Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Health-Conscious People

With so many products out there targeted at those who are health-conscious or on a diet, how are you supposed to find a good gift for health-conscious people? I’m here to help! With this years Holiday Gift Guide for Health-Conscious people, I’m going to recommend some products that I have tried this year and think will work fantastically!

I know there are a ton of gift guides out there, but I aim to be different. I will be recommending items that I believe are good gifts – even if I wasn’t asked to do so. If a company asked to be included, I will denote that on the listing as well. Even if a company asked, I wouldn’t accept unless I thought it was a good item, though, so keep these items in mind for presents for health-conscious people in your life!

My first recommendation is definitely the Precise Portions dinnerware sets. As all of our portion sizes have gone up, our dinnerware sizes have gone up with it. Now a lot of our dinnerware actually can fit 2-3 servings of what you’re supposed to be eating! With the Precise Portions dinnerware, the dinnerware sizing is much closer to what an actual portion size would be. The glasses are 8 ounces large which is so much closer to what a person is supposed to have for a size. Plus, each one of the portion dinnerware pieces is beautifully decorated with a green leaf-like design that looks healthy and fun. Plus, each one of the portion dinnerware pieces has little measuring “decorations” that shows, discreetly, how much a serving would be. They have plates, cups, bowls, serving ladels, and lots of other items, and for someone that is on a diet or just wants to avoid eating more than a serving size, Precise Portions dinnerware makes it much easier to achieve. You can read my Precise Portions dinnerware review to learn more about the portion plates and portion cups.

What if you have someone who is on a diet? The ZoneFast diet is surprisingly effective! In two weeks, I lost almost 8 pounds and yet I still was full of energy and possibly the most “awake” I have felt in ages! If you are close enough to someone to know they wouldn’t be offended if you got them this, I definitely recommend getting them the two week trial of the ZoneFast diet. It’s very effective, and it jump starts your metabolism fantastically. You can read my ZoneFast Weight Loss Program review if you want to learn more about it.

What if you just have someone who is health-conscious in their food choices? It can be really hard to find a grab-and-run snack that is still a “treat” when you are dieting or watching your calories. VitaTops to the rescue! Coming in many different varieties, VitaTops cookies, muffin tops, bagels, and other items are preservative-free and come with lots of protein to keep you fuller, longer. They also have a minimal amount of calories, so you’ll feel like you’re eating the tastiest snack ever but it certainly won’t “add up” to the usual calorie count of most snacks! The only downside is that the food does have to be frozen (because of the lack of preservatives) to keep it fresh, so keep that in mind for gifting! You can read my VitaTops Banana Choco Chip review to learn a bit about one of the varieties of VitaTop treats.

Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post and the views expressed here are my own.

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