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YouCopia Coffee Stack

What Is It
The YouCopia Coffee Stack is the latest and most space-conserving way to store your Keurig K-Cups. Made of a strong plastic, the CoffeeStack easily organizes and holds 40 K-Cups. Designed in a black and silver color scheme, it’s made to fit into most kitchen decor with ease. Equipped with non-skid feet, the CoffeeStack is designed to slip into your decor and make your coffee storage and use much easier.

The YouCopia Coffee Stack will fit in most standard cupboards. It’s 9.3 inches tall with a width of 5.3 inches. It easily fits into most of our cupboards with ease. Since the CoffeeStack is equipped with slip resistant base corners, the CoffeeStack doesn’t move at all inside my cupboard (which is definitely more than I can say for my silverware tray!)

YouCopia Coffee Stack

What really makes the CoffeeStack stand out is the fact that the “drawers” of the CoffeeStack (each which holds ten K-Cups for easy organization between different flavors), drops “down” to make it easier to browse your K-Cups. The drawers don’t slip out, and they very easily lower to this resting angle and don’t lock up when you try to slip the drawer back in. Plus, the K-cups stay firmly rested in the tray, and they don’t tumble out when you open the CoffeeStack either. Win-win!

Here’s a video that shows exactly how the YouCopia CoffeeStack works:

My Opinion
I’m really, really impressed by the YouCopia Coffee Stack. We currently have high shelves that I, as a person cursed with short height, can’t reach that my partner can. Storing any of my K-cups up there required a box or my partner to get the K-Cups for me – and I certainly couldn’t pick out a variety unless I took them all down! Yet we didn’t really have any room to store them anywhere else, and our turn-around K-Cup holder was too tall and we ran out of counter space to keep it out. That’s why the YouCopia Coffee Stack has been such a dream!

It fits easily into a cupboard that I really can’t “reach”, but I can barely grip onto the shelves of the YouCopia Coffee Stack. Once I pull out the tray, the tray “drops down” and is low enough for me to pick out a K-cup to use. I don’t really have to strain, and as the bottom of the YouCopia Coffee Stack has slip-resistant grips, the entire container never spills out or falls out of the cupboard. I can easily restock the YouCopia Coffee Stack on my own (without my partner’s help!), and the slick and compact design fits nicely into a cupboard and doesn’t require taking up valuable counter space. Plus, if you have really tall cupboards, the top is flat, so you could store something (relatively light!) on top of this K-cup holder, too! I’m impressed!

The Coffee Stack also is pretty sturdy and requires no putting together. It’s ready to go straight out of the box. You just have to lift it out of the box and put it in the cabinet where you want it. From there, you just pull out the trays and load in your K-cups. The little slip-resistant grips on the bottom of the Coffee Stack keep it from falling out (or even sliding out!) which is fantastic if you need to put it in a hard-to-reach place.

Really, with all things included, I’m extremely impressed by my YouCopia Coffee Stack, and I think it’s one of the best ways to keep K-Cups. I just wish I had gotten it sooner!

YouCopia Coffee Stack

The YouCopia Coffee Stack makes it easy to store K-Cups in higher-up places while the entire item is extremely durable and holds a ton of K-cups. Plus, it looks very classy and put-together!

Absolutely none! Just make sure you have a cupboard or counter space that has enough height to accomodate the Coffee Stack.

If you have a Keurig and need to store your K-Cups or if you just want an easy and organized way to store your K-Cups, the YouCopia Coffee Stack is perfect! Plus, YouCopia also sells items to store your spices or Nespresso capsules!

Buy It
The YouCopia CoffeeStack is available in many locations. Where are YouCopia CoffeeStacks sold? You also can find them online at mass retailers such as Target or Hold N’ Storage.

YouCopia Coffee Stack


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    love the medicine one

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    Because me and my fiance both take meds the medicine one just makes sense for us, Thank you for a great giveaway Happy Holidays!


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