Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush with UV Base Review!

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What Is It
Keeping your teeth clean can mean a lot for your health – you’ll spend less in dental bills, you’ll help save your immune system, and you’ll just be taking better care of your body in general. Regular, manual toothbrushes can do it okay – but lots of studies have shown that electric toothbrushes do a whole lot better job.

That’s why toothbrushes like the Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush can make a big difference in your dental health. An advanced sonic toothbrush that offers a UV sanitizing base, this toothbrush is an all-in-one-system that helps you take care of all of your toothbrushing needs with the best that science has to offer. Offering 31,000 brush strokes per minute during the brushing session to improve your brushing experience, the toothbrush offers the full package with a UV sanitizing base that cleans your brush heads after use to ensure you’re getting as clean as possible.

To best work with your mouth and your preferred brushing habits, the Dazzlepro Sonic Toothbrush offers a Pro, Soft, and Massage setting. Switch between the modes to take advantage of modes that feel comfortable and clean for your own habits.

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The unit requires 24 hours to fully charge the unit. However, once you’ve charged it, this single full-charge will last the toothbrush for two weeks without charging it. There is no risk of overcharging the Dazzlepro UV sanitizing toothbrush, however, so you can just keep it stored on the charging base without any worry about when the toothbrush needs to be recharged.

To ensure that you’re meeting the minimum recommended brushing time limits, this toothbrush also offers built-in timers. The built-in two minute timer ensures that you’ll brush your teeth for the full two minutes as the brush will stay on until those minutes are up. To ensure that you’ll hit every important spot in your teeth, the toothbrush pauses every 30 seconds as a gentle reminder to hit all four of the recommended areas: outer surfaces, inner surfaces, cleaning surfaces, and then tongue. The 30 second timer reminds you when it’s time to move onto the next area.

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My Opinion
I’ve always wanted to do the best possible for brushing my teeth. I’ll admit, I occasionally skimp out on the 2 minutes, and I occasionally don’t brush two or three times a day. However, I do make an effort! The Dazzlepro really helps me make that effort because of its timing system. It stays on for 2 straight minutes – so don’t put the toothbrush down until you’ve done your 2 minutes. Every 30 seconds, there’s a brief pause in the movement to “remind” you to move onto a different part of your mouth. Outer surfaces, inner surfaces, chewing surfaces, and then the tongue. This makes it really simple to remember – and to get into a pattern that doesn’t require a timer or the ability to forget.

I’m always so surprised by how much of a difference an electric toothbrush can really make. When I get lazy and stop using an electric toothbrush and go back to a manual one, I just assume that “clean is clean”. When I move back to using an electric system (like DazzlePro), I notice my teeth feel so much cleaner – especially the teeth closest to my tongue. I don’t want to say “squeaky clean”, but it feels pretty darn close to it.

I do appreciate the cord length on the DazzlePro electric toothbrush as well. Some of my other electric personal care items had shorter cords – less than two feet or so. It meant I had to plug it in on the bathroom counter – with plug-ins that usually get used for temporary items like hair dryers or flat irons. I prefer having the longer cord as it can drape the cord to the plug-in that is closer to the floor than on my vital counter space. For this reason, I just leave it plugged in all the time. As the toothbrush has a decent battery life, though, you could just plug it in to charge and unplug it the rest of the time.

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I’m always concerned about noise as well; it’s not a matter of not wanting to wake someone up, but sounds always sound so much louder when coming from inside your mouth. The Dazzlepro Sonic Toothbrush is relatively quiet. It has a gentle “hum” to it, but it’s nothing that can be heard outside of a closed bathroom door. You aren’t going to wake anyone up with this one.

My only complaint is that it can be a bit hard to pull off the brush head attachments from the toothbrush itself. There isn’t a “quick release” button or anything – you literally have to tug it from the top. As there aren’t a whole lot of places to “grip” the toothbrush head aside from the bristles, I usually end up touching the bristles when I do this. I’m not particularly fond of getting my hands on my toothbrush bristles. I really wish it had a different system to release the heads; with all of the advanced features the toothbrush offers, I’m surprised that’s not one of them.

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The Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush is filled with a lot of great features. Not only does it offer multiple modes of brushing and a built-in timer to ensure that you fully clean your teeth, but it also is extremely easy to care for: it can just be rested in the base and doesn’t overcharge. Most of the luxurious electronic toothbrush features have been included with this toothbrush.

I really wish there was a “quick release” feature that easily released the toothbrush heads from the toothbrush itself. As it stands, you have tug it with a decent amount of strength to make it get off the brush.

If you want to take better care of your teeth without the expensive price point of some of the other electric toothbrushes, the Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic Toothbrush is going to be amazing for you. It offers a lot of the advanced electronic toothbrush features while also offers UV sanitization for even more cleanliness.

Buy It
You can purchase the DazzlePro toothbrush directly from the DazzlePro website. Don’t forget to check out some of their other offerings!

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