Hot Deals Now Coming to I Heart Giveaways!

There are already a ton, ton, ton of deal sites out there! I’m sure you already are following quite a few different ones, and I know that I am too. With that in mind, it’d be totally silly for me to post match-ups or post other things that are already completely available on the internet. So I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to focus about posting about specific things that you may be able to get a deal on. This may not be grocery/household focused like many deal sites are, and I’ll try to give you a head’s up on some of the best deals out there. Especially those including video games and other fun household items as I rarely see deal posts about them. However, the focus for I Heart Giveaways is, and will always be, giveaways and reviews, so these posts will just come out as I see a fantastic deal I think you should look into! These posts will show on the homepage as regular posts, but if you’re looking to purely see the “Hot Deals” and not reviews and giveaways, the heading “Hot Deals!” near the banner at the top of the site will only show the deals to you.

In case you aren’t following any deal sites, my absolutely favorites are: I Heart Wags, Saving Well Spending Less, and The Krazy Coupon Lady.


  1. Love all the good deals

  2. I always prefer smaller blogs or manually reviewed giveaways list, rather than big directories with hundreds of new giveaways a day. Keep up the good work!

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