AMBI Cold Therapy Device Review

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What Is It
Ready for you anytime soreness or pain strikes, the Ambi by Blu Tec is an electronic version of the ice cube. Get chilled relief anytime you need it – without the mess or hassle of worrying about ice melting! Designed to be applied anywhere you’d like to experience a pleasant chill on the skin, the Ambi uses its simple battery or AC power to provide a chilling sensation.

Designed over in New Jersey, the Ambi uses Pelletier Thermo Electric Current (TEC) technology to provide cold therapy at the flick of a switch.

To power your Ambi by Blu Tec cold therapy machine, you can use either 1.5V Alkaline batteries or by plugging the adapter into an electrical outlet. Within 25 seconds of pressing the start button, the cooling plate of the Ambi will hit about 10 degrees Celcius (which is about 50F). After it reaches its maximum chilled temperature, it’s free for use on any part of your skin.

Relief for common ailments can come in the form of cold therapy. Itchy skin, migraines, hot flashes, injuries, muscle soreness, and more can all be reduced by some cold therapy. Especially for hot flashes, having a portable chilling solution right at your fingertips anytime you need it can provide a really helpful hand.

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My Opinion
About perfect in temperature, the Ambi cold therapy device provides a nice chill to the skin. Since you can’t really warm it or cool it, you’ll have to hope that the chill it provides is the one that works best for you. It isn’t cold enough to produce that “numb” sensation on the skin, but it’s definitely cold enough that you will feel it. It isn’t blistering cold, though, so if your attempt was to numb the entire area, it probably isn’t going to work how you’d like it to. To chill and calm an area (especially in terms of inflammation), though, the Ambi has everything under control.

The device fits pretty easily in the hands, and while it’s not perfect, it seems ergonomic enough. Since you’ll probably just lay it flat against the area that’s bothering you, it didn’t need to have perfection built into it. That having been said, if you do try to hold it pinpoint on one area, the oblong size of the device can make it hard sometimes. It’ll work, but you might find yourself readjusting your hand multiple times.

The Ambi by Blu Tec isn’t going to be important for everyone. After all, a cooling pack in the freezer could possibly be just as useful. However, some people are going to really find this helpful. If you regularly have long headaches or migraines, using the Ambi reduces the need to get up to replace the bag. While out camping or doing strenuous exercise, you can keep the Ambi along in case of soreness, bug bites, or injury. For those with regular hot flashes, the Ambi can be placed into a purse or traveling bag for relief on-the-go.

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The Ambi offers a couple different ways to power its chilling ability. It’s pretty easy to hold in the hand, and once you read the instructions once, you’ll never need to reference them again – it’s that easy to use.

The Ambi may not be the best solution for everyone. It also can get a bit awkward to handle for longer periods of time.

If you want a way to regularly provide cooling relief without having to fuss with ice cubes or other annoying solutions, the Ambi is going to be perfect for you. It can be used while traveling or while at home, and it allows you to chill any area that’s giving you problems.

Buy It
The Ambi cold therapy device by Blu Tec is purchasable directly off their website.

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