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Gratitude Gift Bags

What Is It
Gratitude Gift Bags is a company that specializes in making small, drawstring bags that work as reusable gift bags! Instead of using paper wrapping that just contributes to waste, using a Gratitude Gift Bag can be reused again and again. With five different sizes, a variety of colors and patterns, AND wine bottle bags, each one of the cloth bags features a drawstring that allows you to easily wrap and display your present within seconds.

Gratitude Gift Bags

My Opinion
I love presents. I love presents a LOT! However, after I just spent over 6 hours just wrapping 1/3 of the holiday presents I’ll be giving out this year, I also know that wrapping and gifting presents can be time-consuming – and that’s not even including the time it takes to actually buy and choose the gifts! When you tend to give regular gifts, having one of the Gratitude Gift Bags makes this entire process so much easier.

I do always feel bad, though, after huge gift-giving events like birthdays and the holidays. Afterwards, there’s just piles of wrapping paper that gets thrown straight away. My grandmother used to nicely fold the paper back up and reuse it, but in some social situations, that’s just not considered socially acceptable. That’s why I like the idea of Gratitude Gift Bags. Even if I could get the original bag back to reuse, the gift recipient could easily reuse it or use it to store something around their house. It means that my gift bag can take twice as much of the use as regular wrapping paper!

Gratitude Gift Bags

One thing with the Gratitude Gift Bags is that it does require some honesty on the part of your recipient. For example, these probably won’t work for children’s gifts if the gifts have to stay in sight of the kids. Most kids tend to like to peek at presents, and with a drawstring bag, their “task” is even easier. For more “matured” adults, though, or a gift that you’ll be bringing to a party, the bags cause no issue. It’s just very easy to open if the recipient might be tempted by having to view the present for a long time.

I do appreciate how much easier things are to wrap, though. I just slide the item into the bag, and seal up the drawstring. Gratitude Gift Bags does a great job with a tight, firm seal, so you can’t see into the bag at all after the bag is sealed. You can then further tie the drawstrings to make it even more difficult to see into, but tying the bag is not required for it to still be easily hidden. The fabric of the Gratitude Gift Bags is pretty thick as well, so even through sunlight, you can’t see into the bag which is a huge plus.

Gratitude Gift Bags

The Gratitude Gift Bags can be reused which reduces wasteful spending and creation of wrapping paper. The bags make it easier to wrap awkwardly-shaped items, and the Gratitude Gift Bags are very high-quality and available in multiple sizes.

They aren’t nearly as fun to open as traditionally-wrapped gifts, and they do rely more on your recipient’s honesty. Also, personally, to me, they just don’t look as pretty as traditionally-wrapped gifts.

Making sure you keep your potential gift audience in mind, the Gratitude reusable Gift Bags can make an amazing way to wrap your presents. They’re available in tons of cute colors, make wrapping simple, and help reduce waste in the environment from wastefulpaper wrapping.

Buy It
You can purchase any of the Gratitude Gift Bags right from their website!


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