Giveaway: Save your Winter Skin with a Lindi Skin Skincare Package!

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Winter is finally over! Thank goodness! While it means that I’m finally starting to enjoy the winter temperatures, the sweaters are finally making it into the back of the closet, and I’m starting to enjoy all of the cute, new birds, it also means that my skin is still suffering from the winter. I don’t know about you, but between the dry air and the cold, my skin ends up looking horrible after the winter is over. It pretty much means an emergency session of skin care products to get my skin back to feeling soft and “normal” after the long winter.

This Spring, I’ve been going about that with Lindi Skin. Designed as one of the first skincare lines specifically designed for the unique needs of people undergoing cancer treatments, their products are safe, gentle, and clinically-proven. A lot of people don’t stop to think about it, but the skin is your body’s largest organ. That means anything applied to it is absorbed through the skin, so you have to be careful with what ingredients are in your skincare products.

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Lindi Skin products use healing botanicals and antioxidants to help leave the skin in an ultra-hydrated state for healthy and protected skin. Not just suitable for cancer patients, Lindi Skin products have found a following for those with winter skin, skin rashes, allergy-prone skin, older skin, and many others. If you want to be careful about what you put onto your skin, Lindi Skincare products are the way to accomplish it.

The history of these products is quite remarkable and the story behind them, worth telling. According to Lindy Snider, Founder and CEO, Lindi Skin, “Several of my friends and family were going through radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments and I was shocked by the side effects to their skin. As many of us have witnessed, some cases become so extreme that the treatment needed is stalled and such delays have serious consequences. When I tried to find topical help for their rashes, burns, wounds, dryness and other uncomfortable skin conditions, I became disappointed and then angry that this was not being addressed. I decided to become proactive and started my own line with the help of the eleven person Lindi Skin Advisory Board which is made up of experienced oncologists and dermatologists.” Lindy continues, “As advancements are made in therapies and a whole new class of drugs and treatments become available, the need for our product grows and we are thrilled that Lindi Skin is positively impacting the lives of people who often need a reason to be optimistic.”

Interesting in trying this for yourself? Lindi Skin offers a starter kit option as well as additional gift certificates. You can buy your favorite Lindi Skin products at their website, and they can be purchased at select retailers in-store as well (check out the specific locations listed on the Lindi Skin website).

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I’ve fallen in love with the Lindi Face Wash. It feels so gentle on the skin, and it has almost this “neutral” scent to it. It leaves my face feeling entirely oil-free, and it only takes a little bit in order to have really clean-feeling skin. I gotta admit – this Lindi Face Wash is probably spoiling me for any other face wash I’ll ever use. The Lip Balm has left my lips feeling extremely soft, and while I haven’t see too many results from the Eye Hydrator, I have to admit that the skin around my eyes feels so much firmer. I’m expecting it to really help reduce my under-eye bags over time.

Want to try out the Lindi Skincare products for yourself?

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Lindi Skin has generously offered to send a Lindi Skin Skincare Package (similar to the one I received!) to one lucky winner! To enter, simply complete the form below (one entry per person, per method). Info collected will only be used to verify the winning entry and contact the winner. This giveaway will close on April 10th at 11:59pm EST. The contest is open to readers in the US only.

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Giveaway: Ring Pop Candy Easter/Spring Prize Package!


Easter is one of those fun holidays. Not only do you get to welcome Spring with a lot of bright and fun colors, but there’s a fun little holiday that includes lots of candy and family gatherings. For some people, Easter is a religious holiday, but for others, it has become a traditional way to get together with family members. While Easter Bunnies in malls still scare me (and I have no idea how they don’t scare children)

For many kids (and parents!), the candy can be one of the best parts of this Spring holiday. That’s why Bazooka Candy is excited to release their Easter-themed Ring Pop candies! Available in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Grape, and Strawberry, these adorable Ring Pops are available in cute, pastel colors in bunny and baby chick shapes.

You can find these delicious candies in most stores that have Easter candy available. If you want to enjoy them before Easter, I suggest you get out there and find some! Want to keep the Easter spirit alive long after April 5th? Enter to win a Ring Pops Spring/Easter prize package for yourself!



Bazooka Candy has generously offered to send a Ring Pop Easter/Spring-themed Goodie Bag to one lucky winner! To enter, simply complete the form below (one entry per person, per method). Info collected will only be used to verify the winning entry and contact the winner. This giveaway will close on April 16th at 11:59pm EST. The contest is open to readers in the US only.

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Reusing Your Starbucks Cup as a Flower Vase


To be honest, I didn’t think a photo of my flowers in a Starbucks cup would end up so wildly popular, but after the photo exploded on Instagram, I thought I’d share my awesome little idea with you guys as well!

My local Starbucks sell these little plastic cups for 99 cents designed for hot coffee. I think they actually take 10 cents off your every purchase of hot coffee if you bring in this reusable cup to put it in, too. I honestly just loved the cup, and when I saw it on sale at my Target Starbucks, I couldn’t resist buying it. For the last year, though, I’ve done nothing with it since I really dislike hot coffee. (Iced FTW!)

When downsizing last week, I decided I either had to do something with it or donate or get rid of it somehow. I had some flowers leftover from my modern square bird wreath project, so I put the fake flowers into the cup and threw it into the bathroom cabinet. To ensure it stays weighted down and doesn’t wobble (these cups are light and your flowers are top-heavy!), you could put any type of weight it in. I didn’t have any items, so I filled up a Ziploc baggie with water, sealed it tightly, then stuck it in the bottom as a temporary solution. It actually looks pretty lovely on the cabinet, if I do say so myself!

If you ACTUALLY wanted to put real flowers in your “vase” instead of fake ones, make sure to get one of these reusable plastic cups instead of using the cardboard cups that come with your actual drinks. I imagine the cardboard from a real cup wasn’t rated to hold liquid for days at a time, but a plastic cup should have no issue with that.

I’m glad the cup finally has a home. If you used a used Starbucks cup that you got a drink in or something, you could make this a super-cheap project. For me, though, it was literally free since all the items were laying around. Even if I had purchased them, it cost $4 between the cup and the flowers. Cheap, fun decor!

Young Adult Reading: “Both Of Me” by Jonathan Friesan Review


What Is It
Love reading? “Both of Me” is a new novel out from Zondervan. Written by Jonathan Friesan, this hardcover novel was written for young adults. The book has 254 pages in a large-ish font that makes it really easy and nice to read.

The official book description says:

It was supposed to be just another flight, another escape into a foreign place where she could forget her past, forget her attachments. Until Clara found herself seated next to an alluring boy named Elias Phinn—a boy who seems to know secrets she has barely been able to admit to herself for years.

When her carry-on bag is accidentally switched with Elias’s identical pack, Clara uses the luggage tag to track down her things. At that address she discovers there is not one Elias Phinn, but two: the odd, paranoid, artistic, and often angry Elias she met on the plane, who lives in an imaginary world of his own making called Salem; and the kind, sweet, and soon irresistible Elias who greets her at the door, and who has no recollection of ever meeting Clara at all. As she learns of Elias’s dissociative identity disorder, and finds herself quickly entangled in both of Elias’s lives, Clara makes a decision that could change all of them forever. She is going to find out what the Salem Elias knows about her past, and how, even if it means playing along with his otherworldly quest. And she is going to find a way to keep the gentle Elias she’s beginning to love from ever disappearing again.

My Opinion
I could see this being a fantastic book for young adult readers. For an adult reader like myself, a lot of things tended to rub me the wrong way. The writing is very much reminiscent of how a teenager would talk and think. I’m actually impressed by Jonathan Friesan’s ability to actually make it read like a teenager is the one writing it. I think many adult readers are going to find themselves annoyed by the impulsive, very unrealistic nature of the book though. A teenager going worldwide via multiple plane trips without a job, a large source of income, or well, a parent to “okay” the flights? It isn’t particularly realistic.

That having been said, I liked some of the dilemmas that the book dealt with. The main character, Clara, is a particularly astute girl. She recognizes that people are using Elias Phinn for their own purposes – while also realizing that she’s doing something of the same while also trying to rescue him. The irony isnt lost on her. That being said, she still comes across as a teenage character doing impulsive things. She honestly comes across like a teenager who has been forced to fend for herself most of her life – the author did an impressive job with that.

The story itself is interesting, but it’s not “gripping”. I didn’t have much of an issue putting the book down when I had to, but when I was reading it, I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time either. In typical young adult fashion, it also wasn’t too long and didn’t take too long to read.

The ending was extremely surprising, though. I don’t want to spoil it, but it came across as a seriously teenage-like drama ending. It’s not entirely outside the realm of what someone would do if they had a mental disorder, but it was still pretty hardcore.

While I haven’t known anyone with Dissociative Identity Disorder, from my knowledge of the disorder, it was portrayed relatively accurately.

This book is published by a Christian publishing company. There are some Christian/religious tones to it. Through the novel, when Clara is having a hard time, she ends up making a connection with God that helps her get through it. For those that are religious, you’ll enjoy that. For those that aren’t, it still comes across as a believable part of her character and something that could honestly happen.

A short and easy read, you’ll find yourself thinking more about the idea of mental illness and how it effects the people who have it. If you can suspend your belief of reality for awhile, it’s an interesting and neat little read.

The story isn’t entirely believable. For those adults who know how expensive it would be to go cross-country, who know how much a parent would freak out if a mentally-ill child was kidnapped, and those who don’t think a gun-touting person would be a good addition to any group of people, you’ll find yourself having trouble believing in the story.

Both of Me” is a neat and fantastic little book, but the story was definitely designed for teenagers. The older you are and with more common sense and maturity, you might find yourself scoffing or finding the story entirely unbelievable. For what it is, though, it’s entertaining.

Buy It
You can purchase “Both Of Me” at most book retailers. It also can be purchased at online stores including Amazon.