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Twisted Shotz

What Is It
Who doesn’t like alcohol? And when it comes to alcohol, most people have their favorite mixtures. Some love coffee drinks while others love the more fruity drinks. No matter your taste, though, Twisted Shotz are there to please.

Individually packaged in plastic shot glasses, Twisted Shotz are pre-made shots of your favorite (and possibly hard-to-make!) drinks. The twist? Instead of mixing both alcohols together in the cup, Twisted Shotz include a small curved divider that keeps the two alcohol mixtures apart until you’re ready to drink it. Once you’re ready to drink it, both of the mixtures can be mixed in your mouth for that delicious taste that you’ve grown to know and love.

Twisted Shotz

Twisted Shotz makes a huge variety of shots, too, and you’ll probably recognize some of these as some of your favorites. Just a few of their drinks include the Buttery Nipple, Polar Bear, B-52, Strawberry Sundae, Sex on the Beach, Whipped Cherry, Whipped Chocolate, and more! You can find the entire listing of Twisted Shotz flavors right on their official website.

Twisted Shotz

My Opinion
Everybody agrees that all of the Twisted Shotz are easy shots to take. They do taste alcoholic, but none of them really had that horrendous “burn” that sometimes shots are known for (which is why you do them in shots because you don’t want to taste the drink!) Instead, these actually taste good. Everyone at the party agreed these were the types of drinks that they would drink in full-sized glasses, so Twisted Shotz did a fantastic job making alcoholic drinks that everybody can take shots of without hating the taste.

Everyone at the party also agreed that they would have loved to see some way for the two inner alcohol portions to mix. While it’s definitely a learned art to properly drink a Twisted Shotz shot, they sometimes ended up finding that they only drank half of the shot at once. There are some tips they’d like to pass on (below!), but they found that sometimes the liquids had different consistencies, so they wouldn’t come out exactly the same as they expected. In the future, they said they’d love to see something that mixes the shots. Such as, it starts off separated, but you push a button to swirl the middle divider or have the divider to be easily removed. They still love the shots as-is (everybody was clear about that!), but they thought it’d be really interesting to see the shots get twisted together before drinking.

Twisted Shotz

They liked the taste of the Twisted Shotz they tried as well. Everyone particularly loved the Polar Bear which is a white chocolate mixed with peppermint. Everybody definitely agreed that these shots taste just like the namesake drink they were based off of, so when you pick up a Buttery Nipple shot, you should expect it to taste just like the real thing – except in an easy-to-drink shot form!

To help you get the most out of your Twisted Shotz, everybody recommends that twisting should definitely be involved. Start with the cup positioned where the “divider” is running vertically. As you drink the shot, twist the glass, and this will help to make sure that you get all of the liquid out in one shot. This is really a “learned” art, but by the time they’d had a couple, nobody was having any problems getting only half of the shot. It just takes a bit to learn how to get all of the liquid out at once – and that’s half of the fun!

Twisted Shotz

The Twisted Shotz taste just like their full-sized counterparts while being really unique. The twisted design looks very fancy while the single-portion shots also mean that you can keep a huge variety of alcohol in your fridge without having huge amounts of bottles sitting around. It also means that you can simply take shots without having to worry about mixing together the drinks.

It might take a couple tries to really learn how to best drink the Twisted Shotz.

If you enjoy flavored drinks and love shots, this is going to be your new go-to drink. Along with being simple to drink and looking really neat, these have all of your favorite flavored drinks pre-made, so you don’t have to worry about needing to mix them. Plus, with their single-serving design, these work fantastically for parties (and mean that you won’t have to clean 30 shot glasses in the morning!)

Buy It
Twisted Shotz may be available in an alcohol store near you. Sadly, they don’t seem to be sold in Iowa, but they’re sold in most of the states near me! Check out where to buy Twisted Shotz.

Twisted Shotz


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  1. Whipped chocolate looks the best to me!

  2. They all sound great!!!! Can’t wait to try!!! Thanks for starin

  3. chickie brewer says:

    I like to try the cherry twisted shots.

  4. I really want to try the polar bear and whipped chocolate flavors!

  5. I just would like to order them, I had them for my wedding and every one loved them, please leave me a response on how I can order these items, I love them.

  6. Where i find this in iowa? I entered my zip code and. It showed nothing.

    • Hey Lyssa!

      They aren’t sold anywhere in Iowa. I know – I’ve tried really hard! I know they’re in Nebraska/Omaha – which depending on where you live in Iowa, it may not be a far drive!

  7. Stephanie Perret says:

    I can’t find twisted shots anywhere in Louisiana! I neeeed them.

  8. HI
    Can you send me some Twisted shots? I want to try them on my market.


  9. Sheila Adams says:

    Love love love. Strawberry sundae is the best


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