AMBI Cold Therapy Device Review

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What Is It
Ready for you anytime soreness or pain strikes, the Ambi by Blu Tec is an electronic version of the ice cube. Get chilled relief anytime you need it – without the mess or hassle of worrying about ice melting! Designed to be applied anywhere you’d like to experience a pleasant chill on the skin, the Ambi uses its simple battery or AC power to provide a chilling sensation.

Designed over in New Jersey, the Ambi uses Pelletier Thermo Electric Current (TEC) technology to provide cold therapy at the flick of a switch.

To power your Ambi by Blu Tec cold therapy machine, you can use either 1.5V Alkaline batteries or by plugging the adapter into an electrical outlet. Within 25 seconds of pressing the start button, the cooling plate of the Ambi will hit about 10 degrees Celcius (which is about 50F). After it reaches its maximum chilled temperature, it’s free for use on any part of your skin.

Relief for common ailments can come in the form of cold therapy. Itchy skin, migraines, hot flashes, injuries, muscle soreness, and more can all be reduced by some cold therapy. Especially for hot flashes, having a portable chilling solution right at your fingertips anytime you need it can provide a really helpful hand.

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My Opinion
About perfect in temperature, the Ambi cold therapy device provides a nice chill to the skin. Since you can’t really warm it or cool it, you’ll have to hope that the chill it provides is the one that works best for you. It isn’t cold enough to produce that “numb” sensation on the skin, but it’s definitely cold enough that you will feel it. It isn’t blistering cold, though, so if your attempt was to numb the entire area, it probably isn’t going to work how you’d like it to. To chill and calm an area (especially in terms of inflammation), though, the Ambi has everything under control.

The device fits pretty easily in the hands, and while it’s not perfect, it seems ergonomic enough. Since you’ll probably just lay it flat against the area that’s bothering you, it didn’t need to have perfection built into it. That having been said, if you do try to hold it pinpoint on one area, the oblong size of the device can make it hard sometimes. It’ll work, but you might find yourself readjusting your hand multiple times.

The Ambi by Blu Tec isn’t going to be important for everyone. After all, a cooling pack in the freezer could possibly be just as useful. However, some people are going to really find this helpful. If you regularly have long headaches or migraines, using the Ambi reduces the need to get up to replace the bag. While out camping or doing strenuous exercise, you can keep the Ambi along in case of soreness, bug bites, or injury. For those with regular hot flashes, the Ambi can be placed into a purse or traveling bag for relief on-the-go.

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The Ambi offers a couple different ways to power its chilling ability. It’s pretty easy to hold in the hand, and once you read the instructions once, you’ll never need to reference them again – it’s that easy to use.

The Ambi may not be the best solution for everyone. It also can get a bit awkward to handle for longer periods of time.

If you want a way to regularly provide cooling relief without having to fuss with ice cubes or other annoying solutions, the Ambi is going to be perfect for you. It can be used while traveling or while at home, and it allows you to chill any area that’s giving you problems.

Buy It
The Ambi cold therapy device by Blu Tec is purchasable directly off their website.

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Amazing Photographer’s Helper: 1byone Infinity Glow Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp Review!

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Getting the perfect lighting for any photo is important – even if that photo is just going to your mother or on Instagram. Getting good lighting can actually “make or break” any photo. After all, imagine how most real estate photos would look if they were taken in the dead of night only with a couple lamps to light each room. Not good, right? They’d be grainy, hard to see the details, and wouldn’t really show off the house’s good features.

The same can be said of anything – good lighting can make things look even better! That’s part of the reason that I’m enjoying the 1byone Infinity Glow Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp. Available on Amazon, this elegant lamp is made from metal and silicone rubber with touch-sensitive controls that allow you to adjust brightness and light temperature. The light’s position can also be adjusted to ensure that the light is pointing exactly where you need it.

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Since the light is rechargeable, I never have to worry about cables. It can go anywhere in the house that I need it to go. Since it’s so light-weight, this makes it simple to just grab and relocate to the bedroom for a jewelry shot – or to the kitchen to add some light to the dish you want to take a photo of.

While you’re at it, this desk lamp actually offers more color adjustment than most professional lights do. It allows you to switch between multiple temperature modes – you can have a very cool light (like fluorescent), a standard, neutral light (like sunlight), or a warm light (like most lightbulbs). While I would always recommend the neutral light, these options will allow you to “match” the external lighting. You don’t want to use bright, natural light if the entire rest of the area is using a warmer light; it will make things look a bit odd.

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The light also offers brightness adjustment. Add a lot of extra light or only a little bit. The light tends to stay concentrated without much “drop off”, so you’ll need to position the light pretty close to your subject. Once it’s there, though, you can determine exactly how much light you think the situation requires – and it’s easy to adjust the lamp to provide that light.

The buttons are also so fun to play with – and they work well! As with any touch-sensitive control system, I get worried that the buttons won’t work well. That’s not the case with this lamp. The buttons have never turned the light on by itself (such as when in direct, bright sunlight like our Playstation 4 will do), but each time I lightly tap on the button, the lamp pops to life. The same can be said of the light temperature adjustment and the light brightness adjustment. Very perfectly calibrated.

Before and After Using the Light to Fill-In Shadows

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That being said, the light was definitely designed as a short-range desk lamp. It does a good job with that as well. It won’t light up the entire desk, but if you put it next to your reading or writing surface, it provides clear, natural-type lighting that helps illuminate the surface. It’s not perfect, but it does work really well as a regular desk lamp as well. My love for it will always be for photography purposes, though.

If you want an affordable, very-portable light that can help you add that extra bit of light no matter what the external lighting conditions are, the 1byone Infinity Glow Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp does an amazing job with it. Adjust the color temperatures, adjust the brightness – and do it all at the touch of touch-sensitive buttons. Check this out straight from Amazon (and eligible for free Prime shipping!)

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Modern Writing Technology: New Pilot Pens for the New Year

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I love pretty writing implements. I know that’s probably a bit dorky – especially in the age of technology where I don’t do nearly as much handwriting as I used to – but that’s part of the appeal. When I pick up a pen, I want it to glide on the paper. I want it to be a nice, amazing treat that feels luxurious as I use it. Some of these new Pilot pens definitely fit that bill. Out of all of them, the Pilot Acroball pens were my favorite, but each one of the new 2016 line of Pilot pens seemed designed for someone to fall in love with.

The Pilot Acroball Ballpoint pens glide really nicely in my hands. I’m actually pretty fond of their colors too. The ink never blotted or scratched against the surface, and out of all of the pens, these were probably my favorite. They’re designed with a hybrid ink, and the ink seems to work pretty well. It’s nice and thin (like a non-ballpoint pen), but it still glides with that enjoyable smoothness that I enjoy from ballpoint pens. It feels nice in my hands as well.

I also enjoyed the Pilot Acroball Colors Ball Point Pens. The pen’s outer design seems pretty standard, and I have to admit that I really preferred the look of “different” looking pens. In terms of standard pens, though, it does make it easy to select a pen with the colored ink I need, and the pen still looks modern and high-end. I don’t do a lot of writing with these as I tend to use them more for marks or signatures, but I’ve found that the ink dries pretty quickly. It makes it easier to make marks along a page without worrying about smearing the ink (or, ugh, getting it on your hand) as you move around. They’re good pens and easy to use, but I wouldn’t say that I find them particularly outstanding in any way.

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The Acroball Pro Hybrid Ink Ballpoint Pens were also writing utensils that I had the chance to try. These weren’t my favorite, but they’ll still probably become regular pens on my desk. They wrote pretty smoothly, and I was surprised to find that they were ballpoint pens. I’m used to gel pens writing quite this smoothly. The grip on the pen feels nice, but it also feels a bit small. I’m surprised it doesn’t extend to cover more of the pen. The ink is really nice, though, and it looks pretty good on any paper I’ve written on.

When it comes to the Dr. Grip Frosted pen, I’m starting to wonder if I just have small hands. This pen feels particularly huge in my hands. It’s actually not particularly comfortable. This might be more comfortable for a larger hand (especially a male hand). The writing feels nice, though. It’s particularly light-weight, and the ink seems to glide just fine over the page. There wasn’t any stopping or scratching on the paper. It’s a nice, thin black ink that looks lovely after I’m done.

Now my hands are tired of writing. That’s what I get for reviewing the latest pens from Pilot. Check them out from Shoplet Office Supplies!

Modern Affordable Tech! August Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review

August Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

What Is It
If you’re enjoying the move into new technology that allows you to stream your music to an audio device without a single wire involved, you need to pick up the August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones. Designed to be portable and easily allow you to listen to your favorite songs from your favorite device, these August headphones fold up into a smaller profile and are Bluetooth 4.1 enabled with NFC and aptX connecting technology.

No reason to bother with batteries, these Bluetooth headphones come eqipped with a built-in Lithium-Ion battery. The rechargeable battery gives you over 10 hours between charges. When the battery dies (or if you don’t feel like fussing with Bluetooth), the headphones can use a standard 3.5mm audio cable to plug into any audio port to listen to music that way.

If you want to take phone calls with your headphones, these headphones also have a built-in microphone. I haven’t tried phone quality with them as I don’t tend to use headphones for calls, but it’s an open if it comes up.

The EP650 August Bluetooth headphones also offer buttons directly on the headphones themselves. These buttons include volume control as well as Next/Previous and Play/Pause control. This allows you to simply control the music you’re listening to without having to touch the device you’re streaming from.

August Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

My Opinion
You would think that you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good pair of Bluetooth headphones…but you’d be thinking wrong. I’m really surprised to say that the August 650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones do an amazing job. Not only can you get some good-quality music, but the Bluetooth capabilities actually work surprisingly well as well.

First off: the Bluetooth. I occasionally have issues with my Bluetooth headphones because I mostly use my Bluetooth capabilities outside of the house. There’s no point in having awesome Bluetooth headphones if they become sorta-useless outside of my home. These don’t. As long as I still have the Bluetooth-streaming device on my person somewhere, these seem to work just fine while outdoors. They work amazingly indoors too. I’ve had no problem with them no matter where I use them.

I’m pretty fond of the fact that they can be used as wired headphones as well. You don’t have to always take advantage of the Bluetooth capabilities. If the head’s built-in battery dies or if your phone battery is getting low, just use them as wired headphones. No big deal, and it’s really easy to do.

August Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

When it comes to comfort, these headphones feel pretty great on my head too. I’ve had some headphones that really “clamp” onto my ears, but these don’t do that. They feel snug, but they don’t clamp. They WOULD fall off my ears during heavier exercise, so I wouldn’t try running in them, but during my hour-long walks I’ve used these on, they stay on just fine. Not great for high-impact exercise, but for sitting around and lower impact? They can work great. They do start to feel a bit hot around your ears if you’re using them during exercise, though. They seem best for sitting around in.

If you’re an audiophile, you’ll be pretty satisfied with the audio quality as well. They don’t quite compare to my nearly $200-headphones, but they actually sound way better than almost all of the earbuds I’ve ever worn, and they really don’t “sound” like they’re quite so affordable. These are especially great for EDM and any music with a good amount of bass. I’ve found that they’re not quite as crystal clear with gentle melodies compared to some of my other headphones, but when it comes to getting a nice bass out of music, it seems to work really well.

I’m pretty fond of the fact that I can control my music straight from the headphones themselves. Screw having to pull my iPod out of my pocket. Just pressing the buttons right on the headphones work just fine. This makes my life so much easier, and it’s definitely a benefit compared to lots of Bluetooth Headphones.

As for build quality, they seem like they’re going to last awhile. I’ve had them for months with absolutely no problems, and I use them regularly for walking workouts or listening to music at my computer. Probably hundreds of hours of use at this point with no problems.

August Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

The August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones work fantastically and exactly as advertised. Music quality is better-than-average, the Bluetooth functionality works great indoors and out, the headphones are comfortable to wear, and it’s easy to control your music with just a few pushes of buttons.

Music quality isn’t the BEST EVER, but it’s amazing for the affordability of these headphones.

If you want affordable headphones that work amazingly for Bluetooth (or cabled audio), these headphones are going to be it. They look modern, function really well, and have good audio capabilities.

Buy It
You can pick up the August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones directly from Amazon. They have them in multiple colors, and they’re even eligible for Amazon Prime.

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