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What Is It
Do you know how many plastic water bottles are thrown away each day? It’s absolutely astronomical. Along with being wasteful, it also is expensive. Not only do you have to include the cost of the water bottle itself, but you now have to include the cost of someone dealing with the garbage, or in many cases, paying people to pick up water bottles that have been improperly discarded like on the side of the road. It’s important that we, as a country, start finding an alternative, and I’m happy to say that one of my favorite alternatives so far is Faucet Face Water Bottles.

Pure glass water bottles, your water can taste as delicious as it was meant to taste. Just like we enjoy most drinks in glass (wine, beer, etc.), you can now enjoy your water in a reusable glass bottle – and it won’t get horribly discarded and hurt the environment like plastic currently does. No chemicals are leached into your water like has been shown to happen with plastic water bottles. The entire bottle is made from glass while the cap is made from BPA-free plastic that twists really easily onto the top of the water bottle.

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Not only do you support a better environment, but Faucet Face donates 5% of sales from ALL of their glass water bottles to the Third Millennium Awakening. This a charity that helps provide healthy drinking water to families in need in India. I find it amazing that, in the modern age of cell phones and so many amazing ways to travel, that not all areas have important, clean drinking water, so I absolutely love that they work with this charity.

Faucet Face Glass Water Bottles sells three water bottle designs; a green bottle that says “Hose Water”, a blue with “Tap is Terrific”, and a red with “Hummingbird Feeder”. I really love the Hummingbird Feeder design, but each one looks great in its own right. You can also purchase extra caps if you’re concerned about losing one of the caps.


My Opinion
I’m impressed by the Faucet Face water bottles. They’ve been amazing so far. The lids screw on really tightly, and it keeps the bottle from leaking. I’ve stored the water bottle in bags with my phone with absolutely no concern. The lids also screw off pretty nicely, and I never have to fight with the water bottle. That’s definitely important to me.

I can’t say that I notice too much of a taste difference with water. Someone who spends a lot more time drinking regular water might notice more than I do, but it just tastes refreshing – which is definitely a good thing, I think! The water bottle is easy to drink out of, and while it has a smaller “lip” than most water bottles that I’m used to, it’s still nice to drink from.

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I was worried that the Faucet Face water bottles would have a lot more heft to them than standard plastic bottles. Turns out I really had nothing to worry about. They are slightly heavier, but it’s honestly nothing that you notice when carrying the water bottle around. If you’re super strapped for weight, this might not be the best water bottle, but for most cases, I’ve had absolutely no problem carrying it around instead of plastic.

I love how durable they are too! It just goes to show that glass doesn’t have to be so fragile. I was getting out of my car and tried to slip my water bottle into my bag and accidentally missed. Instead, the water bottle went crashing to the parking lot concrete. I picked it up and was surprised to see not a scratch on it. These glass bottles are definitely built for durability, and if it can survive that, I’m sure it’s going to survive any household “oopsies” that happen to arise.

I would love to see Faucet Face expand into some other designs. I love the bird design, but I’m not as fond of the other two designs. I’m sure as their bottles become more popular, they’ll consider expanding into more designs, but I would have loved to see more choices from the get-go.

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The Faucet Face Water Bottles are extremely sturdy and are going to hold up great to regular use. The lids do a fantastic job of staying on, and I’ve never had any issue with dripping or leaking. I’ve even dropped the bottle on the ground (parking lot concrete!) with no problem. These look like they’re going to last a long time!

I’d love to see Faucet Face expand into even more water bottle designs!

The Faucet Face Water Bottles are especially designed to make water taste as great as possible. Not only does it help the environment by avoiding horrible plastic bottles, but your water will taste better and you get a really cute design!

Buy It
You can purchase the Faucet Face Water Bottles directly from the Faucet Face website.


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