Giveaway: Print Your Phone Photos Instantly! INSTAX SHARE SP-1 Smartphone Printer!

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Society, as a whole, has come happily and willingly towards an entirely digital age. Nowhere is that more prevalent than when it comes to photography. While most people had their photos constantly printed at their local photo store, almost all photography is taken digitally anymore – and very little of it makes it to print. The fact that printing photos are such a novelty is exactly what the Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-1 is going to impress your friends.

Wirelessly connecting with your cell phone, this printer allows you to instantly print out any smartphone photo with a cute, classic “Polaroid” look. Credit-card sized and high-quality, the image is the perfect size to share with friends or keep as a momento to decorate your own space – but imagine how awesome it’d be to take a group photo with friends then instantly print out four copies for all of your friends to have their own copy. Each photo prints in about 15 seconds.

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As if that wasn’t enough, you can get creative with this smartphone printer. The app offers multiple templates to allow you to print off even more information alongside the photo. The Social Network template allows you to print photos off of popular social networks with the number of likes and caption included. The Real Time template includes the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity with your photo. The Limited Edition template is great for sharing with friends – each numbered copy will be the only numbered copy ever made! The Square Template allows you to add colored borders and text while the Standard Template is the simplistic and classic Polaroid design that people will love.

It doesn’t matter what phone you have either. INSTAX SHARE SP-1 is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

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Of course, as with any film camera, the INSTAX SHARE SP-1 requires film to print out these amazing images. The film isn’t hard to find, though. I’ve seen it at Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and more. It’s pretty easy to pick up.

I bet you want to pick up a INSTAX SHARE SP-1 printer of your own, don’t you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You can enter to win one today!


Fujifilm INSTAX has generously offered to send an INSTAX SHARE SP-1 printer to one lucky winner! To enter, simply complete the form below (one entry per person, per method). Info collected will only be used to verify the winning entry and contact the winner. This giveaway will close on September 21st at 11:59pm EST. The contest is open to readers in the US only.

One winner will be picked randomly through Giveaway Tools, and I will contact them via email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond with mailing address or another winner will be chosen.

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Make Your Own Canvas Print for Less than $4 and Less than 30 Minutes!

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All of the inspiration from this post comes from Trendy Thrifting. She did a fantastic post about her DIY canvas. This is just an alternative method borne of her method. There are tons of methods for a DIY canvas print that you can find on Pinterest.

This is what I used for my canvas print size of 18″x24″.

What I Used:
Loctite Spray Adhesive ($4.38 at Lowes). Trendy Thrifting says this is THE adhesive to use as other adhesives may dissolve your foam. For that reason, I went straight for it. This can will cover a LOT of canvases, and I was very liberal with application. You can NOT find this at most local craft stores. They kinda scratched their head and looked at me when I looked. As far as I can tell, you can find this at home improvement stores such as Menards, Lowes, or The Home Depot. It was located near the paint section. There are multiple times of this adhesive; I purchased the General Performance bottle.

20″x30″ White Foam Board ($1.73 from a craft store). Partnered with a 40% off coupon that Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels almost always have available (try the RetailMeNot smartphone app to easily access the coupons).

18″x24″ Staples Engineering Canvas Print ($1.99 at Staples). You can order this in-store with help of an associate, or if you’d rather get it all done at home, you can order it on their online platform. You can choose to pick it up in-store or have it delivered to your home. In-store pick-up is free, so I’d recommend that. Unless you want to pay a rush fee, it seems like they will take at least 24 hours to make your print. Mine was done 5 hours earlier than expected (they e-mailed me!), so I went in and picked it up early too. Engineering prints were NOT designed for photos, so there will be warnings about how your photo wasn’t designed for it, but it still usually prints just fine.

Items You Already Own (Free!). Depending on what you’re doing with it, I also found it helpful to have Scotch tape (any tape type would work), an Xacto knife, scissors, and a ruler handy.

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Things about Engineering Prints You Should Know:

  • Standard (and cheap) engineering prints only print in black and white. You do not need to make your photo black and white. Their system will do it on its own.
  • Your photo will not be crisp and very high-quality. It will look good, but it isn’t going to be as crisp as an actual photo print would be. Remember, these are printing on printers that weren’t designed for serious photo quality.
  • They may look like canvas, but engineering prints are honestly just really-light paper. For that reason, as soon as you get it home, get it unrolled and flattened to avoid the paper fighting with you later when you start your DIY canvas. This also means you need to be careful with your paper as you can easily crease it or tear it.
  • If possible, try to view your photo in black and white before submitting for an engineering print. You want to make sure that you enjoy the appearance of the black and white version.
  • Choose a photo with a higher resolution. The higher, the better. Printing off Facebook or off a cell phone picture is going to make the photo look even lower quality. Shoot for at least 2000×2000 pixels for the smallest size engineering print (18″x24″). You can always choose lower-quality ones, but be prepared for your engineering print to match that quality. (To be fair, though, $1.99 is not a high price to pay to experiment and find out if you can tolerate the quality. Some of my favorite photos were taken on my lower-quality cell phone.)
  • I’ve heard that some Staples may refuse to print photos as an engineering print. If you think about it, this makes sense. They can offer these prints so cheap because these prints are designed to only use a slight bit of black ink when printing enlarged floor plans and design plans. Printing a photo uses WAY more ink. If this is the case, please respect your Staples’ stance and order elsewhere. However, if it seems that the employee is just trying to tell you that it may turn out a bit pixelated, say that you’d like it printed anyway. This is the difference between the employee trying to help you get high-quality prints or them telling you that their policy doesn’t allow printing photos on engineering prints. If they won’t print it, I’d recommend Photojojo who will print and ship you the largest size that Staples offers for $25. You can also try other office supply stores such as Office Max.

Alternatively, you could order a 24″x36″ print and use the same foam board size, and make sure that the edge of your photo doesn’t have anything important on it. That way, you can just do a “large wrap” around the sides to utilize the entire white foam board and, honestly, make this entire process easier. You’ll be skipping every step about trimming the foam board which makes this way easier.

You can do this DIY canvas in a larger size. Staples prints Engineering prints in 18″x24″, 24″x36″, and 36″x48″. Most craft stores sell foam board in 20″x30″ and 32″x40″. To go with the largest size available at Staples, I recommend checking out Trendy Thrifting‘s original post as she uses home foam insulation from a home improvement store instead of craft foam board (but I think it ends up costing a bit more that way as you can’t use a coupon from most home improvement stores).

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How To Make (Takes 30 minutes at most)

  1. Get all of your supplies. Depending on if you need to trim your foam, you’ll have more or less supplies.
  2. If possible, have straightened your engineering print before-hand. Staples will roll them up and rubber band them after printing them. I left mine out flat overnight underneath my foam board with a couple medium-weight objects on it. In the morning, the engineering print wasn’t trying to “roll up” anymore. It stayed flat which made everything so much easier.
  3. Decide how large you’d like your DIY canvas to be. I used the size of my engineering print and kinda eye-balled it. If you want to be professional, you should get out a ruler and measure out the size of your engineering print. Remember that you need some excess “edge” of the engineering print to wrap around your canvas, so if you have a 18″x24″ print, you may want to trim your foam board to 17″x23″.
  4. Use the Xacto knife to gently trace a line where you’ll be cutting the foam board. You can press hard, and it will actually cut it, but I find it easier and more accurate to press lightly, fold on the crease, then lightly cut the other side as well. Then the piece just comes off really easily.
  5. Decide on placement of your engineering print. You’ll want the print face-up with the foam board underneath it. Check the edges. You’ll need to be able to “wrap” the print around the sides to tape on the back, so ensure that you have enough print left on the edges. If not, retrim the board.
  6. Lift up the bottom part of your print and use your spray adhesive liberally. Ensure the print is where you want it, and gently press down. The adhesive doesn’t “adhere” right away, so you have some wiggle room to lift up and reapply if it turns out it’s slightly crooked. No matter how much of the ‘adhesive” I sprayed it one spot (I even had a tiny puddle in one area), it didn’t seem to wrinkle or soften the paper, so you can apply pretty liberally. Smooth from the inner area towards the outer edges to ensure the print is smooth.
  7. Lift up the upper half of your print and repeat the process.
  8. Finalize that you like where everything is, and let it dry for a bit. I let mine dry for an hour, but I doubt it needed it.
  9. Flip the DIY canvas print face-down, and fold in the edges. Go one side at a time. Make sure you have a nice, smooth crease at the edge of your canvas, and pull it slightly taut. Tape down one spot at a time until you’ve finished an entire edge. Pretend you’re wrapping a holiday gift, and that’s about the type of folding you’ll be doing. I preferred the tape as I find the adhesive to be a bit unwieldy in small areas, but you could use the adhesive if you have a lot of excess print that needs to be folded. I only had an inch at best.
  10. That’s it! Now you put it on the wall!

Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush with UV Base Review!

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What Is It
Keeping your teeth clean can mean a lot for your health – you’ll spend less in dental bills, you’ll help save your immune system, and you’ll just be taking better care of your body in general. Regular, manual toothbrushes can do it okay – but lots of studies have shown that electric toothbrushes do a whole lot better job.

That’s why toothbrushes like the Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush can make a big difference in your dental health. An advanced sonic toothbrush that offers a UV sanitizing base, this toothbrush is an all-in-one-system that helps you take care of all of your toothbrushing needs with the best that science has to offer. Offering 31,000 brush strokes per minute during the brushing session to improve your brushing experience, the toothbrush offers the full package with a UV sanitizing base that cleans your brush heads after use to ensure you’re getting as clean as possible.

To best work with your mouth and your preferred brushing habits, the Dazzlepro Sonic Toothbrush offers a Pro, Soft, and Massage setting. Switch between the modes to take advantage of modes that feel comfortable and clean for your own habits.

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The unit requires 24 hours to fully charge the unit. However, once you’ve charged it, this single full-charge will last the toothbrush for two weeks without charging it. There is no risk of overcharging the Dazzlepro UV sanitizing toothbrush, however, so you can just keep it stored on the charging base without any worry about when the toothbrush needs to be recharged.

To ensure that you’re meeting the minimum recommended brushing time limits, this toothbrush also offers built-in timers. The built-in two minute timer ensures that you’ll brush your teeth for the full two minutes as the brush will stay on until those minutes are up. To ensure that you’ll hit every important spot in your teeth, the toothbrush pauses every 30 seconds as a gentle reminder to hit all four of the recommended areas: outer surfaces, inner surfaces, cleaning surfaces, and then tongue. The 30 second timer reminds you when it’s time to move onto the next area.

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My Opinion
I’ve always wanted to do the best possible for brushing my teeth. I’ll admit, I occasionally skimp out on the 2 minutes, and I occasionally don’t brush two or three times a day. However, I do make an effort! The Dazzlepro really helps me make that effort because of its timing system. It stays on for 2 straight minutes – so don’t put the toothbrush down until you’ve done your 2 minutes. Every 30 seconds, there’s a brief pause in the movement to “remind” you to move onto a different part of your mouth. Outer surfaces, inner surfaces, chewing surfaces, and then the tongue. This makes it really simple to remember – and to get into a pattern that doesn’t require a timer or the ability to forget.

I’m always so surprised by how much of a difference an electric toothbrush can really make. When I get lazy and stop using an electric toothbrush and go back to a manual one, I just assume that “clean is clean”. When I move back to using an electric system (like DazzlePro), I notice my teeth feel so much cleaner – especially the teeth closest to my tongue. I don’t want to say “squeaky clean”, but it feels pretty darn close to it.

I do appreciate the cord length on the DazzlePro electric toothbrush as well. Some of my other electric personal care items had shorter cords – less than two feet or so. It meant I had to plug it in on the bathroom counter – with plug-ins that usually get used for temporary items like hair dryers or flat irons. I prefer having the longer cord as it can drape the cord to the plug-in that is closer to the floor than on my vital counter space. For this reason, I just leave it plugged in all the time. As the toothbrush has a decent battery life, though, you could just plug it in to charge and unplug it the rest of the time.

dazzlepro_toothbrush (2)

I’m always concerned about noise as well; it’s not a matter of not wanting to wake someone up, but sounds always sound so much louder when coming from inside your mouth. The Dazzlepro Sonic Toothbrush is relatively quiet. It has a gentle “hum” to it, but it’s nothing that can be heard outside of a closed bathroom door. You aren’t going to wake anyone up with this one.

My only complaint is that it can be a bit hard to pull off the brush head attachments from the toothbrush itself. There isn’t a “quick release” button or anything – you literally have to tug it from the top. As there aren’t a whole lot of places to “grip” the toothbrush head aside from the bristles, I usually end up touching the bristles when I do this. I’m not particularly fond of getting my hands on my toothbrush bristles. I really wish it had a different system to release the heads; with all of the advanced features the toothbrush offers, I’m surprised that’s not one of them.

dazzlepro_toothbrush (3)

The Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush is filled with a lot of great features. Not only does it offer multiple modes of brushing and a built-in timer to ensure that you fully clean your teeth, but it also is extremely easy to care for: it can just be rested in the base and doesn’t overcharge. Most of the luxurious electronic toothbrush features have been included with this toothbrush.

I really wish there was a “quick release” feature that easily released the toothbrush heads from the toothbrush itself. As it stands, you have tug it with a decent amount of strength to make it get off the brush.

If you want to take better care of your teeth without the expensive price point of some of the other electric toothbrushes, the Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush is going to be amazing for you. It offers a lot of the advanced electronic toothbrush features while also offers UV sanitization for even more cleanliness.

Buy It
You can purchase the DazzlePro toothbrush directly from the DazzlePro website. Don’t forget to check out some of their other offerings!

Better Nails in a Single Tool: Violife Slim UNO Manicure Kit Review

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What Is It
Taking care of my nails did just get a little bit more fun. The Slim Uno from Violife is designed as an all-in-one tool that takes care of all of the nail upkeep that you’ve been keeping multiple tools around for. The kit includes four popular nail kits in one: an emery board, shaping file, buffer, and cuticle pusher. It all comes packaged in a single, zip-up carrying case that makes it easy to keep the device, the batteries, and all of the attachment tools in one spot.

To be able to be a 4-in-1 tool, the Slim UNO manicure kit uses replaceable attachment heads that snap onto the tip of the battery-operated device. Slip off the last attachment head and put on a new one each time to utilize the different features of the Violife Slim UNO. The emery board also includes replaceable pads to ensure that you have a long time with your Violife UNO making small, filing changes to your tips.

violife_slim_uno_manicure_kit (3)

You don’t have to worry about recharging the toy or keeping around a charging cable or tons of batteries either. The Violife Slim Uno uses a single AA battery (first one is included) to easily power the manicure device. Slip a second AA battery into the storage pouch (and it will easily fit), and you’ll quickly have a back-up power option in case your AA battery is dead.

Designed by Violife, this set was designed to be portable and easy-to-use – much like their toothbrushes. Violife has made a name for itself with their sterilizable toothbrushes and bathroom supplies. In fact, I still have one of their Violife Zapi Luxe UV Sanitizers in the bathroom to help keep my toothbrush extremely clean for each use.

violife_slim_uno_manicure_kit (5)

My Opinion
I love my Violife healthy smile products, so I had high hopes for this kit. My toothbrush sanitizers have always been amazing, and they give me a nice peace of mind that I’m sticking things that are actually clean into my mouth to clean it further. And hey – who doesn’t want that peace of mind?

That being said, I’m not entirely sure how much help the battery-powered features provide in the Violife Slim UNO. All of the manicure features that it provides are things that I’ve never seen in a electrically-powered version. My old tools all were manual, and when I’ve gone in to multiple salons for manicures, I’ve never seen any salon use an electric version for any of these tools. I would have liked to have seen Violife go a different route with the Slim UNO manicure kit – maybe provide a sterilizable option like they do with their toothbrushes or just to make a compact, easy-to-switch attachment system that’s entirely manual.

The only attachment that I really enjoy turning on the Violife Slim UNO for is the buffer pad. The slight vibration of the Slim UNO during the buffering seems to be a bit easier than actually moving my own hands for buffering. It seems to make smaller buffering movements than I can, and it leaves my nails feeling much shinier without as much effort on my part. So for the buffering pad, I totally do enjoy the electric capabilities of this all-in-one manicure tool.

One of my favorite things about the Violife Slim UNO kit is the fact that it all comes packaged in this nice, zippered pouch. The pouch easily unzips, and it’s smaller than a pencil case. All of the items, including spare batteries, fit into this single case. It’s not small enough to throw into a pocket or anything, but it goes into my luggage really nicely – and then I don’t have to hunt down various nail care products when I’m traveling. It’s just all in this black case with absolutely no fuss.

I do have to admit that I wish they’d gone with a different case design, though. The case offers a decent amount of little “pockets” to slide the attachments into. But if you open the case upside down or it gets jumbled in your luggage, everything slides into new areas. Small, mesh pouches might have been a better choice.

violife_slim_uno_manicure_kit (4)

Easily carry around four manicure tools in one with the Violife Slim UNO device. The tips easily switch out to change between the popular attachment options. The designs available are super cute, and the case even has room to store back-up battery power.

I’m not sure how much the battery power benefits the other attachments aside from the buffering attachment. I also would love to see the zippered case redesigned to keep attachments better in their proper place.

The Violife Slim UNO manicure kit makes it easy to enjoy all of your manicure tools in a simple, easy-to-use black zippered pouch. It includes the most-popular manicure attachments, and it’s pretty easy to switch out the different heads. The different Slim UNO designs means you’ll be able to pick one that matches your (or your gift recipient’s) personality.

Buy It
You can pick up the Violife Slim UNO manicure device straight from the Violife toothbrush sanitizers web store.

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