Stunning and Simple 1st Birthday Smash Cake Recipes from Betty Crocker

I absolutely love going to a child’s first birthday party. There’s something that’s totally fun and enjoyable about watching a kid get to smash their first, huge birthday cake. Plus, y’know, cleaning that up sometimes must be a pain, so it’s not something that happens too often, so I totally get a kick out of watching it when it does happen.

Betty Crocker had a fun time surveying moms, and they found that the most-memorable part of a baby’s first birthday was usually the cake itself. To help make the best memories possible, Betty Crocker is now offering some great design tips and other easy-to-make smash cake recipes that will look amazing in the “before” shots while still being easy to make and totally fun to smash!

Here’s their amazing infographic to help you get started on making an amazing first smash cake.


Out of their recipes, this one is totally my favorite: Sprinkles Smash Cake. I had never considered doing something like that, and now I want to try and make the cake a bit bigger and try putting two digits on it for the next birthday party I’ll need to supply a cake for. It’s really cute, totally simple, and plus, it looks really delicious!


If you want something that will also apply to “grown up” cakes, look at the Watercolor Cake. They provide simple instructions to learn how to do the “watercolor” effect easily, so you can practice on the smash cake while impressing your friends and family for a “grown up cake” next time you need to make one!


Aren’t they lovely? I think I need to get started on improving my decoration skills because these cakes have me so jealous!

Disclosure: Betty Crocker is providing me with a small token of their appreciation for sharing their recipes. However, I still totally think their cake ideas are totally awesome, and I wish I had more reasons to regularly make delicious cakes.

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