How to Save Money from Buying New Appliances

With our time almost dedicated to our families and our jobs, we rarely have the time to do things the hard way. We cannot shop for fresh food every day, we rarely hand wash our clothes and so on. In this sense, we become heavily dependent on appliances. We rely on the refrigerator to keep our food edible, we rely on the washing machine for a quick laundry, and on the dishwasher for the dishes and so on. Thus, when the appliances are no longer reliable, we simply have no choice but to buy a new one. Buying new appliances can be costly, however, so to help you with your appliances shopping needs, here are some quick tips on how to maximize your limited budget for household appliances.

1. Save on future electricity
Many appliances nowadays have the energy efficiency feature. This may be a little more expensive than the standard version however, if you think on the potential savings that you can get, the extra bucks can be a great investment especially if you are buying powerful appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, heaters, irons and so on.

2. Buy an older model
When buying non-luxury appliances wherein specifications are not that important, going for an older or floor model can often be a great idea. You will be surprised how last year model can does the job just as efficiently but costs a lot, lot less. This particular tip can be done without affecting much of the functionality for washing machines, dishwashers, microwave oven, oven toaster, stoves, coffee maker, and so on. However, you may want to think twice before getting older models when it comes to computers, televisions, speakers and other precision appliances as such appliances have different degrees of performance depending on the specifications. And the model can mean a lot.

3. Go generic
Some appliances do the same job no matter what that brand hardly matters. When it comes to these appliances, going for the cheaper brand is better. Such appliances are water heaters, toasters, coffee makers, electric fans and other crude appliances. However, I still suggest looking at the build of the appliances if it looks sturdy. I still suggest prioritizing durability over affordability. Longevity can prove to be a better investment rather than a less than 100% in price difference. However, durability is nullified by warranty as the appliances will last as long as there is a warranty. Thus, a cheaper brand is very ideal if it has the same warranty length.

4. Use Coupons
When buying big and expensive appliances like refrigerators, heaters, air conditioners and so on, you will also need to think of the transportation costs and shipping fees. Thus, you will be nailing two birds in a shot by using coupons. For instance a Target free shipping code can include free shipping plus a discount on your selected item. If you can get your hands on such deals, I suggest grabbing it immediately as it is one of the best discounts that you can have.

Assessing Your Network Carrier: The best type of network for you

With the prices of smart phones, especially the ones on the top tier, exceeding the prices of PC’s and other expensive appliances, it seems hard to acquire a decent piece of it. However, when a phone’s Amazing as the iPhone 4S or Galaxy S III and when everybody else that you know has one, it is hard to really say no. It’s a good thing that many postpaid subscribers offer free smart phones or greatly subsidize its prices in the case of top tier phones like the iPhone 4S (which is available for only $100 to $300 under postpaid networks).

However, postpaid subscriptions are not for everybody, in the same way that prepaid networks are not. If you are after savings in the first place, postpaid networks are not a very good choice as it prioritizes service over costs. You will undoubtedly get better uninterrupted services with postpaid plans; especially when it comes to data, you will be getting high speed data that really beats that of prepaid networks. However, these services can really take a toll on your wallet. Postpaid networks rarely offer unlimited data. The only well known offers are that of Sprint and T-Mobile and you will have to spend at least $80 to avail of this.

Pre-paid networks on the other hand gives very cheap deals that only costs half of what postpaid networks charge for. The additional advantage to this is that you only top up when you want and you are not forced to continuously pay for anything. However, these advantages are given in expense of performance. First of all, the data is very slow compared to that of postpaid networks. There is not 4G or LTE to speak of and phones are very limited. Most phones are basic and the few smart phones are low-end. Thus, you are lucky to have data at all.

With the two types of networks having significant disadvantages, how can you select a network for you. The answer is simple. Choose the one that has disadvantages that will not affect you. You have to sacrifice one for another. Thus, it is up to you to decide if it’s functionality or your wallet.

If you are not satisfied with your current network and would like to change from prepaid to postpaid or vice versa, simply get a new plan if it’s the former. However, it can be complicated if you want to switch to a prepaid network. First, you can obtain the unlocking code for your phone from the carrier. However, you will be charged for this and the network is unlikely to give it to you if the contract is not over yet. The only option in this matter is to give the phone back to the network, pay the fines then switch. When switching, it is also smart to look for cheap cell phone deals for further savings. Such savings can also be applied when switching from prepaid to postpaid network.

Zenni Optical Offers Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Prescription Eyeglasses!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


I am always wanting to purchase new eyeglasses to wear, but as many of you know, purchasing eyeglasses may not be the cheapest thing out there (though the prices have dropped dramatically since what I remember when I was a child!). At the moment, though, there’s no way I could afford to purchase multiple pairs purely to match them to my outfits. Well, at least, until now.
Zenni Optical, which is the #1 online store for high-quality prescription eyeglasses and offers $6.95 prescription eyeglasses , is having one of the biggest promotions they’ve EVER run! If you buy 2 pairs of sunglasses, you get the 3rd pair free (equal or lesser value) on ALL of their eyeglasses! As I’ve heard a lot of good things about Zenni Optical (including a couple coworkers who swear by them as their only place to get glasses as well as a couple Facebook friends who are always talking about the new eyeglasses they just bought from them), I’m really, really intrigued by this promotion! 
I’m pretty excited to look more into their Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal, and if you need prescription eyeglasses, I recommend you look into their site too! I think I’ll be picking up a black-rim pair of eyeglasses to look “artsy” – everyone needs that look, right?

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50% Off and More on Playstation Move Games

If you’re like me, you dislike paying the $60+ price for any new video game, but video games can be darned fun! Whether it’s a game for you, the parents, or a game for the kids, video games are a neat way to relax, and if you pick the right game, the whole family (and friends and visitors!) can gather around to discuss and have fun.

That’s why I was really impressed when I saw this Playstation Move video game sale from Gamestop. The Playstation Move is the video game video camera system for the Playstation 3. It allows for you to play more movement-intensive games with the Playstation 3. Games are as low as $9.99 (which is really low for Playstation Move games!), and accessories (including the Move controller and charging stations) are 50% off. Here are a couple I recommend (and we own!):

For parents and adults: Fix In Six
This is a fitness game made for adults. Consider this your own personal fitness coach. You can choose by what you want to improve (cardio, weight-loss, heart weight, toning, etc.), and once you have picked that, it helps you choose the best workouts to meet that goal. Workouts range from 2 minutes to an hour long. There are more work-outs available for download. Workouts range from sassy Latin dances to Yoga to running cardio. Some workouts require you to hold the Move remote, but for the most part, consider it more of an interactive DVD rather than something that will critique how well you are doing.

For adults only: Heavy Rain
This is a story game that has a heavy plot. If you enjoy action/mystery movies, you’ll love this game. The game is really easy to play – even if you have no gaming experience. Basically, the main character’s son has gone missing with a note from the murderer that says that, when the rain reaches a certain level, the child will drown. The father then, against everyone’s advice, sets out to try and explore the town and find his son. The themes are too adult to make this a family game (with death being a main theme), but it is a good game for adults. It’s not much of a “game”, but instead, it’s more like an interactive movie where your decisions will help shape what the ending will be.

For pre-teens and teenagers: LittleBigPlanet 2
To compare it to something most people might know, this is basically like Mario – but modern and in 3D! They can dress up their little character and run around the created worlds. Filled with fun things to do as well as challenges, it holds the attention span for a long time. It does have online levels that are player-created, but from playing them, most levels tend to be well-moderated. If the player has a creative streak, the game also allows you to create your own levels, and basically anything can be achieved through the game’s creation engine which allows someone to show their creativity.

Specifically for younger kids but works for the whole family: EyePet
For $60, this game was too much. For the $9.99 sale, it got snapped up right off the website, so you’ll have to check your local Gamestop to find it. (We got one!) In this game which was the debut title for the Playstation Move, you play with a little monkey-like pet. Using the Move controller, it’s basically a living Tamagatchi/cat/dog. It uses the scenery in your own room, and you can play games, feed it, draw with it, and tons of other things. It sincerely sometimes feels like the little guy is right in your living room! It’s not good for long gaming sessions, but for younger kid’s attention spans, it really is cute for easy playing. (I’ll be doing a move in-depth review on this game later) For $10, I really can not recommend this enough. If you only buy one game and have younger children, this is one you should get.

There are other games available at their sale, too, if you want to look into it: Playstation Move sale!

This post is not sponsored at all. I just really wanted to pass on the savings!