Reusing Your Starbucks Cup as a Flower Vase


To be honest, I didn’t think a photo of my flowers in a Starbucks cup would end up so wildly popular, but after the photo exploded on Instagram, I thought I’d share my awesome little idea with you guys as well!

My local Starbucks sell these little plastic cups for 99 cents designed for hot coffee. I think they actually take 10 cents off your every purchase of hot coffee if you bring in this reusable cup to put it in, too. I honestly just loved the cup, and when I saw it on sale at my Target Starbucks, I couldn’t resist buying it. For the last year, though, I’ve done nothing with it since I really dislike hot coffee. (Iced FTW!)

When downsizing last week, I decided I either had to do something with it or donate or get rid of it somehow. I had some flowers leftover from my modern square bird wreath project, so I put the fake flowers into the cup and threw it into the bathroom cabinet. To ensure it stays weighted down and doesn’t wobble (these cups are light and your flowers are top-heavy!), you could put any type of weight it in. I didn’t have any items, so I filled up a Ziploc baggie with water, sealed it tightly, then stuck it in the bottom as a temporary solution. It actually looks pretty lovely on the cabinet, if I do say so myself!

If you ACTUALLY wanted to put real flowers in your “vase” instead of fake ones, make sure to get one of these reusable plastic cups instead of using the cardboard cups that come with your actual drinks. I imagine the cardboard from a real cup wasn’t rated to hold liquid for days at a time, but a plastic cup should have no issue with that.

I’m glad the cup finally has a home. If you used a used Starbucks cup that you got a drink in or something, you could make this a super-cheap project. For me, though, it was literally free since all the items were laying around. Even if I had purchased them, it cost $4 between the cup and the flowers. Cheap, fun decor!

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