Tasty Nutrisystem: Nutrisystem has Changed My Day-By-Day Focus

I think focusing on eating healthy and correctly day-by-day seems to be doing it for me. Tuesdays even tend to sneak up on me when I’m not looking! (Which are my weigh-in days!) Nutrisystem really is changing how I look at dieting and food. Before, I was weighing myself daily, and if there wasn’t some sort of negative change on the scale (whether 0.1 pounds or 0.8 pounds), I’d be upset and consider the previous day a failure. Now, I just weigh once a week, and I try and focus on eating my Nutrisystem food correctly each and every day. When I go to work, I try to make sure to put aside enough time to get all of my proper water hydration. By focusing on eating well and correctly instead of just trying to tip the scales, I seem to be doing exactly what I want – losing weight!

It’s totally amazing that Nutrisystem has taught me and shown me how to put that mindset into practice. I’m not stressing about my weight and how much I’ve lost, and in fact, I really don’t think about my weight at all! I just focus on getting the proper food and hydration in – and if weight-loss comes with it (which it is!), then I’m a happy person. All of this is just made so easy by Nutrisystem’s simple plan. Weight loss is happening, but it’s not requiring a ton of my focus, and I can put my efforts and focus into other aspects of my life (like getting and wrapping holiday presents!)

So, I’m very excited to say that I lost 1.6 pounds this last week! Which is awesome! I mean, it’s nothing huge, but it’s a good loss, and it’s a steady loss. Which just puts me 0.4 pounds away from being under my first mini goal which is totally awesome! And, of course, about another five pounds away from getting a new friend for my Nutribear, “Pound”. So excited!

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The Nutrisystem program is being provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion and updates on my blog. All of my opinion and journey is my own though.


  1. it’s so awesome that you’re doing so well

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