Tips to Keep Your Home Clean


I don’t know about you and your home, but I go through periods where my home looks like it should be an example showroom home – and times where it kinda looks like it might be the aftermath of a horrible tornado. (I’m in Iowa. I can make bad tornado jokes). So how do I go from getting the house looking like a tornado to something that looks like a good place to live?

Everyone has their own way that they’re comfortable cleaning their home, but in case you’re looking for new suggestions, it doesn’t hurt to share some of my suggestions. I try to live by some of these tips to keep my home looking good most of the time – but of course, judging by the fact that it ends up looking a bit cluttered when I’m busy, life does happen, and part of owning a home is sometimes accepting that it’s going to look like busy people live there.

So what do I recommend?

Mark Off No-Clutter Zones: Pick a couple places that clutter tends to accumulate and make a promise to yourself to keep them clean. While it might not always happen, you’ll always want to keep them clean. I recommend avoiding putting anything in those areas in the first place. Make a “clutter” area where that clutter will be much more welcome (mentioned below). I recommend choosing counters, table tops, and desk tops in order to give your home the appearance of being cleaner.

Clean Up As It Happens: I know you’re busy (I am too!), but everything is so much easier to clean if you clean up as it happens. A milk spill sucks to clean up, but it’s mostly just wiping it up with water and towels when it first gets spilled. Let it sit there, and now you have the smell of sour milk, potential bug problems, and a need for a cleanser and more elbow grease. You might be running out the door, but take the minute required to throw some towels down on any mess before you leave. Do a thorough cleaning of the area when you get back if you want. It’s definitely worth buying a hand vacuum to go alongside your current upright vac just for this reason; it makes everything so much easier to clean up.

Take Your Time: Have a really, really cluttered area without much time to tackle it? (I have an entire extra bedroom that looks like this. It’s like an obstacle course to get across the room.) Poke at it piece by piece. It’s really daunting to spend an entire 10 hours cleaning up the room how you want, but if you poke at it slowly, you’ll find that it doesn’t seem so bad. Make small goals. Decide that today you’ll tackle that box that’s sitting in the corner. That’s it. Tomorrow you might want to fold the laundry that’s on the bed. That’s it. Make little goals, and as long as you don’t let the area get worse, those little things will add up to a clean room in the end.

Have Clutter Areas: Just like you have “no clutter areas”, have a couple spots where you can throw your clutter. Don’t know what to do with an item you just bought? Put it in the clutter area. The important part about keeping the clutter area is that you promise yourself that you’ll clean it out on occasion. You don’t want one of those infamous “junk drawers” that literally contains a bunch of stuff no one actually wants. Clean off your clutter area regularly so you can make sure the stuff you have in your home is still stuff you actually want in your home.

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