New Keylogger Helps Parents Watch Kids Online

If you are a parent these days your kids are spending more and more of their time online. How do you know exactly what they are doing? You probably have had this happen before:

You walk into their bedroom and your child instantly closes their web browser. What is it they did not want you to see? They’re pretty silent about it, but you think it’s probably something they shouldn’t have been doing. At the very least, it wasn’t their homework! Why else would they be trying to hide it?

The good news is there is type of software called Keylogging software that can help parents see what their kids are doing online. You can see who they are talking to, the websites they go to, and any secret social profiles.

Of course, the first line of defense with any concern is to talk to your children. An open line of communication will help foster trust and openness between you and your kids. However, if you’re becoming concerned about their safety or any illegal activities, hoping for open communication may not be an acceptable situation anymore.

Some of these apps are easy to use. Some are hard and require you to be technical just to put them on their phone or computer. The following is a keylogging software that might work for your home monitoring needs.

PCTattletale is a remote keylogger and monitoring software that will show you EVERYTHING your kids are doing online. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like:

You can see it makes videos of what they are doing.

Let’s look at why this is the best keylogger out there:

1) Simple. This keylogger app is simple for anyone reading this article to put on their home computer, Android device, iPhone, or iPad. If you can install an app from the app store, you can put this on their devices. The only difference? It completely disappears after you install it. Your kids will never know it is on their computer or device. To see how easy it is to put on their computer check out this short article: How to install a keylogger on a pc . You will see it is something that you can certainly do.

2) Full Remote Monitoring. You want these kinds of apps to send you the recordings. You really don’t want to to have to sit at their computer or grab their phone just to see what’s going on. PCTattletale keeps all the recorded activity in the cloud. It uses AES and SSL encryption to keep everything safe. You can watch your kids activity from your smart phone, a tablet, or another computer. Watch your kids while you are at work or on a business trip!

3) More than a keylogger. Keystroke logging is great. But videos is where pcTattletale really shines. It makes YouTube-like videos you can watch from the website. Even if they sign into Facebook and do not type in their password, you can still see them sign in. You can see who they chat with, which posts they read, and everything they do on Facebook in case you’re concerned.

If you are a parent who is concerned about what your kids are really doing online, then keylogging software may be the perfect answer. Make sure to check out pcTattletale. You can learn more at their website Put it on their devices, and you can quickly see everything they do. Then finally put your mind at ease.

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