Review: Thermomedics Non-Contact Talking Thermometer

Thermomedics is a manufacturer of non-contact thermometers, which means you can take the temperature of your child or pet without touching them. They offer three different thermometers: the non-contact professional thermometer, the non-contact dog thermometer, and the regular non-contact thermometer for use on children or adults.

I received the non-contact thermometer from Thermomedics to try out. The thermometer comes fully assembled except for the batteries (which are easy to install and included with the unit). It also comes with a fabric storage bag and easy-to-follow instructions.

To use the thermometer, you simply aim the unit’s sensor two inches from the person’s right temple or behind the earlobe and press a button. It only takes one second for the temperature to display! The screen lights up green for a safe temperature, or yellow or red for temperatures outside the normal range. It also reads the temperature out loud but you can change the volume of the audio or even turn it off if you like. According to my tests, it was pretty accurate right out of the box, but I calibrated it using an ear thermometer to make sure it was accurate. The calibration process was quick and easy.

Unfortunately, I had cause to test this thermometer out on my son. He came down with croup this weekend and was running a high temperature. We usually use the ear thermometer on him, but he hates for me to stick it in his ear and it’s difficult to keep him still long enough to get an accurate reading. So, I tried out the Thermomedics non-contact thermometer on him. I loved how quickly it gave me a temperature without him even knowing it. It’s so easy and quick that you can take the temperature several times just to make sure it’s right (which I always like to do). Yesterday morning, my husband and I knew our son was probably still sick, and we needed to know if he was running a fever so we could call in to work to take the day off if needed. In the past I would have to try to take his temperature in his ear or feel his forehead and risk waking him up, but now I could simply point the thermometer at his head and press the button to get his temperature without waking him up! He was still feverish, so we knew to call in to take the day off while my little guy continued to sleep.

Other than taking body temperature, you can also use this thermometer to read the temperature of other things like a baby bottle, food, or even bath water! This would be a perfect baby shower gift. I only wish I had one before now.

You can purchase the Thermomedics non-contact talking thermometer on Amazon for $34.99.

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  1. Awesome ~ nice to know something like this exists!

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