Holiday Gift Guide: What to Buy Women

Are you ready for the upcoming holiday season? I find it entertaining that I keep seeing the statistic that the holiday season is almost a week shorter this year than in the past. Maybe that explains all of the people I keep seeing packed in the stores? No matter how much time we have, though, it can be difficult to always find the best gifts for those on our gift lists. That’s where I’d like to come in!

So what are great gifts for women? Many of these rely on the stereotype that women love beauty and fashion products, but it’s up to you to really use your judgement to find a great gift for a woman. Make sure you use what you know about the woman as well as keeping in mind favorite colors and what they enjoy doing in their free time. So here is a gift guide for what to buy women.


There are going to be tons of great camera deals going on this holiday season, and if you plan on getting a camera or helping your favorite photographer accessorize their own camera, look no further than epiphanie camera bags. Available in bright, fun colors that aren’t found in most camera bags, epiphanie bags are specifically designed and padded to protect the camera. Plus, for most female photographers, you’ll quickly find that most “average” camera bags look boring and aren’t really designed to look fashionable, but the epiphanie bags are! They are designed to hold quite a bit, too! Featuring multiple pockets, epiphanie bags feature a modular storage system that is perfectly customizable to your recipient’s preferences. Using strong, sturdy, padded dividers that attach by velcro, the bags can be rearranged into compartments for the best protection. This means this cute camera bag can easily store differently-sized lenses, camera bodies, electronic devices, laptops, wallets, baby supplies, and whatever else you need. Check out my epiphanie camera bags review or go straight to the epiphanie camera bags site to buy one!


The holiday season is plopped right down in the middle of winter, and that means that it works wonderfully for giving gifts that will keep your recipient warm. You could just get them a standard blanket, but when you know she loves curling up with her eReader at night and reading the latest novel, why not help her multitask? The geeks at Berkshire Blanket have made it simple for your gadget-loving female to easily stay warm AND keep their device clean. The BB Tech Screen Cleaning Throw has a special screen-cleaning edge built right into the blanket that wipes the smudges right off the device. Plus, you can usually assume that most people own some sort of gadget, and you can always assume that someone uses a blanket, so if you’re buying for a female you don’t know too well, this blanket works perfectly while still standing out as a very unique gift. You can read my BB Tech Screen Cleaning Throw review or go directly to the Berkshire Blanket website to purchase this electronic cleaning blanket.


No matter their gender, anyone who regularly gets mail could use a safe mail box. For one, you help the recipient’s mailbox be safer. Who wants their entire mailbox to be destroyed by some rowdy teenagers – or a driver who hits it in the winter ice? For another, with bad economic times, you never know who is scavenging through your mail. The holiday season (and then tax-season in the Spring) are huge times for mail theft – and it’s not going to be fun for your gift recipient if all of their holiday cards and gifts go missing because they give off the “obvious” look of a holiday gift. (And c’mon, holiday cards always look like holiday cards which is why they get us so excited!) So think of your gift recipient’s personal safety (help prevent identity theft!) as well as their future mail safety by getting them a Mail Boss mailbox. (Plus, if you happen to be gifting for someone who’s worried about their privacy, this is a GREAT gift!) You can read my Mail Boss Mailbox review as well as go straight to the Mail Boss website to buy one for that special person in your life.


A lot of people are concerned about getting sick and trying to stay healthy during the colder months (and during the warmer ones too!) Why not help them fight the bacteria and infections in one of their most-personal products: their toothbrush! Violife offers toothbrush sanitizers, and no matter the household or the preference, they sell something that works. If your recipient has a full family, you may want to look into their Countertop products that can sanitize up to 4 toothbrushes at once. For the woman always on-the-go, they offer Travel Toothbrush Sanitizers. For those who love fun, Violife offers cute “Zapi” single-toothbrush sanitizers that are available in fun colors and fun animal designs. You can read my Violife Toothbrush Sanitizer review or go straight to the Violife¬†website to buy this fantastic gift!


Nobody likes to be all hot and sweaty at night. That’s why the Polar Pillow makes such a great gift. Designed as a special pillow that always stays cool, the Polar Pillow is perfect for those who’d like more restful sleep. Featuring a small, “Turbo Cooling Pack” that goes in the freezer to cool before you insert it into the pillow, once the cooling pack is inserted, the pillow stays cool for much, much longer than it will take you to fall asleep. The body naturally slows down for better sleep with cooler temperatures, and the Polar Pillow is designed to make that process even easier – to help with your gift recipient’s health! Plus, the pillow is designed for all types of sleepers with its soft surface and semi-firm design. You can go straight to my Polar Pillow review or go to the Polar Pillow website to purchase one for you or the women in your life.


Available in a stunning pink or a muted green, the Bed of Nails is exactly what it sounds like – a bed of nails that are especially designed not to pierce the surface of the skin. Based upon the idea of acupuncture, the nails help release endorphins and oxytocin – both of which make the body feel good. Used regularly, the Bed of Nails can help alleviate stress, headaches, tiredness, insomnia, tension, back pain, and more. It can be used while doing everyday activities, or for full effects, it can be used during meditation as well. If you know a woman in your life who’d like to feel better and would appreciate this unique gift, the Bed of Nails is perfect (plus, they offer a Pillow of Nails as well!) You can go straight to read my Bed of Nails review or purchase the Bed of Nails right off of the website. The Bed of Nails can also be purchased on Amazon and I’ve seen it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well.


If you’re looking for that perfect present, you can’t really go wrong with a gift basket from California Delicious. If you know she likes chocolate (and most people do!), you can easily pick from their selection of great chocolate gift baskets. If you would like something else, they have fruit baskets, wine gift baskets, coffee and tea gift baskets, and much more. Gift baskets are always a safe choice for a gift for women, so you can check out my California Delicious Gift Basket review or go straight to the California Delicious site to order your gift basket. (Godiva Chocolate Gift Tower is pictured.)


Showers are boring – but you have to take one almost every day. There are so many other things you could be doing – watching a movie, studying for an exam, looking over spreadsheets, or more. That’s why the iPad Musical Shower Curtain makes such an amazing gift (or a “present” for yourself; I won’t tell!). This shower curtain has built-in speakers along with a waterproof pocket that fits your device and keeps it safe to allow you to easily watch AND control the device while in the shower. The integrated audio cable connects to an iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, MP3 Player, or other touch device to allow you to listen to music/movies/whatever while showering. Plus, the pocket that holds your device is see-through and made from a touch-enabled material that allows to easily control the device too. What else could you ask for? You can read my iPad Musical Shower Curtain review or go straight to Hammacher Schlemmer to buy this music shower curtain for yourself.


With the holidays coming up, you’re likely to give or receive some sort of electronic device, and do you know what’s important to most of them? Sound! Whether it’s an MP3 player or a tablet designed to watch movies, most electronic devices can, and do, use a lot of sound. However, those devices don’t always have the best speakers – in fact, usually their speakers are pretty sub-par and only designed for “if I have to use it”. Especially in the case of music, it’s important to have sound quality that sounds great to make the most of their device, and that’s where BiGR Audio comes in. They sell an amazing assortment of headphones that look just as stylish as the device itself – plus, the sound quality is amazing! Plus, their headphones come in high-quality packaging that looks breath-taking and luxurious – plus, it’s square for easy wrapping. You can read my BiGR Audio Madison Avenue Headphones review or go straight to BiGR Audio to purchase some for yourself! (The BiGR Audio Madison Avenue headphones are shown.)


Love photography? Or just know someone who totes their camera wherever they go to capture all of those memories? That’s when you need to get them the gift of Modstraps! Unlike most standard camera straps and accessories, Modstraps are designed in fun and interesting designs – while still having the strong and sturdy design to back them up! This makes them the perfect choice for camera accessories for the women in your life. Modstraps sells a wide variety of camera accessories including DSLR camera straps or compact camera carrying bags. With most of their designs available in most of the items, this allows you to purchase matching sets for the persnickety person on your holiday list. If your recipient loves their camera, you seriously can not go wrong with Modstraps. I’ve had one of their straps for over two years, and I’ve never doubted its strength. You can read my Modstraps camera strap review or my Modstraps camera accessories review, or go straight to the Modstraps website to purchase one of the Modstraps camera items. Want to buy in stores? Target is carrying two new collections EXCLUSIVE to Target in most of their stores.


Do you end up taking a lot of pictures during the holiday season? Or do you just know a photographer who ends up taking a lot of pictures and loves their other devices too? That’s where the Eye-Fi Digital Camera SD card comes in! Unlike your standard SD cards, the Eye-Fi card produces its own Wi-Fi signal. This allows it to automatically display photos taken on the camera onto a nearby device such as a cell phone or a tablet. You can take pictures of your kids while your husband can automatically see the photos on his phone! For photographers, it’s easier to notice closed eyes, bad hair, or other mishaps while looking at the photo on the larger screen a tablet versus the preview screen on a digital camera. Plus, if you go with the Pro version of the Eye-FI SD card, the photos will automatically upload themselves to the computer which saves tons of time for those that regularly want to take high-quality photos then go straight to share them on social networks. The Eye-Fi SD Card keeps the photos on the card as well, so in case transfers don’t go as planned, you still have full copies of the photos. This makes an amazing gift for any mom who is regularly taking pictures of their kids. You can read my Eye-Fi Camera SD Card review or go straight to the Eye-Fi website to purchase this wireless camera SD card.


Who doesn’t enjoy having keepsakes of some of the things in life? That’s right – most people do enjoy it! That’s why a gift from Journals Unlimited can be so fantastic. Featuring a ton of different “Write it Down!” journals, your recipient can easily write down and memorialize lots of things in their life. Journals Unlimited includes journals such as My Road Trip Adventures, Bird Watching, the Birthday Journal, the Boating Journal, Books I’ve Read, The Campers Journal, The Christmas Journal, the Daily Devotions Journal, a Dream journal, a Movie Lovers Journal, the Gardeners Journal, the Geocaching Journal, and many, many more. Plus, Journals Unlimited also carries journals designed to be filled in then given to someone such as ones for your Aunt, your Dad, your Daughter, and more. Those can make really great keepsakes! You can read my Journals Unlimited My Health Medical Journal review or go straight to the Journals Unlimited website to pick up your gift.


Keeping your face and body clean is pretty important, but it can be hard to do with just a washcloth and soap. It works for some, but many find that their skin never responds well with just the gentle washcloth. That’s where the Professional Skin Care System from ToiletTree Products comes in. Available in both masculine and feminine colors (men need this too!), this system helps to keep your skin looking as good as possible. It cleans deep to help remove make-up, removes dead skin cells for healthier skin, leaves skin soft and radiant, and more! The rotations of the brush help for deep cleansing and exfoliating, and with the included large body-size brush, this set can also be used on the body during showering – which is unlike most facial care brushes out there. To learn more, read my Professional Skin Care System review. You can pick up the Professional Skin Care System as a gift for someone straight from the ToiletTree Products website.


If you know someone who loves doing yoga or regular fitness activities, you can’t go wrong by improving their current gym equipment. With the Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mat from Gaiam, your recipient will stay secure and slip-free as they go about their workout. Designed for heavy sweating and hot environments, the Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mat wicks away the moisture to provide an even better grip the hotter they get. Plus, it comes in a stunning, black material that features a beautiful design. No matter their preference, Gaiam provides a huge selection of healthy living and fitness items. This way, you can make sure that your recipient has the perfect gift for this holiday season. You can read my Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mat review or go straight to the Gaiam website to purchase any of their fantastic fitness items.


Know someone who loves to accessorize? Or are you just thinking for a more romantic gift to give? Look no further than Blue Steel. Made of fantastic metals that are designed to last a long, long time, Blue Steel offers a huge selection of stunning jewelry – each that comes packaged in a small box that’s great for gift-giving. They sell jewelry for both men and women, and they even sell wedding rings! Their whole selection is extremely affordable as well, so you can rest easy knowing you’re buying an affordable gift that’s going to last a long, long time. Before you buy, you can opt into the Blue Steel e-mail – this will get you a free catalog with $200 worth of jewelry freebies and discounts as well as it enters you to win a $300 gift card! Plus, if you have something in mind that you want, you can follow Blue Steel on Facebook for their daily giveaways, specials, and new product updates. You can read my Starfire Wedding Band review or go straight to the Buy Blue Steel website to purchase their great jewelry.

6-Drawer Storage Wardrobe from BrylaneHome

With the holidays coming up, who doesn’t want to look into sprucing up their home? After all, you have new relatives coming in, and with holiday gifts, you’ll have new items finding their way into homes. This is why buying furniture for a woman in your life could be the perfect gift. If you know she’s been short on space lately or you want to help her upgrade to a better dresser, you can look into the 6-Drawer Storage Wardrobe from Brylane Home. Brylane Home also sells a vast variety of other items too such as plus-size personal items, kitchen accessories, bath items, bedding, home appliances, and more! Make sure that she has her perfect home by getting her the furniture she’s been wanting. You can read my 6-Drawer Storage Wardrobe review or go straight to the Brylane Home website to purchase it (in either white or black!).


I love a quick chocolate snack sometimes. Unfortunately, it’s not always feasible to make a whole cake (oh god, I might eat it all myself!), and it takes awhile. That’s why the Shirley J Mugging kits are amazing. All the new craze, “mugging” includes making personal-sized cakes and desserts with the help of placing a mug in the microwave – which means it’s usually done in under 5 minutes! Shirley J offers cute gift sets that include the mix, instructions, and a mug to make it simple for your gift recipient to give mugging a try with no issue. Flavors include Chocolate Brownie Cake, Country Style Cornbread, Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie Cake, Pumpkin Spice Bread, Walnut Bread, Quiche in a Cup, No-Pan Pancake, and Old-Fashioned Yellow Cake and Cobbler. You can choose with flavor to include with your gift set which means you can give a gift set which whatever flavor you think your recipient will like most! You can read my Shirley J Mugging review or go straight to Shirley J to place your own order.


When you’re set to workout, music can be such a huge help. Studies have shown that music helps push ourselves even farther than if we hadn’t been listening to music. However, keeping that music nearby may be more of a challenge than you originally intended. At the gym, that might entail having cords all over the place, or when you’re outside, it might mean catching your hands in your cord while running. No more! Touted as the Ultimate Armband, ArmPocket makes sleeves that go on your upper arm that hold your device to keep it easy-to-access while also keeping it out of the way. Unlike standard armbands, though, the Arm Pocket does more. Many of their armbands include special pockets to hold your credit cards, keys, cash, and more. Their workout armbands are available in a rainbow of colors, and they make them to fit a variety of devices including Android, MP3 players, and Apple items. For the fitness enthusiast, this can make an amazing gift. Go straight to the Arm Pocket website to purchase one of these as a gift. (They also sell giftcards so your recipient can purchase what works best for them!)

my_eco_lips (1)

When you know someone who cares for their skin, do you know what makes a wonderful gift? Lip balm that they can fully customize! From My Eco Lips, along with getting to choose the flavors of the balm, the recipient can choose the bases of the balm, the extra ingredients, the container, the label, and more! The balms are USDA organic, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Cruelty-free, and more! And if you think your recipient would much more prefer a standard balm, you can purchase standard lip balms from Eco Lips as well! You can read my My Eco Lips Review (hint: I love it!), or you can go straight to My Eco Lips to start customizing!

Buy Fantastic Holiday Gifts with A Gift Personalized

Whether you’re buying for your boss, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your parents, or even a co-worker, everyone loves a personalized gift. Not only does it show that you took time to think of something that would be unique for them, but it also allows them to show off their own unique personality when they use your gift! Luckily, A Gift Personalized offers a huge selection of great gifts that you can easily personalized for your gift recipient. Including things like drinking glasses, personal grooming items, jewelry, household items and more, you can simply add in the personalization information when you check out for simple and effortless personalization. Plus, they put a lot of time and effort into quality personalization, so you never have to worry about them skimping on your items! You can read my A Gift Personalized review or go straight to A Gift Personalized to start personalizing fantastic gifts for your loved ones.


If your recipient spends a lot of time out in the sun, did you know that it’s important to help them protect their eyes? And who doesn’t want to have sunglasses that let them have that protection in style? Luckily, it’s easy to achieve when you give a pair of Hobie Polarized Sunglasses. Featuring both men’s and women’s sunglass styles, Hobie Polarized makes durable and stylish polarized sunglasses designed to hold up to an active lifestyle. You can read my Mayport Hobie Polarized Sunglasses review or go straight to the Hobie Polarized website to purchase some of these great sunglasses.

Twisted Shotz

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without some alcoholic drinks! Whether you’re sharing those drinks with your best friend or your parents, alcohol tends to go hand-in-hand with the holidays. When you’re looking to buy a hosting gift or present for one of your close friends, though, you can’t go wrong with the Twisted Shotz. Available in a ton of various flavors to make sure you can always get their favorites, these shots are small, disposable alcoholic shots that feature a twist: the two different parts of alcohol are “divided” inside the cup! This means you get to mix them exactly while you drink them for a more fun and more entertaining experience than regular shots. You can read my Twisted Shotz review or go straight to the Twisted Shotz website to learn where to purchase this fun, alcoholic drink.


Winter means the time of boots, and with that time of boots means that it might be time to help that woman in your life get some new shoes! While some trends are ever-changing, the trend of wearing cute boots in the winter weather is a life-long one. Lugz has made it simple to give that gift to a woman by providing a huge selection of cute boots and women’s shoes to choose from. They have more practical boots for good traction while also providing more fashionable boots as well. They offer shoes from a size 5 all the way up to a size 11. No matter what type of shoe you think she’ll like, you can find it at Lugz. You can read my Lugz Wisp Boots review or go straight to the Lugz website to pick out your perfect gift. (Pictured are the Lugz Wisp Boots)

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