Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent Review

Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent

What Is It
Wisk laundry detergent has been a staple in laundry detergents for a very long time. Recently, Wisk just introduced a new product line that targets body oils and sweat that gets trapped deep into the fabric of your clothing. Titled Wisk Deep Clean, their new laundry detergent was just awarded Product of the Year as well!

This new laundry detergent works on the hidden stains in your clothing – just because you can’t see a stain, that doesn’t mean that they’re clean. In fact, if you’ve ever had a favorite t-shirt that you’ve worned for long periods of time over a long timeframe, you’ll find that the t-shirt does start to smell like your body even freshly out of the laundry – those are the type of odors that the new Wisk Deep Clean laundry detergent is cleaning out of the clothing.

My Opinion
The Wisk Deep Clean laundry detergent worked really well for us! Our clothes came out looking very clean and fresh, and that’s mostly what I ask of my laundry detergent. The laundry detergent doesn’t require a large amount to work well, and it cleans my clothes very well. It doesn’t have any particular scent when being poured in, and it cleans clothes well. That’s exactly what I need!

One of the main things I liked about the Wisk Deep Clean Laundry detergent is the fact that it didn’t leave any odd scents on our clothing. Sometimes, when we use detergents like this one that are intended to be intense or extra-strong, it can leave this odd odor on our clothing. With the Wisk Deep Clean laundry detergent, though, it had absolutely no odd scent. My clothes just come out with no scent but smelling fresh and sweat-free. If I want to add a scent, I find that using something in the dryer works fantastically with Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent as the washing detergent because the Wisk doesn’t leave any scent that mixes oddly with the dryer item’s scent.

I wish I had a lab and could tell you that my shirts are completely free of all hidden body oils, but sadly, I can not tell you that with scientific proof. I can say that my shirts come out feeling much more light-weight and flexible than my shirts usually do with other laundry detergents. Even if nothing else, that alone makes the Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent totally worth it.

The Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent helps my clothes come out of the washer looking very fresh and clean. It doesn’t leave any odd chemical smell, and it leaves my clothes feeling more light-weight than other detergents do.


If you want to make sure that your clothes are as clean as possible without adding any extra scents to your clothing, the Wisk Laundry Detergent works well. It leaves my clothes feeling extra light-weight, and it definitely is a laundry detergent I will continue to use.

Buy It
You can purchase Wisk Laundry Detergent at your local stores. You can use the Wisk locator to find out where to find Wisk laundry detergent.


  1. Elizabeth Belward says:

    where can i find wisk laundry detergent in alberta canada?

  2. pat grumstrup says:

    Where can i buy Wisk? I live in Libertyville,Ill and the stores don”t seem to carry it.

  3. Philip Kirkpatrick says:

    I have used Wisk laundry detergent for years. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma and I bought wisk at the Dollar General store. Now they don’t carry it anymore and I can’t find it anymore. I have looked in Walmart and Target and they don’t have it. Where can I buy it in Tulsa and if I can’t where can I buy it?

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