Giveaway: Popcorners Popcorn Chips Review!

Popcorners Popcorn Chips

What Is It
Popcorners chips are the new shape of popcorn! With the same delicious taste of popcorn but available in chip format, you can skip the annoying prep time and the danger of kernals and just get down to the delicious popcorn goodness! Available in multiple flavors including Butter, White Cheddar, Kettle, Cheesy Jalapeno, Sea Salt, and Caramel, Popcorners is a delicious treat available in 1.1 ounce bags (snack size!) or 5 ounce bag (share size!). Do be aware that they don’t have unflavored popcorn, so when it comes to things like weight loss (popcorn is regularly recommended due to its fluffy shape), you have to be more conscious of the nutritionals (which are available directly on the website).

Popcorners also offers free shipping on all orders in the continental US, so it’s like purchasing a bag at your local grocery store – except it’s delivered straight to your doorway.

Popcorners Popcorn Chips

My Opinion
It’s amazing how much the Popcorners chips taste like popcorn! Like, you taste a bite then just stare at the chip and try to figure out how in the world it tastes like popcorn but looks like a potato chip. Then you give up at trying to figure it out since it tastes good, and you really don’t care how it was done anyways. It’s absolutely spot-on with the taste of popcorn, and that’s pretty amazing!

All of the Popcorners chips are light, fluffy, and amazing too. They taste a bit like air-filled potato chips. Instead of being dull, greasy, and flat, the Popcorners chips are pretty light, easy to taste, and not-at-all greasy. It’s kind of amazing. Your fingers might have a bit of the seasoning left on your hands (kinda like popular seasoned chips), but they won’t feel greasy or gross. It really makes Popcorners a treat to eat!

Popcorners Popcorn Chips

Plus, I don’t know if you guys know this, but popcorn can be pretty bad for you teeth! More than one person has easily broken a tooth by accidentally biting down on an unpopped kernal. Multiple times, I’ve had dentists tell me that popcorn should be avoided – or at least, eaten with huge care. Eating Popcorners takes that away as there’s no kernals to accidentally bite into. It’s all light and fluffy – no possible pain involved! Plus, all the unique taste of popcorn is really well preserved. It’s like eating popcorn chips; it really is quite amazing.

Popcorners Popcorn Chips

While he was helping me set up the pictures, he started eating even more of them!

The Popcorners chips taste delicious and just like real popcorn. You don’t have to worry about any of the kernals harming your teeth, and Popcorners come in a huge variety of flavors which means you don’t have to worry about flavoring or changing up the seasoning on your popcorn either!

It takes some time to get used to tasting popcorn in a chip-like form.

If you like the taste of popcorn, you’re going to love Popcorners. It tastes delicious, tastes just like popcorn, and it’s safer for you to eat. Plus, no grease!

Buy It
You can purchase of the Popcorners popcorn treats directly from the Popcorners website!


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Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post and the views expressed here are my own. I received a sample of this product in order to facilitate my review.


  1. Julie Thompson says:

    I have heard of these and wanted to try these they sound delicious. Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. susan wiener says:

    thx so much for the delish giveaway.

  3. Rhea Stogsdill Chladek says:

    I love Kettle Corn, so that flavor sounds great!

    🙂 Rhea Stogsdill Chladek

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! I am a popcorn junkie, and I’d love to try these!

  5. I have tried a few flavors over the past year. Of the sea salt, white cheddar, and kettle, kettle is far above the others. I have attempted to find the carmel for months now but cant seem to locate it anywhere. I did order a box of the kettle for myself and had one sent to my son and daughter in law who live in another state. But, its the carmel that eludes me.

  6. MarieAnneP says:

    Thanks for this information. I LOVE the Kettle Corn.

  7. I have had the pleasure of trying out these chips and I have to say they are wonderful.

  8. I LOVE Popcorners!!! Plus they are Gluten Free which is a must in my life!!!

  9. Lauren Roth says:

    Thanks for the chance! We love popcorners and god knows you can never have enough!

  10. My husband just so happen to have picked up a bag of PopCorners at a Sheetz store and we have been eating them ever since. We love them so much we plan to go their website and buy in bulk. I can eat a whole bag of these by myself. Love the Caramel flavor the best.

  11. I had the pleasure of tasting this popcorners when we were on vacation to the US , they served it as a treat on the flight to NYC and I found it interesting and so delicious . I am in South Africa and I was wondering why we haven’t imported this amazing CHIP long time ago ? I hope that we will stock it in the near future its a real nice treat and I think South Africans will definitely enjoy it !!!
    I will be waiting in anticipation for it to appear on our shelves hopefully soon !!

  12. White cheddar and kettle both sound great!

  13. Cheryl, EMT says:

    There was a bag sitting around our squad building so we ate them. They were AMAZING! We ate someone’s whole bag of them. Just couldn’t stop ourselves. We have been trying to find them in our local stores. We checked all of them. Please supply them in all grocery stores. They will be a huge hit, especially Middlesex Boro Rescue Squad, Middlesex, NJ.. thank you

  14. cassandra mccann says:

    kettle sounds good i would love to try them all

  15. my favorite flavor of popcorn is kettlecorn. there is something about the sweet/salty combo that i cant resist!!!
    im sure all your flavors are great but id really like to try the kettlecorn!!
    🙂 THANKS!!! 🙂
    anne l

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