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Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips

What Is It
If you love tortilla chips but dislike the empty calories and horrible nutritional value they provide, the Way Better Snacks chips have you covered. Using the highest-quality ingredients possible, the Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips use sprouted ingredients.

What are sprouted ingredients, you ask? Well, these are ingredients that have “started” to grow before being placed into the food. (You can read the full, scientific and super-interesting sprouting ingredients information on the Way Better Snacks website). Using Sprouting ingredients provides a ton of benefits that regular ingredients just don’t provide. Sprouted ingredients include incresed vitamins and minerals, more antioxidants, better digestability, better nutrient absorption, and more Plus, it tastes just as delicious as their “non-sprouted” counterparts!

By using sprouted ingredients, Way Better Snacks is able to make tortilla chips that are better than your usual empty-calorie choices. Of course, the Way Better Snacks are non-GMO, and most of their ingredients are Certified Organic, and their chips are made with as few ingredients as possible to make sure you can easily read the ingredient list.

Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips

Unlike regular tortilla chips, Way Better Snacks tortilla chips come in multiple flavor varieties depending on what sprouted ingredients the chip is made with. There’s the Simply Unbeatable Blues, Simply So Sweet Chili, Simply Sunny Multi-Grain, Simply Sweeet Potato, No Salt Naked Blues, and Simply Beyond Black Bean Tortilla Chips.

(It’s worth noting that these chips may not be the standard “white” color you’re used to with your tortilla chips. The chips aren’t dyed to look white! Which I consider a positive.)

Plus, keep your eyes peeled! Way Better Snacks will be offering Pita Chips and Crackers soon!

My Opinion
I’ve been munching on these chips for the past two weeks, and they’ve grown so much onto me. The thing I was most surprised about is that they all taste somewhat different. Though there are six different varieties, as they were all tortilla chips, I was expecting them to all taste pretty similar. I’m surprised to find that that’s not true. It’s certainly not a bad thing, but each one of the types of Way Better Snacks tortilla chips has a unique flavor.

I find myself loving the Simply Beyond Black Bean Tortilla Chips. I was surprised to find that these tortilla chips have the same, delicious “salty” taste that you get from regular tortilla chips. It’s not as bad as regular chips (for example, if I have too many of the name-brand chips, my lips will literally burn from the amount of salt), but with these, I don’t have that. They’re delicious, and they totally fulfill my urge for a salty snack, but they don’t have so much that I feel like it’s a walking heart attack, either.

Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips

I also was interested to see how much the chips satiated me. Maybe it’s the difference in ingredients or the fact that Way Better Snacks are made from more wholesome ingredients, but the food doesn’t feel “hollow”. Instead, after a full serving of the chips, I feel happy and satiated. It doesn’t feel like a food that must be continually scarfed down like I sometimes feel with other types of potato chips. I really love that these chips can function as a great snack that doesn’t make me feel hungry afterwards; that’s rare to find in chips!

My only slight complaint is that I found the chips to be “too big” in individual size. I prefer most of my chips to be one or two bite affairs. The Way Better Snacks chips tend to be at least three or four bites. This isn’t my preference, but at the same time, it works particularly well if you want to add sauce or dips to your chips – that way, you have tons of extra room to add it!

All of the chips have tasted delicious. I must admit that I’m really, really excited to have found chips that are satisfying, have decent nutritionals, and don’t feel like I’m eating junk. Plus, I love all of the benefits that the chips provide. Delicious and not-bad-for-me? I’m in!

The Way Better Snacks are delicious. The chips taste just like tortilla chips while still providing more health benefits than your average chip. Each flavor has a unique taste, so you can find the one that works best for you. Plus, the chips make me feel full – unlike most standard snacks!

The Way Better Snacks chips are a bit large for each individual chip. That’s just my preference, though, and it doesn’t change the chips tasty-ness at all.

If you want a healthier snack, I definitely recommend the Way Better Snacks. They are really tasty, they offer better health and nutritional benefits than standard chips, and they come in a variety of flavors to make sure you can find your perfect fit.

Buy It
You can purchase the Way Better Snacks chips at most grocery stores. Check to see if yours carries them!


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Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post and the views expressed here are my own. I received a sample of this product in order to facilitate my review.


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    would like to try naked blue corn chips

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  3. Pamela Wrona says:

    These snacks are utterly delicious! I love that I can recognize all the healthy ingredients, that they are GMO-free, and of course, taste great!

  4. Simply Sweeet Potato

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