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This is a guest post from WikiTalks to help you select a Deep Fryer for your delicious food ideas this summer!

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Deep fryers are some of the commonly utilized kitchen appliances. However, if your desire is to make some of the tastiest deep fried foods, then you need to make certain that the selected deep fryer suits your cooking needs. Price ought not to be the major determining factor when shopping for the right deep fryers since there are several other factors that may influence the final price, for example, capacity and temperature controls. One of the major points when choosing fryer it is a real customers reviews, so I recommend to read several reviews about chosen model before buy

Discussed herein, are some of the factors that you need to take into consideration when shopping for the best deep fryer:
1. Capacity
Before stepping out into the market, you need to take into account the size of the deep fryer you would like to acquire. For every day home application, a 3-cup deep fryer is ideal since it can be used for cooking small amounts of foods. Still, you can make your selection from a 3-cup to 8-cup model depending on your needs.
Generally, capacity hinges on the purpose for buying the deep fryer. For example, do you want to use the deep fryer for preparing snacks, whole chicken, single servings or making French fries? A wrong decision in choosing a deep fryer will guarantee that you either spend a lot of time preparing meals or end up with a half-cooked dish.
2. Rotating Baskets
One of the innovations to be incorporated into modern deep fryers is a rotating basket. Rotating baskets prevents the need of using more oil during food preparation since it rotates the dish being cooked in the oil rather than standing still as is the case with traditional deep fryers. One of the benefits of buying a deep fryer with rotating basket is the crispiness and zest that it adds to your dish. Then again, it is important to point out that rotating basket deep fryers are not ideal for preparing all kinds of dishes.
3. Temperature Control
Temperature control is the other feature that you need to keep in mind when shopping for an ideal deep fryer. There are brands that are fitted with excessively crude temperature controls, for example, low, medium and high. Worse still, there are brands that only come with the on and off switch. An ideal deep fryer ought to indicate to you when the appliance has attained optimum temperature needed to ensure best results. Consequently, the best deep fryers are the brands or models that feature digital or dial temperature controls. It is also a good idea to consider acquiring a model with an adjustable thermostat. Adjustable thermostat enables you to maintain constant temperature while cooking.
4. Safety Features
What kinds of safety features has the manufacturer included in the deep fryer you are planning to purchase? There are a myriad of risks you are exposed to when preparing dishes in oils that have awfully high temperatures. Hence, it is important that you select a deep fryer featuring a deep cooking tank as well as a closeable cap in order to minimize the risks of splatters. Deep fryers with see-through glasses are also recommended as they enable you to monitor the status of the dish being prepared without necessarily opening the cap. There are also deep fryer models that feature a break-away electric cable that automatically detaches when the deep fryer is pulled thereby deterring risks of spilling hot oil on the floor.
5. Portability and Storage
How much space do you have in your kitchen? When shopping for an ideal deep fryer, you need to take into consideration the amount of space that you have in your kitchen. In addition to storage space, you also need to take into account the distance between the countertop and power outlet. It is important that you acquire a deep fryer with a long electric cord in order to eliminate the use of an extension power cord.
6. Ease of Cleaning
The key to preserving the flavor and zest in deep fried foods is ensuring that your deep fryer is clean. Buy a model with a detachable oil vat so that you can effortlessly discard leftover oil. Moreover, look for a brand that comprises of dishwasher components. In addition to guaranteeing the flavor in your foods, clean deep fryers are less likely to attract vermin like roaches.
7. Cool Touch Casing
Thanks to improved technology, a majority of deep fryers found in the market feature a cool-touch exterior. Still, you need to ensure that the model you are purchasing boasts of a cool-touch exterior in order to avoid scalding hazards.
8. Digital Timer
Digital timers enable you to keep tabs on the dish you are preparing in order to avoid overcooking. Plus, a digital timer functions as an inbuilt safety mechanism since the deep fryer automatically shuts off when the countdown timer is completed.

The internet is usually the best marketplace to use if you would like to benefit from affordability and variety when shopping for an ideal deepfryer.

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