Pure Ice Crackle Nail Polish Review

Pure Ice Crackle Nail Polish

What Is It
With nail polish designs being really in-trend right now (plus just really fun to make!), it’s great when I find a new product that makes doing my nails even easier than before. Crackle nail polish provides that jagged-like overcoat design that is very popular, and the nail polish will “crackle” on your nails after it’s applied. Following in the trend, Pure Ice, by Bari Cosmetics, has their own line of Nail Enamel Crackle at extremely affordable prices!

Their Pure Ice Crackle colors are available in many colors. There’s black, silver, red, purple, yellow, lime green, bubblegum pink, blue, royal blue, orange, and white. If you have a crackle nail design idea in mind, Pure Ice provides a bunch of different colors to make your mental dream come true.

As you can see in my pictures, I’m wearing a Red Crackle from Bari Cosmetics called “Show Stopper”. I paired it up with a silver nail polish, and I actually thought it looked a bit like “Iron Man” nail designs. (I had just seen the movies). It was a really fancy design, and I’m very fond of it. You can see my pictures of it right in this post!

Pure Ice Crackle Nail Polish

My Opinion
The Pure Ice Crackle nail polish is really good! It’s extremely easy to apply. If you apply a thicker layer, the crackle “pieces” are larger. If you apply a thinner layer, the crackle “pieces” are smaller and lighter. I found that the nail polish crackled pretty easily after it was applied, and there wasn’t really any spots that didn’t “crackle”. It only took one try at the Pure Ice Crackle nail poslih, and I didn’t have to re-do any of my nails since it went on so smoothly and didn’t have any mess-up spots.

I like the variety of colors that are available in the Pure Ice Crackle nail polish. Some of them may not be as versatile (like blue or red), but other shades, like black or white, will be able to go along with most base coats. Since all of the Pure Ice Crackle shades are nice and opaque, none of the base coat color shows throw, and you really do get the two-color look that Crackle nail polish is known for. It’s nice and thick, and even with a lighter color over a dark base coat, it still was hard to see-through the crackle coat which is exactly what I’d expect from my nail polish.

Plus, the nail polish is extremely affordable! Compared to other similar Crackle-type nail polishes, this one has a very affordable price, and it works just as well.

Pure Ice Crackle Nail Polish

The Pure Ice Crackle nail polish is available in a ton of cute colors, crackles really nicely, and doesn’t peel off easily. It’s also extremely affordable. It’s really a fantastic crackle!

Absolutely none! My only complaint is that I wish the bottle design was a bit more pretty.

If you tend to enjoy good nail polish at affordable prices, the Pure Ice Crackle nail polish is a good choice. There’s lots of choices, and it goes on easily and stays on pretty well as well.

Buy It
Bari Cosmetics are available at major retailers such as Wal-Mart. You also can purchase their nail polish at the Bari Cosmetics website.

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