My Eco Lips Customized Lip Balm Review!

My Eco Lips Customized Lip Balm

What Is It
Lip balm can be a really personal thing. After all, it’s something we put on our lips on a regular basis in hopes that it will keep our lips feeling soft. Softer lips means less annoyance and means much-more-fun to kiss as well! At the same time, lip balm is something that should be as organic and pure as possible. It’s on your lips constantly which means, aside from getting absorbed through skin like most make-up, you’re also ingesting it. Keeping those two things in mind, My Eco-Lips has made the world’s first Create Your Own Lip Balm.

USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Cruelty-Free, My Eco Lips (a product of Eco Lips), allows you to pick out and create your own lipbalm. From start to finish, you get to customize every part of your lip balm and be reassured that all of the parts of your creation will be safe. And when I say that you get to customize everything, I mean everything! You get to choose the base, the flavors, herbal extracts, specialty oils, the container size and container colors, and the label on the balm. You pretty much get to customize the entire lip balm from start to finish – without all of the hassle of having to get all the ingredients and make it yourself. It’s about as close as you can get!

Use a lot of lip balm? My Eco Lips allows you to reorder your formula with ease. Just put in the formula number on their website, and you’ll instantly be able to reorder your formula without trying to remember what you orginally put into it.

My Eco Lips Customized Lip Balm

My Opinion
Creating your own lip balm from My Eco Lips is fun – though I definitely recommend that you make sure you have some extra time before you sit down to do it. When My Eco Lips promises you customization, they mean it! None of the customization process is difficult, but unless you’re very fluent in many natural ingredients, it may include reading through a lot of different ingredients and learning what’s going to be best for you. It took me about a half an hour to customize a single tube of lip balm. I’m definitely not complaining; the amount of detail and personalization I could put into my lip balm was definitely part of the fun.

I definitely really loved how I could make changes to my lip balm as well – everything down the minute detail was up to me. If I wanted a different lip balm container or different colors, I could do that. I could customize the label on the lipbalm. I could pick out the different bases, herbal extracts, and specialty oils to go into my lip balm. I’m glad that My Eco Lips provides all of the information right there for me, so I could figure out what would be best for me without having to worry too much.

So how does the My Eco Lips lip balm work as a lip balm? Surprisingly well. The balms feels just as I ordered it. The flavor and scent are pretty much spot-on, and I was surprised by how well the balm glided on. My other organic lip balms have always ended up feeling kinda “heavy” and going on in a much thicker, waxier layer. The My Eco Lips balm feels a lot thinner and lighter, and I like that on my lips. I like the My Eco Lips balm for wearing throughout the daytime because it really feels lighter, and I feel like it still protects my lips while not being bothersome.

If you aren’t into the idea of customizing your lip balm, Eco Lips also sells regular lip balms as well; they have already made the flavors and everything for you – you just have to pick out which ones sound best to you. I had the chance to try out a couple of their standard lip balms, and they are just as amazing as their customized balm. They have some unique flavors to choose from, and the balm goes on pretty thin, but it stays on for quite awhile. The scent smells amazing, but it’s not quite so tantalizing that I end up licking it off of my lips. It’s a really nice balance, and it has helped my lips feel a lot better this past week.

My Eco Lips makes it simple to customize every aspect of your lip balm. When you enjoy lip balm and want it to be customized to your perfect personal tastes, you don’t have to look any further than My Eco Lips. Customizing everything was simple, and the lip balm turned out great – exactly how I was expecting it! Plus, the lip balm has kept my lips feeling soft, and isn’t that what’s important?

Make sure you have some time to customize your lip balm. While more options is never bad, it might take you longer than you first imagined to design your lip balm.

If you want an organic lip balm that lets you control every single aspect of the lip balm, you don’t need to look any further that My Eco Lips. You get to customize every aspect of your lip balm, and you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of your lip balm is organic as well.

Buy It
You can purchase the customizable lip balm directly from My Eco Lips. If you want to try their non-customizable flavors, you can visit Eco Lips to purchase them there.


  1. Cathy Jarolin says:

    Customizing your own lip Balm is different..Being different I would like to give it a try..Once I had it made I like the idea that they will save it for you when you need a refill….Thankyou for the review and Happy New Year!!

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