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It's been forever since I've had a vacation, and to be honest, I'm pretty itching for one. However, when it comes down to it, vacations are really expensive ways to take some time off, so I've been putting it off. Recently, though, I found out about San Antonio which is one of the most affordable vacation destinations, and they're making it even more affordable to vacation by offering the SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience program. With over $600 in savings to various attractions in town, SAVE is making it even more affordable to travel to San Antonio.
The new SAVE program makes it really simple to find out different deals and attractions in San Antonio to save as much money as possible. In fact, the program offers exclusive discounts, deals, and Limited Time Offers that you really can't find anywhere else. You can save on Theme Park Thrills (including SeaWorld and Six Flags Fiesta Texas!), waterpark fun, outdoor advetures (like the San Antonio Zoo or San Antonio Botanical Garden), and more!
I always have a blast planning vacations that we (may or may not) be able to take, so if I was going to go to San Antonio, these are some of the deals that I'd take advantage of:
Four Points by Sheraton Hotel (SAVE rates from $99 to $149): I absolutely love a luxurious hotel, and there's nothing like a great hotel to really "drive in" that you're on a vacation time. However, rates are usually too high for me to affordable a great hotel for our family. With the reduced rates form SAVE, we'd be able to have a nicer hotel than we usually can!
Grand Trolley Tours (SAVE gives you $3 off per person): I love to explore a new city, and there's nothing like being able to explore in a trolley with someone who knows exactly all about the city. Saving money on a tour like that would be extremely helpful!
Laser Legend (SAVE gives you your 2nd Game free!): Even though I can play Laser Tag here, it's extremely enjoyable to try it out on a new course and with new equipment. However, Laser Tag can get pricy, so being able to have two games for the price of one makes it much, much more worth the trip to go.
Ripley's Haunted Adventure (SAVE gives you $1 off!): I absolutely love Ripley's Believe it Or Not!, so being able to go through a Haunted Adventure sounds fun. However, admission for these can get expensive, so reducing it by a dollar definitely helps in the long run!
San Antonio Botanical Garden (SAVE gives you $1 off admission): A beautiful botanical garden like this sounds like a really relaxing way to spend some of the off-time of my vacation. I bet I could get some fantastic photographs here too. Saving on admission makes me feel a lot less guilty about taking some relaxing time off on my vacation too!
Splashtown (SAVE gives you $7 off admission!): I love waterparks, so ending my trip with a trip to Splashtown sounds fantastic. With $7 off admission, I definitely know it's affordable, and I could definitely take the whole family!
That's only some of the fantastic coupons and savings that the SAVE program gives you! To keep up with the deals, limited time offers (that go fast!), and ideas to help plan your next trip to San Antonio, you can follow @SAVEinSA on Twitter! 

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