Giveaway: Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door Book Review

Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door

What Is It
Professional organizers Heather Knittel and Susan Borax came together to write Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door which is about getting rid of your CRUD (completely ridiculous unworthy debris). Like you can guess, this entire book is about how to sort through your home and possessions to get rid of useless things and make room for more useful items. While the book could have been written in a serious and boring manner, Susan and Heather both came together for a humorous outlook on the idea of getting rid of the extra stuff that takes up extra room in your house.

The entire book focuses on the idea of whether you should keep it and why/why not. For example, (and I thought this argument was amazing) the book talks about hotel shampoo/bath supplies in those little 1 ounce bottles. I know we have some stashed in our bathroom closet. I keep them “just in case” we ever need them. Their argument is that most people only need them when traveling, and when traveling, you never pack them because you know your hotel will have them. Thus, wasted space in your home! (I will readily admit we’ve never ever used one of those shampoo/bath samples we have sitting our bathroom.)

The entire book is like this. This book of organization tips is structured in a way that goes from room to room, and in each chapter, the book talks about the specific CRUD items that you’ll find in those rooms. The book then mentions why those items are CRUD and how to determine if you should keep them or toss them.

My Opinion
I was really surprised to find myself drawn into this cleaning up your home book. Sure, I had expected it to be okay, but the writing style really is humorous, and like everyone who enjoys self-improvement, I continued to want to see what I could do next to make my home better. It wasn’t one of those books that I read because I have to – it was one of those books that I continued to read because I really did want to know what Susan Borax and Heather Knittel would be suggesting next and how I could improve my life.

I went through one chapter of the book and actively cleaned out that room, and I was really impressed by how much it did clean! I always use the argument of “well, maybe I’ll need this!”, so I keep it. The book logically shows you why those arguments won’t work, and it really did help me rethink the idea of keeping all of the clutter around my home. Having all sorts of things is not always “winning”!

The book explores how to get rid of your clutter and messes in a humorous and funny way. For those messes you never know whether you should keep or not, the authors of Good Riddance will help you decide.

I wish some of the text titles were actually the name of the item you’re sorting (“Dish Cloths”) versus a catchy and fun title (“Transparent Towels”) for easier skimming and browsing.

I definitely recommend this book. The authors, Susan Borax and Heather Knittel, have a good sense of humor as they help you to truly understand why you don’t need some of those things that you’re keeping around. If you want a cleaner, less-cluttered household and want a humourous approach to getting it that way (that’s really useful as well!), Good Riddance is a great book to check out.

Buy It
You can purchase Good Riddance: Showing Clutter the Door off of the professional organizer ‘s website, or you can also purchase it off of Amazon. Nervous about purchasing it? You can download a sample of Good Riddance from their website.


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