4 Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie


Taking a selfie is underrated. There isn’t a single day in your life that you will look exactly how you do today. Scars will heal, hair will grow, your make-up might be entirely different. As such, I always recommend taking selfies! Do, however, take them responsibly and don’t get yourself into danger just to get one. But if you’re bored in the checkout line – why not? Just use some of these tips for taking a better selfie:

Use Even Lighting: Using even lighting is the absolute best thing you can do! Look at your face when you take a selfie. Are you in direct sunlight? See harsh shadows under your nose and other areas? Turn until those shadows look a whole lot better! Harsh sun shadows can age almost anyone pretty quickly. Photographers will tell you, if you want to look good when taking selfies, then a selfie light can help. Use it to even out those shadows or add some depth to your face for more-unique selfies.

Get a Higher Angle: Want to look a bit slimmer? Take the photo from a higher angle! You’ll see people holding their photo above face level for this reason. Don’t go up too high or it starts to distort your features (and look pretty obvious about what you’re doing!), but going at least face-height and higher is going to reduce any extra weight under the chin and elongate the features.

Take Advantage of your Cell Phone’s Settings: New cell phones are designed for selfies! Some phones come with wide angle lens and more. Know what features your cell phone offers and use them to your advantage. Some offer a “smart action” that starts a timer to countdown to your perfect shot to allow you to arrange yourself. Others may offer

Think about the Background: I’m sure you’ve seen those horrible “photobomb” shots. The ones where someone doesn’t think about their overflowing garbage can or something else in the background. Try to clean up your background – or at least spin in a circle to a direction that doesn’t look as messy. At the same time, if you’re somewhere neat and want to take a selfie, take that into consideration. If you’re taking a coffee shop selfie, why not try to get some iconic and distinguishable mark of the coffee shop in your photo? That way it gives a bit more of a presence of what you’re doing instead of just a photo of your face.

See? Those aren’t so hard! Like anything else, though, practice makes perfect, so get out there and take those selfies, and you’ll quickly see that your technique and photos will start to improve.

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