“My Lifelong Journal of Firsts” Book Review

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What Is It
Keeping track of your life and making sure you can always remember it is important. However, it can be difficult to do without the prompts to make it easy to write down your life. Journals Unlimited understands exactly how difficult that can be, and that’s exactly why they offer full lines of writing-prompt journals to help you keep all of your favorite memories in tact! With Write It Down journals like Books You’ve Read, Prayer Journal, A Couples Journal, A Teen Journal, Your Road Trip Journal, Your Pregnancy Journal, Your Password Journal, Your Pet Journal, and more, they offer a huge selection of writing prompt journals to make sure you remember what’s most important to you.

Their latest release, “My Lifelong Journal of Firsts“, allows you to write down every time you do something for the first time. You can keep all of those first-time memories close by. With 200 pages and fully printed in the USA, this journal feature a durable hard cover design with strong, ringed binding. It’s 7.5″ by 9” in size, and it uses soy-based ink with acid-free recycled paper. Plus, with the type of paper it uses, it’s easy to write in this journal with either pens or pencils – or even markers (though I wouldn’t recommend markers as they’ll bleed to the other side of the page).

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My Opinion
I think it’s important to help capture some of the moments of my life. While it may not be important to anyone else, I think that there are moments where those words and photos help bring up the exact sensations and feelings that went along with the memory. I love thinking back on my life and things I’ve done – especially things that I did for the first time.

That’s why I’m particularly in love with the My Lifelong Journey of Firsts from Journals Unlimited. Designed as a personal journal, this book allows you to write in, and record, all of those moments when you do something for the first time. Whether that something is a purchase or an experience, you can write it in the journal to remember it for years to come.

Like all other Journals Unlimited Journals, this journal is really high-quality and durable. It’s designed to last. The cover is very thick and sturdy – thicker than any other book or notebook cover I’ve ever seen. The pages are thicker, and the ring binding is high-quality and not flimsy. It’s designed to hold together really well – and hold up to the years of use you’re going to give it as you continue to have more “firsts”.

Like all over Journals Unlimited Journals, this one provides prompts to give you an idea of what to write for each new “First”. Each “first” has a single page, front and back, to record your memory of what happened. There is a lot of space to write it in, and the lines are large enough to write in. The paper works well with pencil or pen (not marker as markers will bleed!), so you can write in what’s most comfortable for use. As an added bonus, on the bottom-half of the backside of each page, there’s a spot for a 4×6 photo to allow you to add in visual representation of your memory as well.

The prompts are pretty useful. It has room for the date, about the experience, who was with you, where you were, how it made you feel, why you decided to do it or how it happened, any special memories, and more. The entire back-half of the page is just blank lines to allow you to write in any more about the memory, and as previously mentioned, the bottom half of that page has a spot for a 4×6 picture or drawing.

I had a blast writing in my memories from recent adventures. I recently had my first professional massage as well as purchased my first car. With all of the new experiences I will (hopefully!) have coming up soon, I’m glad I have somewhere to record them and remember them as new.

The Lifelong Journal of Firsts is a high-quality, durable journal. The prompts are perfect, and they remind you to get the detail that’s important. The lines are easy to write in between, and this journal has a TON of pages, so you’ll be recording your memories for a long, long time.

Nothing! This is pretty much the best possible way I could have thought of to have a journal that records all of my “firsts”!

If you are someone that wants to capture your memories, I highly recommend this journal. You could use it to record your child’s memories – and then give it to them as they get older and can do it themselves. You can also record your own adventures, and the prompts and spaces are really beyond adequate for helping yourself recall exactly what happened during that memory.

Buy It
You can purchase the My Lifelong Journal of Firsts journal straight from the Journals Unlimited website.

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