Tasty Tuesday: Taking Your Diet On-The-Go!

I think one of the best things about my Nutrisystem food plan is the fact that I can take it WITH me. Unlike some plans, Nutrisystem provides food that I can grab and go when life takes me out of the house. After all, I can’t always just live here! There are options for each one of my meals for when I’m out and about. For example, for breakfast, a lot of the meals are grab-and-go. I can take one of my Chocolate Frosted donuts or I can grab and Apple Strudel bar. Both require no microwave or anything. For lunch, there’s the huge amount of bars that Nutrisystem has (great for work!) such as the Fudge Graham bar. For dinner, there really aren’t any “straight out of the package” type of means, but there are a ton that just require water or a bowl to eat, so that makes things really simple. And of course, for dessert, there are a lot of options including chocolate bars, cookies, chocolates, and more!

Also, recently, I’ve been LOVING the Nutrisystem Cinnamon Rolls. They are frozen, and they go in the microwave for 20 seconds. And then they’re warm and goo-ey. It’s amazing. Is it quite the same as home-made? No. But is it so darned close that I don’t even mind? Oh yeah. it’s so delicious, and the icing even slightly melts. And just, mmm.

I’m so excited! This week, I lost another 2.2 pounds! That’s awesome! I guess that sticking to the diet really has started to pay off, and I’m really just seeing a lot of great weight loss. That means, total, since starting Nutrisystem, I’ve lost 22.4 pounds! That’s a LOT of weight, and I’ve lost it while eating pretty good food. I’m so impressed!

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The Nutrisystem program is being provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion and updates on my blog. All of my opinion and journey is my own though.


  1. keep it up! that roll looks amazing…

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