Earth-Kind Natural Air Fresheners Review

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What Is It
Having an amazing-smelling home is a treat, but it’s not a treat that I’m willing to put toxins in the air for. I’ve recently been trying to cut back on all of the air fresheners that I use. I use them on occasion, but they’re not something I keep going in the house at all times. Up until now, though, I wasn’t aware that a natural, non-toxic air freshener alternative existed, but Earth-Kind offers Natural Air Fresheners that absorb odors and freshen the air without the toxins!

Completely biodegradable in their cardboard containers, these air fresheners are safe around children and pets. The Earth-Kind Natural Air Fresheners are available in 4 different scents including Fresh Adventure, Sweet Clover, Pomegranate and Tangerine, and Woodland Escape.

Extremely simple to use, each one of the boxes comes with its own hanging strap. Just hang the box anywhere you want the scent to diffuse, and the room will have the gentle scent.

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My Opinion
Like the instructions state, the Earth-Kind Natural Air Fresheners are extremely easy to use. You open the box they come in, open up the plastic bag inside, and then reseal the box and hang (or place) the box anywhere you want the scent. The scent was designed to last up to 3 months. I’ve noticed that it tends to be strongest the first week, and during the first month I could still smell it when walking into the house. The scent is getting less intense, but the scent is definitely still noticable when I come in the front door.

My favorite scent is the “Sweet Clover” scent. It feels very natural and “fresh”. It does a great job of diffusing around the living room, and it reminds me a lot of spring. (And with all of the snow on the ground, anything that reminds me of spring is a good thing!)

My only complaint is that the packaging is a bit boring. It does a great job of displaying and explaining the freshener, but at the same time, the box packaging is the same thing that displays the air freshener as well. This means that your air freshener is going to look exactly like the packaging for the 3 months that it’s providing an odor-free home for you. I’d love to see Earth-Kind come up with more stylish packaging (but still environmentally friendly!) for those that are really concerned about how their homes look.

The Earth-Kind Natural Air Freshener smells fantastic, and it’s available in a variety of scents. They are easy to use, and they do a good job of naturally adding scent into your home for a good amount of time. Plus, they are really simple to set-up!

The box style may not be the prettiest thing possible to have in your decor. You may want to hide it out of sight if you have a room theme going on.

If you want an easy and natural way to fragrance your house from the daily smells it encounters, the Earth-Kind Natural Air Fresheners work really well. They are more expensive than standard air fresheners, but they do a fantastic job of making your area smell good, and they last a pretty decent amount of time!

Buy It
You can purchase the Natural Air Fresheners directly from the Earth-Kind website. You can purchase a 4 pack of any of the individual scents, or if you want to get a good idea of all of the scents, Earth-Kind offers a four pack that includes all 4 fragrant blends.

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