3 Creative Ways to Reach Your Customers


We’re surrounded by marketing every day – and I mean EVERY day. Everywhere you go, there’s something that’s being marketed and asking for your attention. Of course, this isn’t such a bad thing. You’ll find out about new items, new services, and other things you might not have known about. (Do you know how many local events I find out by the owners advertising their upcoming event?) At the same time, you want your own advertising efforts to stand out, and as such, it might require getting a little creative to get your customer’s attention.

The easiest way to do this is through having your customers advertise for you! Sounds hard, right? Well, it isn’t. Just provide a service or need that your customer needs, and they’ll use your product since you’ve already provided it for them.

T-Shirts Are Where It’s At:┬áT-shirts have become a “must have” for most people. Make a great design on your t-shirt and marvel as people wear the shirt in everyday life. The key here is to design a t-shirt that looks awesome – not just something that promotes your company.

Consider Phone Cases: The mobile smartphone has become an unavoidable device in day-to-day life. Protecting that device is just as important. As good cell phone cases can run over $30 to protect a phone, you can easily get customers to advertise your business by having a simple cell phone case they can use with their phones. Using a service like Custom Logo Cases will let you easily design a case that your customers will love. Like the t-shirts, make sure that you put time into making an attractive design that people will want to show off on their phones. With the service that Custom Logo Cases provides, it’s definitely pretty simple to make a gorgeous case.

Consider Uncommon Routes: Do you want to attract readers? If so, the local library might be the perfect place! Most libraries will happily put up an ad for local events or local businesses. At the same time, if you have any business-themed bookmarks, consider adding them to books you’ve checked out – even business cards can work for this! People checking out the books in the future have a built-in bookmark for once they start.

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