a bit of time. You can use the controls on your regular exercise equipment, or you can let your arms move freely. There are enough games to keep your attention, and you don’t have to install all the games at once – which doesn’t hog space on your device. It really does make it feel like time is flying while working out.

This is a fun way to really spice up your exercise. I’d love to see more games for the Goji Play, though.

If you want to want to make your exercise seem less terrible, the Goji Play is kinda perfect. It lets you play games while you workout, and it even tracks vitals for you while you do it. It works with most Apple devices, so most people can use the screens they already have.

Buy It
You can purchase the Goji Play directly off of the Goji Play website. If you’d prefer, you can also purchase the Goji Play off of the Amazon website.