Save More Money: Introducing Groupon Coupons!


I love Groupon. I’m not sure about you, but I love the chance to try out new experiences and new things without always having to pay full price. Not only that, but I’ve been introduced to a lot of new services and businesses that I didn’t even know existed through Groupon! I’ve had the chance to tour a brewery, enjoy Black Light Golfing, take a trip through a railroad, get cheaper hotel rooms, and more.

The latest Groupon addition is Groupon Coupons. You don’t have to spend a single cent in order to save money. Groupon Coupons is a listing of over 70,000 coupons and deals from more than 8,600 top retailers. It isn’t just for online purchases either! Some retailers offer exclusive coupons to Groupon that you can print from home to take into the in-store locations near you.

Sound great? All you have to do is visit Groupon Coupons to take advantage of these sales. No membership needed. No extra hoops to jump through. Just click and save. With popular retailers such as Sephora, eBay, Vitacost, and more, you can shop at your favorite retailers while effortlessly saving money. Sounds win-win to me!

Some of my favorite deals that I’ve seen so far:
Best Buy (Online or In-Store) 20% off One Item
Michaels (In-Store): 50% off 1 Regular-Priced Item
Shutterfly (Online): $10 off $10 Purchase

I love that Groupon Coupons gives me an easy way to explore all of the deals out there, and they even allow you to search by specific store. That means I can double-check to see if there is are any savings codes before checking out at stores where I was already going to purchase items. I love to see more ways to save money, so don’t forget to check Groupon Coupons before the next time you go out or shop online.

Cheap Vitamin Water at Target! (No Coupons Required!)

Drink Vitamin Water? While you have to watch how many you drink (to avoid overdosing on vitamins), it’s actually really tasty water, and it helps makes taking in all of my liquids easier to do! It’s pretty much a household staple in our home.

That’s why I thought I’d let you know about a fantastic deal at Target this week. No coupons required! Vitamin Water single bottles are normally $1 or more per bottle. This week, Target is having a sale where you can get a six-pack for $3.99, AND if you buy 3 of these six-packs, you’ll receive a $5 giftcard. You can do this multiple times per transaction. (Today, we bought 9 in one transaction and received 3 giftcards.) Don’t forget you can always use your Target Red Credit/Debit to save an extra 5% on your purchase as well.

So, that ends up being about 38 cents per bottle. Sometimes you can catch them cheaper, but this is definitely a fantastic price. There are some rare Target coupons hanging out that gives $1 off 2 Vitamin Water six-packs as well. So, assuming you use three of those coupons, your total would come to about 30 cents a bottle which is even better! We personally had the coupons from an in-store event Target ran to welcome back college students, so they may be hard to find.

Vitamin Waters tend to last a bit, but check the expiration date. As they have minerals added, they WILL expire. Ours are good until January of 2013.

So for those of you that don’t like using coupons, this one requires none and still gives a good price! Enjoy!

(of course, deals can always be regional, so make sure to check your weekly ad or check the hanging price tags to make sure your store is doing it!)

Like Blu-Ray DVDs? Like seeing movies? MUST-HAVE FANTASIC deal!

I tend to shy away from Best Buy for purchasing well, much of anything, since their prices are usually higher than what I can find elsewhere. However, when Best Buy is having a fantastic sale, it can be hard to beat anywhere else.

Yesterday, we went out and bought the Batman Begins movie on DVD for $5 at Wal-Mart since I want to catch-up on the movies before The Dark Knight Rises is in theaters. Flipping through the Sunday ads, today, though, we saw that Best Buy is having a “Upgrade and Save” promotion where, if you turn in an old regular-DVD movie, you’ll get a $5 coupon towards the purchase of a Blu-Ray $9.99 or higher.

To make this even SWEETER, some of their $9.99 movies currently come packaged with $5 “Movie Cash” to see The Dark Knight movie or to see the Ice Age Continental Drift movie. PLUS, if you currently purchase Batman Begins or The Dark Knight Blu-Ray movies, they will come in a steel case. Eeee! I may die of amazing (I LOVE steel cases).

So, basically, what we did:
Traded in $5 Batman Begins movie & old Matrix movie for 2 $5 coupons
Purchased Batman Begins & Matrix movie on Blu-Ray for $9.99 each
Used two $5 off coupons
Paid $9.99 OOP
Received $10 Movie Cash towards The Dark Knight Rises (which in this Iowa town, is about $2 short of paying for admissions for two people!) Also, the Batman Begins movie was in a Steel Case as well which definitely beat the crappy Wal-Mart plastic case that original one was in. PLUS, they’re in Blu-Ray!
Final Price: FREE for TWO Blu-Ray Movies! 

The ad specifically mentions these DVDs:
$4.99 with coupon
The Silence of the Lambs
The Matrix
Ice Age (comes with $5 Movie Cash to see the new Ice Age movie)
Ice Age: The Meltdown (comes with $5 Movie Cash to see the new Ice Age movie)
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (comes with $5 Movie Cash to see the new Ice Age movie)
The Incredible Hulk
Ghost Protocol

Click on this to make it larger; remember, these are only the specific deals that Best Buy is pointing out. The $5 coupon should work on many, many more items.

Also, other various movies are mentioned for $9.99 or $14.99 after coupons (Including the entire SEASON SEVEN of Weeds on Blu-Ray and Season ONE of the Walking Dead on Blu-Ray!) I uploaded a picture of the ad for you to read since I don’t want to add anything else to this wall of text. (How in the world do regular coupon blogs manage to keep their posts to like 50 words? It’s impossible!)

As a note that I’m not sure about but IS DEFINITELY worth trying: When we first went into the store, I thought the DVD you turned in had to be the DVD you upgraded to. However, reading the wording of the ad again (so much for letting my partner tell me about ads), it looks like you can bring in ANY used DVD and the coupon can be used towards ANY Blu-Ray, TV, or music title. This means that you could possibly get rid of movies you hated while getting an awesome Blu-Ray copy of a movie you love/want to see. This means we could have possibly traded in a random crappy movie we owned in order to get a Blu-Ray of the new Batman movie. However, I’m not 100% sure on that, so make SURE to clarify that with the Customer Service associate before trading in.

If it DOES work, though, what you could do:
Trade-in Crappy-Movie-You-Hate for $5 coupon
Purchase Batman Begins or The Dark Knight at $9.99
Use $5 off coupon
Pay $4.99 OOP
Get $5 Movie Cash to see The Dark Knight Rises (or other movie; the front of the DVD case will say)  in theaters!
Final price! FREE!!! (For a Blu-Ray MOVIE!)

Fine print you might want to know about: Must be an original DVD; please do not be stupid enough to bring in a burned copy of your movies. Must be in the original case. The $5 off coupon will be valid on any Blu-Ray movie, TV, or music item priced $9.99 and up. You’ll need to go to Customer Service to exchange your DVD. You can only have 5 DVDs traded in per trip. (It doesn’t state a limit per-person if you have a bunch of really-bad DVDs laying around though) The “trade-in” receipt MUST accompany the trade-in coupons at check-out. Once traded in, you can not get your old DVD back, so make sure you want to trade it in. Only one coupon can be applied to each item you’re purchasing. Judging by the fact that the Customer Service associate looked over my DVD before accepting it, it MAY need to be in playable condition in order to be accepted (Not in the official print though). Adult DVDs will not be accepted (lolz!) This offer runs until August 11, 2012, but keep in mind that the accompanied Movie Cash to some of the DVDs may expire before then. (Actually, I’m like 95% sure our The Dark Knight Rises Movie Cash does expire before then) More final print to read, but it’s mostly what I’ve already told you: Upgrade and Save sale.

Best Buy Deal: Buy Two Video Games, Get One Free!

Finding deals on video games can be difficult. They rarely go on sale, and when they do, they’re still pretty expensive. The best time to save on video games is really just to wait them out. (For most games, but not all), the longer the video game is out, the cheaper it will get. After a certain period of time, though, the game’s price starts going up again because it becomes harder to find because it’s so old. So there’s that middle ground where you can score the best deal.

However, right now, Best Buy is having a promotion where you can buy 2 games and get the third game free. This is only valid on in-store offers, and it isn’t valid on pre-order games either. Your two purchased games must be over $29.99 which is the majority of the Best Buy video game selection. VERY RARELY does such a good deal come out on new games; you can find the B2G1 deal regularly on used games, but it’s very rare to see it on new, unused games. The website doesn’t specifically say the exact end date, but as it’s “this week’s deal”, I believe it will be ending on Saturday night.

This is a fantastic deal – especially if there are some games that JUST came out that you or your family really wants since most people rarely wait for pricing to come down on things they really want. However, you have to be careful with what you buy. Best Buy games, on average, are almost always $10 or more than what they should be if the game as been out for more than a week or so – especially in store prices. For that reason, be a smart shopper. Know what games you think you might want. Look at prices online in advance. If you have a smartphone, load the Amazon app onto your smart phone, and search the games you’re contemplating buying on Amazon to compare prices. Most of the games we looked at were only $10 less on Amazon than what they were in Best Buy which is about what I’d expect. However, when we were looking at a Kirby game, Best Buy was charging $60 for the game while Amazon only wanted $20. If we had picked up that game, we wouldn’t have saved ANY money since we would have paid so much more than that game was currently worth.

For those who are interested, what we purchased:
Lollipop Chainsaw (at Best Buy for $59.99; on Amazon for $49.99)
LEGO Batman 2 (at Best Buy for $49.99; on Amazon for $39.99)
Pokepark 2 (at Best Buy for $49.99; on Amazon for $49.99. This one is about three months old, but I’ve been watching it for three months, and the price hasn’t dropped a cent, so I’m doubting it will barely drop at all. Pokemon games rarely do.)

So we got LEGO Batman 2 entirely free which was a savings of about $40.

If possible, purchase three $59.99 games in order to get that third $59.99 free which is the best bang for your buck. We didn’t find three $59.99 games we wanted, though, so we went for this deal. Again, just be a smart shopper, and you can get some good games for a good deal with this Best Buy deal this week!