Redecorating Made Easy & Affordable with Fabness Canvas Prints!

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When you’re ready to decorate your home with some personalized gifts and favorite memories, Fabness is the way to go. While their most popular products remain the canvas prints, Fabness also has house signs, photo blocks, designer mugs, and wall art to ensure that they can help you with most of your home decorating needs.

As a photographer and someone who loves a gorgeous home, I really am picky about my canvas art. I want it to be high-quality and look high-quality too. Fabness offers the options I’d want when ordering more canvas prints. They offer square and rectangle formats – perfect for your Instagram and regular photos. They offer a long rectangle – which is there for any panorama photos (perfect for city skylines!) They also offer canvas sets which are packaged canvas sets that pair well together and offer a discount for buying them as a group. It’s a modern way to decorate your home!

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As you can see, I’ve found a pretty fantastic “home” for my Fabness canvas print in my own home. I wanted something that would serve as a great backdrop for some of my smaller items on top of a shelf, and this has been perfect. It matches all of the kitchen and entryway colors and it shows off my love of aviation in a playful and unique way.

I am pretty impressed with the canvas print itself as well. The wrapping is pulled taut, and the colors are very true-to-color with what I designed online. While the print is made up entirely of words, none of the words are blurry or difficult to read – it’s very crisp and looks professional. The backside has been stapled flat, and there isn’t any uncomfortable or sharp edges throughout the back. This makes it safer to leave out with children around. I’m just generally impressed by the quality of the canvas print; it’s something I’d love to order again.

And besides, it’s pulling together my entryway look pretty well – wouldn’t you agree?

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