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glasses_shop_review (5)I don’t know about you, but with a relatively basic prescription, I usually find myself pretty frustrated by shopping for eyeglasses in-store. The prices are a lot higher than I want, and with such a low optical power necessary to correct my vision, I know that I can just as easily find a pair of eyeglasses online.

That’s why is such an awesome find for me. In addition to being affordable, this company offers a wide variety of different frames – for men, women, and even prescription sunglasses! can take your prescription (which you provide to them) and make you a pair of prescription eyeglasses that will show up right at your door! Win-win, really!

Plus, with all of their discounts and specials, it’s pretty easy to find a way to save on your new pair of glasses. The company offers free shipping on all orders over $49, and they regularly run Buy One, Get One and 50% off sales. You can invite friends to shop and earn coupon codes, and of course, you can keep in touch with them on social media or through e-mail newsletters for exclusive discounts as well. Plus, their weekly deals are already cheap – who knew eyeglass prices could start at just $7??

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Now I don’t know about you guys, but while I love wearing eyeglasses, the one place I hate wearing them is in the car. Not only do eyeglasses make wearing sunglasses impossible, but they limit a bit of my peripheral vision, and that’s not what I like while driving. While one solution could be prescription eyeglasses, I think I found a better one from Some of their frames come with optional, detachable sunglasses lenses – such as style SM0688. This is the best of both worlds! Not only are the glasses thin on the sides for better vision, but the attachable sunglasses lenses instantly solve my driving problem.

They solve it so much that they’ve been instantly relegated to my vehicle. I’ll take off any other eyeglasses I’m wearing and put these on if I’m driving. They’re comfortable, they offer quite a bit of vision, and they make it possible to enjoy my drive without lots of large, glaring light. Win-win all around!

Plus, they look cute, don’t you think?

Do you think you’d like a pair of eyeglasses for yourself? In addition to their regular specials and deals, the GlassesShop promo code GSHOT50 will get you 50% off of your eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses with free lenses! (Their sale frames are excluded, though.)

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