Mini VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Review

Mini VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate Brownie

What Is It
The Mini VitaCakes from Vitalicious are the newest line of tasty treats that Vitalicious has released! Each one is packed in delicious, chocolate-y flavor, and it only takes about seven minutes to walk off how many calories each one is (50 calories!) For chocolate cravings, this is defintiely a must-have. Not only that, but it’s packed with fiber, protein, and vitamins to keep your brain focused and body healthy.

The VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate snacks are made with no preservatives, so they do need to be frozen. It takes about an hour to unfreeze one to room temperature. Once in the freezer, they will last 9 months. If taken out of the freezer or put in the fridge, they are good for five days. What I do is take one out first thing in the morning the day-of that I want to eat it, and that covers the thawing perfectly! VitaLicious says you can microwave thaw them, room temperature thaw them, or even eat them frozen for a summer treat. I also found that you could microwave one slightly to heat it up and make the chocolate chips gooey which was so much “mmmmm!”

Do not do what I did with my first one, though. I was so hungry for one that I took the frozen one and put it in front of my heater. Then promptly got caught up working and forgot about it. The poor little VitaCake melted! That was my own fault though, but it seems that patience (or remembering where you put things!) may pay off more.

I love that Vitalicious did a comparison to other popular chocolate candies. One VitaCake gets you 50 calories and 6g of fiber. In that same amount of calories, you could have one piece of generic chocolate (0.3g fiber) OR four chocolate-covered peanuts (0.4g fiber) OR two chocolate-covered almonds (0.5g fiber). When you put it like that, (especially as a mini VitaCake will take you a couple bites which is certainly more than what one chocolate square will take), the clear winner is the Mini VitaCakes!

Mini VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate Brownie

Each one of the little brownies comes in its own, individually wrapped package. As the brownies (because they contain no preservatives) must be kept in the freezer when not being eaten, this makes it very easy to grab one and go when you want one. If you like, Vitalicious also sells a little plastic box that will fit one regular-sized Vita product or two of these brownies to easily place them in the box and go. This way, your little treats won’t get smushed in your purse/backpack/etc. Each brownie is slightly smaller than the size of the popular “Cosmic Brownie”, but it’s definitely just as delicious!

The little individually-wrapped packages come in a long and stout cardboard box. This box is about the size of an ice cube tray, and it actually fits in my ice cube tray slot really nicely in the freezer which keeps them out of harm’s way.

I am beyond impressed by the amount of nutrition in one VitaCake. In fact, the last time I tried Vitalicious products, I was so impressed with them that I went out to our local store to purchase some (sadly, all they had was breakfast buns, so I didn’t get any, but boy, did I want some!)

In each small, 50-calorie Fudgy Chocolate VitaCake, you get 2g of protein, 6g of fiber, 14g of carbs, 1g of fat and 15 vitamins and minerals. For comparison, my Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino in Venti is 460 calories, 90 carbs, 2g of fiber, 7g of protein, and 10g of fat. So by eating the Fudgy Chocolate VitaCake, you’ll get much more of the good and SO much less of the bad (but I still can’t give up my Starbucks!)

The Fudgy Chocolate VitaCakes are surprisingly tasty! Sometimes healthy chocolate has that “chocolate-like” flavor, y’know, but not with these! It really does taste like chocolate. The chocolate cake itself is not quite as moist as you’d expect with other snack cakes, but it’s still very soft and easy to bite with a good bit of moisture in it. There are little chocolate chips on the top of the brownie which add even more of the delicious taste, and the entire thing is just really, really good!

In fact, I unwrapped them and gave them to friends while they were at our house just to see their reaction. Both of them ate the brownie and asked where I got it and instantly wanted more. When I let them know the calorie content and the vitamins in it, both wanted the website. It really does not taste like you’re skimping on taste at ALL; it tastes like a delicious treat that also happens to be wonderfully good for you!

Does it taste one-hundred percent like a chocolate bar? No. It doesn’t quite have that “melt in your mouth” chocolate property. But, with the included chocolate chips on top, there is absolutely no reason why I would reach for a piece of regular chocolate rather than one of these. It tastes, honestly, more satisfying than a piece of chocolate because it takes longer to eat. I know it’s more of a mental thing, but when it takes me ten bites to eat something versus the one-bite of a small piece of chocolate, I feel like I get “more” from the one that takes ten bites, and honestly, I could just sit and snack on these forever!

Mini VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate Brownie

The Mini VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate brownie is downright delicious. It only takes seven minutes to walk off the 50-calories that it has, and it includes about a third of your daily-needs of quite a few different vitamins. They are moist, taste legitimately chocolately, and taste like a yummy, soft brownie.

I have to be careful to eat only one, but they definitely do fulfill the chocolate craving! I also wish I could purchase these in stores, but for right now, they are online-only.

I definitely, definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY, and whole-heartedly recommend these. Whether you are attempting to lose weight or just eat healthier, it’s so simple to eat one of these instead of a full candy bar when you have a chocolate urge.

Buy It
You can purchase the Mini VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate brownies off of their website. Their Vitalicious treats can also be located with their store locator: where to buy Vitalicious products.

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