Giveaway: Fashionable and Trendy Clothing from 24/7 Frenzy Review! (Also in Plus Sizes!)

Trendy Clothing from 24/7 Frenzy

What Is It
24/7 Frenzy is a clothing website that sells trendy clothing for both regular-sizes and plus-sizes. While the selection for regular-sizing is larger, the website still has a good amount of clothing for plus-sized women as well (up to 3XL). With the goal of offering trendy items at an affordable value, 24/7 Frenzy has grown into an online store that carries a huge variety of different styles to fit everyone’s tastes. 24/7 Frenzy offers Same-Day Shipping, and they offer FREE shipping on orders over $100.

I’m always excited when I find a new retailer of plus-sized clothing, so for my review, I chose the Plus-Size Floral Lace Shoulder Top in Blue. This shirt seems like a standard blue shirt – except the entire shoulder area is a cute, floral lace design that’s see-through. (Which means that your bra straps will be visible, but this has proved to be a very, very minor issue for me as the colored patterns cover it up pretty well) Available in 1XL through 3XL, this shirt is made in USA and made from 100% polyester. It can be machine washed – though it shouldn’t be bleached. To dry it, it can be hung up.


My Opinion
I am impressed by the quality of the shirt I received from 24/7 Frenzy. Normally when I purchase or get a lace-type shirt, I expect the lace to start ripping or tearing relatively quickly. Despite multiple washes, though, the lace on the 24/7 Frenzy shirt is still holding up strong. It isn’t pulling apart from the rest of the shirt, and there aren’t any holes or gaping areas in the shirt itself.

To add to that, the 24/7 Frenzy top appears to be about on-par with the sizing that I expected. It fits pretty true-to-size which is always something I’m worried about. It has some slight stretch to it, so I can stretch out the shirt if need be.

Plus, the Plus-Size Floral Lace Shoulder top is pretty comfortable. During the hot summer months, I need a shirt that’s really going to be breathable and comfortable to wear, and this shirt fits that description. Even during the hot summer days I’ve worn it out, it hasn’t caused any sweating, and I think that the lace panel helps keep it even cooler. I was also a bit concerned about the sleeves “cutting off” circulation by being too tight, but the sleeves were snug without being problematic (and I have larger arms, so if they were fine for me, they should be fine for most).

Fashionable and Trendy Clothing from 24/7 Frenzy

Something that’s hard to see in the pictures is the fact that it has the ruching on the sides of the shirt. This does “pull in” the shirt around the hip area and make it tighter. On the plus-side of that, though, that also means that it helps define your figure, and you aren’t hiding in this really-baggy shirt like many manufacturers may offer you. So you get a fitted shirt that helps show off your figure.

Fashionable and Trendy Clothing from 24/7 Frenzy

The shirt and clothing selection from 24/7 Frenzy is really cute and on-trend. And unlike most clothing stores, 24/7 Frenzy also provides trendy plus-size clothing as well (up to 3XL). This particular Plus Size Floral Lace Shoulder Top held up well to regular wear, and it fit true-to-size.

It’s hard to find a size chart on 24/7 Frenzy – which is definitely something most plus-sized girls look for right-off. However, customer service is pretty helpful, and they’ll provide the chart for you if you’re trying to figure out the perfect fit for you.

The 24/7 Frenzy website has a bunch of on-trend, unique clothing for both straight sizes and plus-sizes. While not all of the clothing is something I’d wear, I easily can find a bunch of different outfits I’d love to wear. Plus, I’m happy with the quality of the shirt I received, and it exceeded my expectations in fit, style, comfort, and quality.

Buy It
You can purchase any of the plus-size clothing or trendy clothing right off the 24/7 Frenzy website.

Fashionable and Trendy Clothing from 24/7 Frenzy


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Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post and the views expressed here are my own. I received a sample of this product in order to facilitate my review.


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