Better Nails in a Single Tool: Violife Slim UNO Manicure Kit Review

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What Is It
Taking care of my nails did just get a little bit more fun. The Slim Uno from Violife is designed as an all-in-one tool that takes care of all of the nail upkeep that you’ve been keeping multiple tools around for. The kit includes four popular nail kits in one: an emery board, shaping file, buffer, and cuticle pusher. It all comes packaged in a single, zip-up carrying case that makes it easy to keep the device, the batteries, and all of the attachment tools in one spot.

To be able to be a 4-in-1 tool, the Slim UNO manicure kit uses replaceable attachment heads that snap onto the tip of the battery-operated device. Slip off the last attachment head and put on a new one each time to utilize the different features of the Violife Slim UNO. The emery board also includes replaceable pads to ensure that you have a long time with your Violife UNO making small, filing changes to your tips.

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You don’t have to worry about recharging the toy or keeping around a charging cable or tons of batteries either. The Violife Slim Uno uses a single AA battery (first one is included) to easily power the manicure device. Slip a second AA battery into the storage pouch (and it will easily fit), and you’ll quickly have a back-up power option in case your AA battery is dead.

Designed by Violife, this set was designed to be portable and easy-to-use – much like their toothbrushes. Violife has made a name for itself with their sterilizable toothbrushes and bathroom supplies. In fact, I still have one of their Violife Zapi Luxe UV Sanitizers in the bathroom to help keep my toothbrush extremely clean for each use.

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My Opinion
I love my Violife healthy smile products, so I had high hopes for this kit. My toothbrush sanitizers have always been amazing, and they give me a nice peace of mind that I’m sticking things that are actually clean into my mouth to clean it further. And hey – who doesn’t want that peace of mind?

That being said, I’m not entirely sure how much help the battery-powered features provide in the Violife Slim UNO. All of the manicure features that it provides are things that I’ve never seen in a electrically-powered version. My old tools all were manual, and when I’ve gone in to multiple salons for manicures, I’ve never seen any salon use an electric version for any of these tools. I would have liked to have seen Violife go a different route with the Slim UNO manicure kit – maybe provide a sterilizable option like they do with their toothbrushes or just to make a compact, easy-to-switch attachment system that’s entirely manual.

The only attachment that I really enjoy turning on the Violife Slim UNO for is the buffer pad. The slight vibration of the Slim UNO during the buffering seems to be a bit easier than actually moving my own hands for buffering. It seems to make smaller buffering movements than I can, and it leaves my nails feeling much shinier without as much effort on my part. So for the buffering pad, I totally do enjoy the electric capabilities of this all-in-one manicure tool.

One of my favorite things about the Violife Slim UNO kit is the fact that it all comes packaged in this nice, zippered pouch. The pouch easily unzips, and it’s smaller than a pencil case. All of the items, including spare batteries, fit into this single case. It’s not small enough to throw into a pocket or anything, but it goes into my luggage really nicely – and then I don’t have to hunt down various nail care products when I’m traveling. It’s just all in this black case with absolutely no fuss.

I do have to admit that I wish they’d gone with a different case design, though. The case offers a decent amount of little “pockets” to slide the attachments into. But if you open the case upside down or it gets jumbled in your luggage, everything slides into new areas. Small, mesh pouches might have been a better choice.

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Easily carry around four manicure tools in one with the Violife Slim UNO device. The tips easily switch out to change between the popular attachment options. The designs available are super cute, and the case even has room to store back-up battery power.

I’m not sure how much the battery power benefits the other attachments aside from the buffering attachment. I also would love to see the zippered case redesigned to keep attachments better in their proper place.

The Violife Slim UNO manicure kit makes it easy to enjoy all of your manicure tools in a simple, easy-to-use black zippered pouch. It includes the most-popular manicure attachments, and it’s pretty easy to switch out the different heads. The different Slim UNO designs means you’ll be able to pick one that matches your (or your gift recipient’s) personality.

Buy It
You can pick up the Violife Slim UNO manicure device straight from the Violife toothbrush sanitizers web store.

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