Help Your Children Learn Arabic with a Fun App: “Alif Baa”!


Ready to help your children learn a new language? Do you know that when they’re young is the best time to help instill the ability to speak more-than-one language? Make it easier than ever with the latest educational game app available on the Apple App Store: “Alif Baa“.

Using a series of captivating games to help children learn the Arabic alphabet in a fun and easy way, children can journey through the game while completting a variety of exercises which can be tracked. The learning pace of the game is tailored to the individual child to ensure that they’re learning at their own personal speed.


With feedback and design from a group of mothers and children, this children’s app ensures easy and enjoyable learning. Mastering the Arabic alphabet is the first step in learning to read the Arabic language and the Quran. The app is suitable for children over 3 years of age and is especially geared towards children who don’t speak Arabic as their first language.

The app is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Need more reasons to download? The app is:

  • Focused on specific educational objectives
  • Designed to foster critical thinking
  • Made with clear and simple instructions
  • Adult-friendly to assess progress as children learn
  • Safety and privacy-conscious by not exposing children to external services or advertisers


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Vacation to Myrtle Beach with Purex!

Has the rough, long winter taken its toll on you? I know it’s taken it on me! That’s why I’m super excited to see that Purex is offering an amazing sweepstakes to help you enjoy your summer even better. Simple and easy to enter, you just need to go to the Purex website, and you can enter to win an amazing vacation to Myrtle Beach for your family! It will also include a free year of laundry detergent, so go make sure to enter as soon as possible!

Think Outside the Box with your Gifts

Gift giving is an art form just like any other. It takes practice, it takes careful thought, intimate thoughtfulness and a flare for the creative. I honestly believe that some people are just predisposed to good or bad gift giving, but each of us can get better, we just need to think outside the box. Here are a couple of strategies and suggestions to blow your gift recipients away and conjure a reputation as someone who is thoughtful and wonderful.


Gifts should be relevant to the individual. For example, if you’re looking to find the right gift for that professional, driven woman in your life, get her something elegant that will help her elevate in the office and then compliment her when she’s out. Jewelry is obviously a good start, but it’s only a start. It is just an idea that needs shaping and tailoring to the individual. A classic and inspired twist on classic jewelry is a wooden ring. Now before you roll your eyes, bare with me. Wooden rings are at least as elegant and eye catching as any of their metal cousins, however wooden rings offer a warmness and immediate connection to the natural world around you. Also, their production is simpatico with green living and a desire to lessen your carbon footprint in all of your decisions. If you visit koa wood rings you’ll immediately be inspired. When I first started doing research on wooden rings, I was blown away by the vastness of diversity, the elegance in presentation and aesthetic beauty. Speaking of these qualities, you obviously can’t go wrong in giving a Rolex watch as a gift. There are so many styles that you’ll unquestionably find the perfect fit for your recipient. Go online and check out certified rolex repair and get some ideas today!


It’s also a good idea to think of buying a gift that will be useful and promote some sort of growth or inspire ideas. The gift of knowledge is an irreplaceable and thoughtful way to show someone how much you love him or her. Perhaps Rosetta Stone language classes or tickets to a seminar or play. Opening a friend or loved one up to something new will open him or her to a potentially new and inspired direction in life. A few years ago, my girlfriend bought me a used piano. I know that in the past, I’ve mentioned my desire to learn, and she filed that away. That piano is unquestionably the best gift I’ve ever received. I practice it all the time and it’s led me down other musical paths that I never even dreamed of. I’m even going to take a music production class in two weeks and I couldn’t possibly be more excited.


So next time you choose to give a gift, put some thought into the person and make an effort to mold your generosity into his or her individuality and curiosity.

Thanks to The Watch Buyers Group for providing a fantastic guide about buying a perfect, personalized gift!

5 Sure Fire Ways To Save Money Online

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity and one of the biggest reasons is the amount of money you can save. Frugal online shopping does require a few extra steps to find the best deals but that little bit of extra time can make a huge difference for your budget. These 5 tips are sure to help you save money on your next online shopping experience.

Get Social
Online retailers know that a great way to reach customers is to utilize social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Look for your favorite retailers on these sites and you will find that many of them will post online discounts for people who like or follow their page and profile. Make sure to subscribe to the retailers you use so that you do not miss any potential money-saving tweets or posts.

Set a Limit
Just as you set a limit when visiting a traditional store, set a budget for your online purchases and stick to it! When you know you only have a certain amount of money to spend, you are much more likely to look around for the best deals. If you find the item you are looking for but it does not fit your budget, you need to keep looking or wait until there is a qualifying discount.

Use Coupons
There are many different sites that provide users with promotions and coupon codes that can help you see significant savings on your purchases. You can use Google or Yahoo to find the sites by entering your retailer’s name + coupon codes, and then search for savings within the sites. Many of these sites will take you directly to the site to purchase an item when you click on the code, making your purchases even easier.

Use Shopping Carts Wisely
Many stores allow you to save items in shopping carts without requiring you to pay immediately. Put the items you want to purchase in the cart and leave them there for a couple days. Many stores will lower their prices on items and these savings will be automatically applied.

Use Rebates
There are several sites that offer rebates for a variety of items and retailers. Simply do a search for online rebate sites and choose the ones that offer the best rebates for the retailers and items you are considering purchasing. You will get additional savings by receiving rebates after you make your purchase.

This post was written John Simmons to share his expertise with us.