Redecorating Made Easy & Affordable with Fabness Canvas Prints!

fabness_aviation_canvas_wall_art (1)

When you’re ready to decorate your home with some personalized gifts and favorite memories, Fabness is the way to go. While their most popular products remain the canvas prints, Fabness also has house signs, photo blocks, designer mugs, and wall art to ensure that they can help you with most of your home decorating needs.

As a photographer and someone who loves a gorgeous home, I really am picky about my canvas art. I want it to be high-quality and look high-quality too. Fabness offers the options I’d want when ordering more canvas prints. They offer square and rectangle formats – perfect for your Instagram and regular photos. They offer a long rectangle – which is there for any panorama photos (perfect for city skylines!) They also offer canvas sets which are packaged canvas sets that pair well together and offer a discount for buying them as a group. It’s a modern way to decorate your home!

fabness_aviation_canvas_wall_art (5)

fabness_aviation_canvas_wall_art (4)

As you can see, I’ve found a pretty fantastic “home” for my Fabness canvas print in my own home. I wanted something that would serve as a great backdrop for some of my smaller items on top of a shelf, and this has been perfect. It matches all of the kitchen and entryway colors and it shows off my love of aviation in a playful and unique way.

I am pretty impressed with the canvas print itself as well. The wrapping is pulled taut, and the colors are very true-to-color with what I designed online. While the print is made up entirely of words, none of the words are blurry or difficult to read – it’s very crisp and looks professional. The backside has been stapled flat, and there isn’t any uncomfortable or sharp edges throughout the back. This makes it safer to leave out with children around. I’m just generally impressed by the quality of the canvas print; it’s something I’d love to order again.

And besides, it’s pulling together my entryway look pretty well – wouldn’t you agree?

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fabness_aviation_canvas_wall_art (2)

Reusing Your Starbucks Cup as a Flower Vase


To be honest, I didn’t think a photo of my flowers in a Starbucks cup would end up so wildly popular, but after the photo exploded on Instagram, I thought I’d share my awesome little idea with you guys as well!

My local Starbucks sell these little plastic cups for 99 cents designed for hot coffee. I think they actually take 10 cents off your every purchase of hot coffee if you bring in this reusable cup to put it in, too. I honestly just loved the cup, and when I saw it on sale at my Target Starbucks, I couldn’t resist buying it. For the last year, though, I’ve done nothing with it since I really dislike hot coffee. (Iced FTW!)

When downsizing last week, I decided I either had to do something with it or donate or get rid of it somehow. I had some flowers leftover from my modern square bird wreath project, so I put the fake flowers into the cup and threw it into the bathroom cabinet. To ensure it stays weighted down and doesn’t wobble (these cups are light and your flowers are top-heavy!), you could put any type of weight it in. I didn’t have any items, so I filled up a Ziploc baggie with water, sealed it tightly, then stuck it in the bottom as a temporary solution. It actually looks pretty lovely on the cabinet, if I do say so myself!

If you ACTUALLY wanted to put real flowers in your “vase” instead of fake ones, make sure to get one of these reusable plastic cups instead of using the cardboard cups that come with your actual drinks. I imagine the cardboard from a real cup wasn’t rated to hold liquid for days at a time, but a plastic cup should have no issue with that.

I’m glad the cup finally has a home. If you used a used Starbucks cup that you got a drink in or something, you could make this a super-cheap project. For me, though, it was literally free since all the items were laying around. Even if I had purchased them, it cost $4 between the cup and the flowers. Cheap, fun decor!

Save Money on College Supplies

Thankfully, I’m out of college. I loved it while I was there, but even if we forget the high cost of tuition, it’s surprisingly expensive just to buy the supplies needed to stay in college! Between textbooks, notebooks, binders, backpacks, and more, students can easily spend over $1,000 every six months just on supplies alone. It’s pretty insane!

I was on a tight budget in college, though, so I know how much it sucks to try and get everything you need without spending everything you have. Thankfully, with a bit of extra time and patience, you’ll find that you can cut your supply spending in half (or more!) Using deal-hunting, price comparison, and textbook rental, you don’t have to spend your entire budget. Here are some of my suggestions:

Buy around July and August: Do you pay attention to store ads? Around July and August, you’ll find that many retailers (especially Target and office supply stores) will have great deals on school supplies. If you need standard supplies like notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, and similar items, try to buy enough to last you for the full year. It’s not unheard of for office supply stores to sell various office supplies for a penny each week in order to get people in the door to hopefully purchase full-priced supplies.

Employ Price Comparison: Your local campus bookstore is definitely the easiest place to shop, but I doubt it’s the cheapest. If you really love what your campus bookstore is selling (such as custom merchandise or items with your school mascot), it’s great to support them (as it helps support your school), but when it comes to standard supplies such as art supplies, basic notebooks, paper, and electronics, you’re probably better-off purchasing things elsewhere.

Year-Round Electronics Deals: If you have the ability to hold-off on purchasing a computer or other high-end electronic item, it’s best to shop-around for a deal. While your local campus bookstore may offer computers, try and shop around to find a good deal. Buying refurbished will save you money, but ensure they have a good return and warranty policy. When buying new directly from most computer manufacturers, check to see if they have a Student discount. By proving that you’re a student at a university, many computer manufacturers will provide a discount. Last I knew, HP, Apple, Dell, and Sony all did so.

Find Out if Textbooks are Essential: Before you purchase or rent a textbook, make sure the textbook is essential. Some professors will list a textbook because it’s required in their curriculum, but they may never even open the book. If you’re unsure if the textbook will be required and don’t expect to have homework in the first week or two, hold off on purchasing a book until the first day of class. Better yet, speak to students who took the class last semester to find out about textbook usage.

Rent Textbooks: By far, the largest expense any student will have is textbooks. Determine if the textbook is something you’re going to need for classes down the road or referencing later in your career. In most cases, the answer is “no”. For those cases, renting a textbook is the way to go. By renting somewhere like Campus Book Rentals, you’ll save 40% to 90% off of campus bookstore prices, AND you don’t have to worry about reselling it when you’re done. You can highlight in the books, and they offer flexible renting periods to ensure you can keep the textbooks as long as you need them.

Want more information about textbook renting? Check out this video!

A Frugal, Modern Square Wreath



I love the idea of wreaths. Like, I do. I love the idea of having something to put on the front doors. (Okay, honestly, I love the idea of anything I can attach tiny birds to. That’s mostly what I love) However, standard circular, floral door wreaths reminded both my partner and I of our parents and grandparents, and we were going for something a bit more modern looking.

After looking at some Pinterest inspiration:

Winter Wreath (2)

A Winter Wreath via Craptastic


Fall Twig Wreath via Design, Dining, and Diapers

blue and brown wreath4

Wreath via Sweet Daisy Designs

I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, so I decided to go the thrifty route as much as possible. My¬†little wreath cost me less than $10.

There was:
$1 thrift-store frame find (and honestly, it’s even more baby-puke green than it looked)
$3 worth of Dollar Tree and Michaels sprigs of flowers
$3 worth of those two cute owls I found on clearance at Wal-Mart
$1 of ribbon from Dollar Tree
Annie Sloan’s Pure White chalk paint (purchased for a furniture project, but I dipped into it)
Some twine I had lying around from my holiday hot cocoa gift craft

If you don’t have any way to hang it on your door, Michaels sells basic door hangers for $2.90-something. Partner it with their “always available” 40% off coupon, and you’ll get it for $1.70-something.

square_modern_bird_wreath (2)

I wanted to have my wreath hanging at an angle for the most “modern” look, but it turns out that finding a photo frame that’s entirely square is really hard to do at a thrift store! Since most photos used to be portrait or landscape (and not the square, Instagram format that’s now popular), I suppose this makes sense. For the sake of the budget, I decided to alter my plans a little bit.

square_modern_bird_wreath (4)

square_modern_bird_wreath (5)

square_modern_bird_wreath (3)

This wreath¬†didn’t take too much work either! I completely removed the old print from the thrifted frame, and I took out all of the nails and cardboard that had held it in. After a nice soapy bath, it underwent two coats of Annie Sloan’s Pure White paint. Didn’t wax it because I’m lazy, and I like to think my owls prefer wax-less photo frames. From there, I picked out some neat sprigs of fake flowers from the local craft store and Dollar Tree. I just “tied” them to the frame using well-hidden twine. (Tie tightly to ensure they stay in place!) The little owls just clip onto the leaves! The ribbon was slid through the original nail hanger on the back of the frame, and tada! It honestly took more time to find all of the parts for my little owl-home than it took to put it together.

Hope this helps someone who’s looking to do a more “modern”-looking door wreath!

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