California Pizza Kitchen Now Offers Gluten-Free Pizza Options!


Love pizza? I know I do! California Pizza Kitchen, the authority on California-style pizza, now offers a full line of gluten-free pizzas! In partnership with the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), these pizzas were made for Celiac-disease sufferers to contain the same deliciousness of their regular pizza while being gluten-free.

Available in their restaurants nationwide, their four gluten-free pizzas are prepared using the strict procedures set forth and approved by the GIG including a certified-gluten-free pizza crust as well as gluten-free ingredients. To help maintain gluten-free standards, the GIG will regularly do site inspections and audits to make sure guidelines are being met. While these pizzas work wonderfully for gluten-free dieters, they were especially designed to be strict enough that Celiac-disease sufferers need not worry about gluten contamination.

So what offerings can gluten-free eaters choose from? Delicious gluten-free pizza options include The Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, Pepperoni, Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage, and Margherita. Alongside these full gluten-free options, any of their regular pizzas can also be made on a gluten-free crust for an additional $2 – so you can get your favorite pizza on gluten-free crust if you want!

So gluten-free eaters, you can now enjoy delicious dinners at California Pizza Kitchen! (I just wish they had ones in Iowa!)

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