Tasty Tuesday: Nutrisystem Makes It Possible!

Nutrisystem has been amazing during the holidays. Now that everyone’s started their New Year’s Resolution to be healthy or lose weight, I’ve been talking about Nutrisystem to a whole lot more people lately. My employer sells some of the plans, and I’ve had a lot of chances to talk to people and tell them about my weight loss success. And to be honest, I attribute all of my holiday weight loss to Nutrisystem. The easy plan kept me on schedule, and it’s pretty hard to cheat when you know that you have something JUST as tasty waiting for you when you get home.

This week, my weight stayed the same. I’m okay with that! As long as my weight isn’t going up and I can feel my body getting stronger while not feeling deprived, I’m totally okay with that. I have a lot of activities planned this week (including getting some pictures done with the partner and I!), so we’ll probably be doing all sorts of activity that way too. Fun activities make weight-loss easy!

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The Nutrisystem program is being provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion and updates on my blog. All of my opinion and journey is my own though.

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