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Whether it’s a Halloween party or an upcoming anime convention, having a cute cosplay costume available can lend itself well to lots of costume parties. Not only can you repurpose some of the accessories of your costume for use in other outfits, but it means that you’ll have a good ‘default’ option for any costumed gatherings – no stress or extra money required! Having a nice, flexible costume that’s flattering on your body and works for multiple events reduces some of the stress out of accepting the last-minute invite to a party this Saturday.

Along with lingerie, sells sexy and cute costumes that can work well for anime conventions, a night in with your partner, or even Halloween night. Offering next day shipping for your last-minute “crap! I need a costume!” moments, 3Wishes also offering free standard (and discreet, for your lingerie needs) shipping in the US. Along with straight-size costumes, 3Wishes also offers men’s costumes and lingerie and plus-size costumes and lingerie.


If you’re familiar with the Final Fantasy X-2 game, you’ll recognize this purchasable Yuna cosplay outfit. The outfit comes with everything, top-to-bottom (outside of the shoes), that you’ll need to successfully pull off the look from the iconic summoner. Available in Small through Large (US sizes 2-12), this outfit includes the top, cape, belt, shorts, suede pouch, arm bands, feather on a string hair clip, and hip wrap. This just means you’ll need to do your own hair, make-up, and find some good boots to work with the outfit.

For an affordable cosplay costume, the quality is pretty decent. The outfit isn’t going to overshadow a cosplayer who spent months meticulously making their own costume, but it’s easily recognizable, the stitching is well-down, the material is pretty comfortable, and the pieces aren’t falling apart. Compared to some pre-bought cosplay costumes that we’ve seen before, this one looks particularly good.

However, our costume didn’t include the Feather on String Hair Clip. As the box we received in the mail was particularly banged up, it’s possible it got lost in-transit. 3Wishes let us know that we could return the costume and receive a full new costume that included the hair clip as well, but it wouldn’t be possible to just send the clip.

The only modification that we had to make to the costume were the arm bands. While the model has particularly toned arms (as you’ll see from the photos), the arm bands did not fit the upper arms at all. I’m not sure whose upper arms these would fit. It’d be possible to substitute the current brown suede twine for a longer strand of brown twine to make them fit, but it’d still leave a large, uncovered area between the two sides of the arm bands. It depends on how much you want to look exactly like Yuna. You might need to pick up your own squares of brown suede to make your own arm bands if the sliver of skin would bother you.


As mentioned before, the costume is very comfortable. It’s also pretty true-to-size, and since most of the pieces are made with spandex, it’ll stretch out for a pretty forgiving sizing. The costume does offer some revealing spots (around the butt and stomach), so you’ll want to ensure you’re comfortable showing that skin or possible add a second layer of clothing underneath the costume.

At the price that 3Wishes offers the Fantasy Heroine Cosplay Costume, though, there’s really very little to complain about. The costume is decent quality, offers pretty much everything you need, is truly sized, and is pretty comfortable. I’m looking forward to seeing if all of the other 3Wishes offerings can provide just as much satisfaction as this particular one has.


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