Know What’s In your Hard Cider When You Make It With Mr. Beer

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If you remember, I did an earlier post about how the Mr. Beer Hard Cider brewing kit would be a great holiday gift. Turns out, I thought it would too because I ended up getting one myself! We’ve had great experience with the Mr. Beer beer brewing kits, so I thought it was time to try out the hard cider ones.

I actually think I prefer brewing hard cider instead of beer. I think it’s actually a little bit easier, so if you’re someone who is split between the two, I’d recommend starting with the homemade hard cider kit. I’ve just finished the brewing, and now my hard cider will need to sit around for a couple weeks to ferment. It can sit around for a bare minimum of a week to get the fermentation it needs, but I’ve read multiple sources that recommend letting it sit out for even longer for better-tasting hard cider. I like better tasting, and my patience is luckily okay with waiting.

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It’s super, duper simple. Even if you have no experience with home brewing, you can have a batch of hard cider started fermenting within 40 minutes (and that’s including the time you have to wait for the water to boil or your supplies to sterilize). It only requires some house-hold items such as a measuring cup, spoon, pan, and granulated sugar. Everything else you’ll need, including the bottles to keep your hard cider in, are all included in the kit.

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See? Everything you’ll need to start your first home brew is all included in the box! It’s all pretty and clean, and they even include optional Mr. Beer Hard Cider stickers to put on your hard cider bottles if you’d like. They also have bottle caps for the bottles and everything. It pretty much means you’ll be ready to make your hard cider as soon as you open the box.

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To start, you have to sterilize your equipment. The instructions are clearly printed and easily explain each step (I’d actually argue that the Hard Cider instructions are much, much easier to follow than the Beer-making instructions). The no-rinse sterilizing powder is already included. It just requires pouring some water and letting your items soak for a minimum of 10 minutes.

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Done. Look at how easy that was.

After that, you just have to boil 4 cups of water, add in the bottles of apple juice mix (which smell very strongly of apple. It’s kinda neat!), and add in sugar. Once you’ve mixed all of that together, it all gets transferred into the Mr. Beer Hard Cider keg where you add more water, mix everything up really well, and then you add your yeast. That’s it! Now I just have to wait a couple weeks in order for the fermentation to be over.

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After I finished with my Mr. Beer Hard Cider batch, I went onto making a batch of Mexican Cerveza beer as well. It was super easy to do both of them – though I definitely preferred the process of making the hard cider over the beer.

Give it a couple weeks, and we’re going to have a delicious home-made beer ready to go.

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  1. I bought a home brewing kit years ago from an import store when I was going to NMU…lemme tell ya, this kit looks much simpler AND fun! Didn’t get very far with the other one lol.

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