Unreal Candy Review!

What Is It
Unreal Candy is the new candy on the block! With a mission to unjunk your candy treats while still costing the same as similar chocolate treats, Unreal Candy has accomplished it! All Unreal Candy does NOT have corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, preservatives, or GMOs. Available in five different varieties, the candy includes milk chocolate varieties, peanut-including varieties, peanut butter varieties, chocolate caramel peanuts nougat varieties, and chocolate caramel nougat. Mmmm. It sounds delicious just thinking about it!

If you’re curious, the Unreal candy website shows each candy’s nutritional information compared to similar candies as well as compared to fruit as well. I love that they include and promote fruit as a “better” choice but do understand that many of us will probably end up wanting some delicious chocolate though too.

Unreal Candy

My Opinion
I’m actually quite in love with UnReal Candy! I have a bit of a sweet tooth sometimes, and the calorie information on some candy bars is absolutely insane – not to mention the portion sizes on some of them! A bag of regular candy at the store can easily be over 300 calories, and that’s a ton of calories for a snack. That’s why I’ve been so excited about UnReal Candy, and I really was hoping that the candy woudl be delicious.

The first type we tried was Unreal 41 which is a chocolate candy shell which is similar to Mars M&M’s. The UnReal 41 candy has almost 10 grams less of sugar as well as about fourty calories less; it’s not a ton in calories, but every bit helps! The Unreal candy also has more protei and fiber which is something I don’t usually expect to get out of my candy. So how did it taste? Really good, actually! There are about 50 candies per serving, and you’d be surprised that, as rich as the chocolate is, you end up feeling satiated after about half of the serving! The chocolate tastes much more like a dark chocolate than with other candies, but the coating is just as delicious, and the dark chocolate actually fills up my chocolate “craving” more than regular milk chocolate candies. I like it!

Unreal Candy

We also tried the Unreal 77 candy which is a chocolate peanut-butter mixture. Compared to the competitor item, it’s surprisingly tasty! It’s not quite as “crisp” as the popular candy, but it still has a delicious peanut butter taste, and it definitely still melts in your mouth. I still prefer the Unreal 41 much, MUCH more (because I like to snack on things versus bigger bites), but these are definitely fantastic as well.

Knowing that these options are healthier and JUST as tasty, I don’t know if there’s much of a reason to pick up other types of candy anymore. In fact, I haven’t even been eating candy this last week because I ran out of UNREAL candy and need to get some’more!

Unreal Candy

The Unreal Candy is absolutely delicious, and with a price that’s similar to competitor brands as well as taste that’s similar, if not better, than other candy, the Unreal Candy is definitely a choice I’ll be making more often!

Absolutely none! Just do remember that it still is candy, so while it is healthy, don’t pig out completely! 🙂

If you want to de-junkify your candy choices, the Unreal candy choices are lower in sugar and calories and taste delicious! They also are affordable, and it is definitely worth going to a local drugstore to pick some up!

Buy It
The UnReal candy is available in most drugstores including Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and CVS. It’s also available at Staples and other various small-chain grocery stores with plans to come to Target stores in October!

Disclosure: As a BzzAgent, I was sent coupons for Free Unreal Candy to try it out. All of my opinions are complete genuine, though, and I can’t get enough of this candy!


  1. I can’t wait to try this.

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