3 Reasons to Take Vitamins

I stopped taking my vitamins for a couple months. I just got lazy, they got packed into storage, and I didn’t want to go buy new bottles. I was surprised to find how much different my energy levels felt. As in, my energy levels felt pretty non-existant. I was frustrated and annoyed, but I’ve started up on my multi-vitamins as of last week, and I’m feeling a whole lot better and energetic. So that made me wonder: what benefits do vitamins provide on our everyday health?

Supplements your Diet: If your diet isn’t up to par yet, multi-vitamins can help! If you aren’t getting some minerals and vitamins in your food, you need to shape up! But until you can make it there, multi-vitamins can help fill in some of those holes in what your body needs. Even if you aren’t getting it from food, your body still needs it to function, and that’s where vitamins can come in.

Takes Care of a Specific Issue: Are you hoping to get pregnant? Are you trying to increase your energy? There are specific vitamins and supplements especially designed to help you meet a specific goal. In my case, I took vitamins that supported hair growth and nail strength and found that my nails stopped breaking as often and my hair was actually getting longer instead of breaking off earlier.

Fill a Known Gap: Some people know they aren’t eating enough of a vitamin. For example, B12 can be hard to get for people that follow vegan diets. At-risk populations for birth defects may not be getting enough folate into their diet. The elderly and those with brittle bones should really be getting more calcium. Vitamins help fill these areas in an easy-to-take way when it’s hard to take in nearly enough food to meet those needs.

Looking around for good prices will make sure that your vitamims and supplements fit well into your diet. I was able to find kosher vitamins and supplements at great quality and a reasonable price by just shopping around. Figure out what nutritional needs you need to meet and then find a vitamin or supplement that helps fill it. You’ll feel healthier in no time!

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