6 Ways to Stay Fit in Cold, Winter Weather

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I live in the Midwest. That means that stupid Midwest chills and snow are coming up really soon here. The summer makes it easier to get around and lose weight because I can walk between areas and just generally enjoy being outside. All that ceases once the temperatures drop below 32 degrees. I don’t even want to be outside anymore. Fitness doesn’t stop for the winter, though, so here are some of the ways I recommend staying healthier in the winter:

Temporary Gym Membership: Some gyms will offer a temporary membership just for the winter months. At a portion of the price, this will let you go out and get a nice workout in however you want. This might be your best option.

Home Exercise Machines: Don’t want to have to leave the house? (I don’t blame you) Getting an elliptical or treadmill at home will let you have your cardio without having to bundle up. You can find a treadmill that will suit you perfectly for whatever type of workout you’re hoping to do.

Gym Classes: Go meet other people and enjoy doing active things together! Classes like group swimming, Zumba, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, TRX, and more will keep your workout routine varied during the cold months. Plus, it’ll get you experienced with new things.

Organized Home DVD Workout System: This is the perfect time to start an intense DVD workout system. Insanity? T25? P90X? Baladea? Anything else? If there’s been a DVD with a stringent workout system that you’ve wanted to conquer, doing it in the winter means you’ll have less distractions – and a simple way to work out from home.

Weight System: This might be the time to start weight lifting. You only need a couple different weights in order to do weight-lifting paired with body-weight exercises. You could find your muscles in better shape for when Spring rolls around.

Housewalking: This trend has really kicked off in the past couple of years. Walk around your home! For those lazy days, throw on a TV show and walk in place throughout the entire show. Make sure to pump those arms! Maybe throw in a few squats or jumping jacks. You can even just make sure to walk around your home as you clean. You’ll get to do productive things while getting a nice, light workout in.

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