Remember Your Life with JournalsUnlimited Review!

Remember Your Life with JournalsUnlimited

What Is It
It can be hard to remember everything that goes on on a daily basis. After all, we all have to manage our own lives (multiple aspects). Plus, for many of us, that may include managing the lives of parent’s, children, family, or spouses. All of that can start to take a toll on our ability to remember things – especially when those things are things we wanted to remember for years to come.

Journals Unlimited is making that remembering process easier with their “Write It Down!” series of journals. Designed to allow you to write down many of your different memories, each one of these journals is designed with a specific purpose in mind. This allows you to keep all of your health-related memories away from your favorite Christmas memories or favorite road trip memories. You can easily just grab whichever notebook correlates to what you want to remember, and Journals Unlimited has include blanks, lines, and prompts inside the journal to help you remember everything that is important about that aspect of your life.

Remember Your Life with JournalsUnlimited

For example, Journals Unlimited offers journals about all sorts of things including: boating, birthdays, birds, dating, family memories, couples, road trips, hiking, 50 state journeys, weight-loss, cabin visits, pregnancy, celebrations, golf, gardening, and so many more.

For my review, I received a “My Health: A Medical Journal“. I think it’s important to keep track of my health, but it’s really difficult to remember what dates I went to see what doctor or what dates I had my last check-up. This also allows me to remember what was said about the appointment as well as keep track of vital statistics like blood pressure and whatnot. Designed specifically to help me keep track of health-related concerns, this journal includes pages upon pages of the exact same blanks to allow me to keep track of all of my appointments. (In fact, barring any sort of bad health, I think this journal will last me the rest of my life). The blanks include: Date, Doctor’s Name, Facility Name, Reason for Visit, Symptoms, questions, Doctor’s Advice/Actions Performed, Plan of Action, Prescribed Medications, Follow-Up Required, Weight, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temp. If more tests were required that day, the journal also includes the “Prescribed Diagnostic Tests” section which includes Date, Test Ordered by, Name of Lab, Name of Attending Physician, Name of Test, Reason for Test, Prep for Test, and Results of Test.

Remember Your Life with JournalsUnlimited

My Opinion
I’m really quite fond of this journal. I go in for check-ups sometimes, and I go in for my Annual and whatnot, but even though I’m young (and don’t have too much important stuff to remember yet), I still find myself worrying that I might forget something important from previous visits. In particular, I really worry that I’ll forget the particular date I went to visit, and sometimes, those dates can be really important when it comes to things like planning an annual exam.

The My Health journal from Journals Unlimited really allows me to track all of those things. Along with being able to see if my health is improving via weight, blood pressure, and other various statistics, I can make notes of things the doctor said. I love that each page is the same thing, so I don’t have to fight with trying to figure out the formula each particular time. The front of the book includes a page of “vital” stuff such as birth date, places to put your family history, places to put surgery dates, places to put tests, places to put immunizations, and such. This gives you an “at a glance” look at important information.

Remember Your Life with JournalsUnlimited

My only complaint about this “At a Glance” section is that it could have used more of them. For example, it says things like “BMI”, and it gives you five places to record your BMI. As this journal has over 180 pages to allow you to journal over 180 doctor’s visits, I would hope that you want to record your BMI more than five times throughout that time period. I would have loved to see extra room to write down some of those ever-changing statistics such as BMI, Blood Glucose, Weight, and more. This at-a-glance at the front is good, but with only five spots, it feels like its really lacking in size to write things down.

I do love how sturdy the journal is. Along with being bound with some sturdy ring binding, the back and front cover are made from very, very sturdy cardboard binding. It won’t protect your book if you happen to get it wet, but it will protect it from being squashed, pages getting bent, and a lot of other things. I love that it’s so sturdy. I’m so-so on the binding. I like the binding, and it definitely works well, but if i had multiple Journals Unlimited stored like books on a book shelf, I’d have a hard time telling them apart, and that makes me a bit sad.

I also would have loved to see a “Notes” section for each visit. Maybe in this section I could note that I had been working out daily, so that’s the reason for my great blood pressure, or things like that. I can easily just “take over” one of the other sections to throw in my notes, but I would have liked to see a dedicated section.

With all things considered, though, I’m really fond of my Journals Unlimited journal. It’s really going to help me keep track of my health, and that’s a HUGE positive!

Remember Your Life with JournalsUnlimited

The “My Health: A Medical Journal” is going to help me keep track of my health. I’ll be able to note down my doctor’s appointments and check-ups as well as when I feel sick and need to go to the doctor. It makes everything very streamlined to write down, and the book feels sturdy and like it’s going to last a long time.

I would have liked to see a “notes” section as well as more space for some frequently-tracked items like BMI or Blood Glucose.

If you want to keep track of anything in your life, I’d definitely recommend the journals from Journals Unlimited. They are all well-formed for each individual journal to allow you to keep track of the things that are important to you while offering the space to make sure you don’t forget things.

Buy It
You can purchase any of the Journals Unlimited journals right on their website. They offer a huge variety, and they can even make personalized or custom journals for you – that’s pretty awesome!

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