“LEGO: Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures” DVD Makes a Great Gift!


Looking for a fun last-minute gift for the Star Wars lover in your life – or maybe just a kid who loves LEGO toys? The “LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures” show has just hit DVD with the complete first season! Available in various formats including a complete season on Blu-Ray (including 6 exclusive and fun magnets!), you can easily select a format that works well for your recipient. Plus, with its availability on Amazon (for two day shipping!) or in-stores at Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Noble and more, you’ll be able to ensure you have this gift under the tree in time for the holidays!

Now, don’t go thinking that the LEGO: Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures is just a children’s show – it really isn’t. While it’s definitely appropriate for kids, the set is just as appropriate for anyone who loves Star Wars. Enjoy watching all of the fun, tongue-in-cheek humor over Darth Vader’s previous failures. Watch as Storm Troopers pout because they dropped some of their ice cream. Don’t worry – the LEGO: Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures is just as jam-packed full of the adorable humor that the LEGO series is known for – which appeals to both kids and adults alike. I can’t even tell you how many adults have told me that they fell in love with LEGO games and shows!

The Freemaker Adventures also introduces new characters to the Star Wars universe: a quirkly family of scrap scavengers with a hyperactive younger brother. For those that play the LEGO video game versions, all of the new characters from this universe are available as downloadable content for the LEGO: Star Wars The Force Awakens video game (available on consoles). Don’t worry, though – most of your favorite, well-loved stars from the original Star Wars universe are still in the game!

If you’re looking to get a fantastic holiday gift for someone this year – especially something they may not be expecting – remember that LEGO: Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 1 is now on DVD! This would be especially awesome for Star Wars fans.


Adorable “Finding Dory” Movie Hits Store Shelves Tomorrow!


For those who absolutely fell in love with the adorable Finding Nemo series a couple years back (“Just Keep Swimming!”), the sequel, Finding Dory, will be hitting store shelves on DVD and Blu-Ray as of tomorrow, November 15th! Featuring some of the same well-loved cast as the original, Finding Dory follows the adorably talkative blue fish through a heartwarming quest to find her family. Making it easy to enjoy this Pixar and Disney movie however you prefer, you can find Finding Dory on Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD, and On-Demand starting tomorrow. If you enjoy watching your movies digitally, the movie is already available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA)!

When you pick up the DVD, you’re going to be impressed by all of the content the movie comes with. In addition to the adorable “Piper” theatrical short that captured the love of audience members, the DVD includes loads of other bonus materials. You’ll enjoy commentaries, deleted scenes, information about animation and challenges they overcame, and a lot of educational information about aquatic and sea animal life. It’s a lot of extra features in addition to the movie itself!


I know I had a blast making a “Finding Dory” movie night an awesome, family affair. Lots of craft stores (and probably your local big box store!) are selling Finding Dory party accessories and other toys, and it was simple to pick up Cupcake Toppers and a themed Cupcake Display and make an afternoon of getting excited to watch the movie that evening.

I enjoyed the movie itself, and I think most families – and lovers of the original Finding Nemo series – are going to love it. However, my heart definitely fell in love with the baby sandpiper, Piper. A short that’s included with the movie, Piper features an adorable, baby sandpiper who is learning how to feed himself – and finds himself a new love in the things that scare him the most. It’s absolutely adorable, and that 6-minute short would be easily worth repurchasing the entire set for me. Loved it!

Remember to check out your local stores starting November 15th (tomorrow!) when Finding Dory will be available on store shelves! Talk about a great holiday gift!



Giveaway: Shopkins Sticker and Activity Books!


Do your kids join the legions of kids who love coloring and activity books? With activities and fun ways to amuse themselves, the books can encourage creativity and help entertain kids as a low-cost, mentally-stimulating alternative to electronic devices. With the new “Adult Coloring Book” craze, adults are even joining in the craze! The fact that adults are now using it as a way to relax should help prove how beneficial these activity books can be.

Sizzle Press, an exclusive publisher of scented sticker and activity books for the Shopkins brand, creates sticker and activity books for kids to enjoy. Their recent release includes 10 different styles for fans to enjoy including “seek and find“, “create and play”, a general sticker book, and a fashion/beauty themed one. Some of the books even include 3D press-out supermarket characters! For added fun, all of the included stickers in the books are even scented.

Do you know someone who’s a fan of the Shopkins world? Make their day when you can gift them 5 of the new Sizzle Press Shpkins Scented Sticker and Activity Books! The winner will receive these books: Shopkins Seek and Find, Shopkins Seek and Find Surprise, Shopkins Fruity Friends/Strawberry Kiss, Shopkins Jumbo Sticker and Activity Book, and Shopkins House Party.


Sizzle Press has generously offered to send 5 Shopkins Activity Books to one lucky winner! To enter, simply complete the form below (one entry per person, per method). Info collected will only be used to verify the winning entry and contact the winner. This giveaway will close on October 27th at 11:59pm EST. The contest is open to readers in the US only.

One winner will be picked randomly through Giveaway Tools, and I will contact them via email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond with mailing address or another winner will be chosen.

Click on the “Read More” tag below to enter the giveaway if you are viewing from the home page.

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Get Your Halloween Costume and More from 3Wishes!


Whether it’s a Halloween party or an upcoming anime convention, having a cute cosplay costume available can lend itself well to lots of costume parties. Not only can you repurpose some of the accessories of your costume for use in other outfits, but it means that you’ll have a good ‘default’ option for any costumed gatherings – no stress or extra money required! Having a nice, flexible costume that’s flattering on your body and works for multiple events reduces some of the stress out of accepting the last-minute invite to a party this Saturday.

Along with lingerie, 3Wishes.com sells sexy and cute costumes that can work well for anime conventions, a night in with your partner, or even Halloween night. Offering next day shipping for your last-minute “crap! I need a costume!” moments, 3Wishes also offering free standard (and discreet, for your lingerie needs) shipping in the US. Along with straight-size costumes, 3Wishes also offers men’s costumes and lingerie and plus-size costumes and lingerie.


If you’re familiar with the Final Fantasy X-2 game, you’ll recognize this purchasable Yuna cosplay outfit. The outfit comes with everything, top-to-bottom (outside of the shoes), that you’ll need to successfully pull off the look from the iconic summoner. Available in Small through Large (US sizes 2-12), this outfit includes the top, cape, belt, shorts, suede pouch, arm bands, feather on a string hair clip, and hip wrap. This just means you’ll need to do your own hair, make-up, and find some good boots to work with the outfit.

For an affordable cosplay costume, the quality is pretty decent. The outfit isn’t going to overshadow a cosplayer who spent months meticulously making their own costume, but it’s easily recognizable, the stitching is well-down, the material is pretty comfortable, and the pieces aren’t falling apart. Compared to some pre-bought cosplay costumes that we’ve seen before, this one looks particularly good.

However, our costume didn’t include the Feather on String Hair Clip. As the box we received in the mail was particularly banged up, it’s possible it got lost in-transit. 3Wishes let us know that we could return the costume and receive a full new costume that included the hair clip as well, but it wouldn’t be possible to just send the clip.

The only modification that we had to make to the costume were the arm bands. While the model has particularly toned arms (as you’ll see from the photos), the arm bands did not fit the upper arms at all. I’m not sure whose upper arms these would fit. It’d be possible to substitute the current brown suede twine for a longer strand of brown twine to make them fit, but it’d still leave a large, uncovered area between the two sides of the arm bands. It depends on how much you want to look exactly like Yuna. You might need to pick up your own squares of brown suede to make your own arm bands if the sliver of skin would bother you.


As mentioned before, the costume is very comfortable. It’s also pretty true-to-size, and since most of the pieces are made with spandex, it’ll stretch out for a pretty forgiving sizing. The costume does offer some revealing spots (around the butt and stomach), so you’ll want to ensure you’re comfortable showing that skin or possible add a second layer of clothing underneath the costume.

At the price that 3Wishes offers the Fantasy Heroine Cosplay Costume, though, there’s really very little to complain about. The costume is decent quality, offers pretty much everything you need, is truly sized, and is pretty comfortable. I’m looking forward to seeing if all of the other 3Wishes offerings can provide just as much satisfaction as this particular one has.