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My name is Kayla, and I’m the blogger who runs I Heart Giveaways. Unlike the majority of product review blogs out there, I actually am a college student living with my long-term partner housed in an apartment. We do not have children (though I like to think we’re like children-at-heart with our video games and cute-item-collecting). Still in college, I work from home while also attending the local university full-time.

I’m one of those lame people that would rather sit at their computer for the night and work than go out to a bar. I constantly have something to do, and whether fortunately or unfortunately, my busy work and hobby life means that I don’t usually have too much time for other social engagements. However, my partner and I still spend a lot of time together, and whether through watching a movie or laying in bed and talking about our days,

I’m a planner and an organizer, and I take both things relatively seriously. I tend to stick to a schedule, and I hate being thrown off of my routine. Surprises are okay when they don’t interrupt my already-planned schedule, but surprises that require changing my schedule usually annoy me. In fact, even with this blog, I attempt to have blog posts scheduled for up to two weeks in advance – I just hate feeling like I’m in a time crunch.

When I have free time, I tend to blog (as you can see) and play video games. Right now, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the Sims 4. However, for the most part, blogging takes up the majority of my extra time, and while I definitely enjoy it, sometimes it does feel like more of an extra form of work than a hobby. It still hasn’t stopped me yet, though, and I love the lasting friendships and accomplishment that comes from having a well-run blog and website.

I live with my partner of six years, and we’re engaged to be married. I still prefer the term “partner” because “boyfriend” sounds way too preteen and “fiancee” just looks ugly with the accent marks, and I don’t want any browsers to slaughter the word because I included a special character. At some point, we’ll get married, and he’ll be “husband”, but I’ll probably still call him “partner” because “husband” just sounds too cliche for me. He’s a Chemical Engineer, and in his free time, helps me out a ton around the house by cleaning and also enjoys playing his video games.

In our household, we have neither any children or any pets. One because we don’t feel we’re old enough nor have we thought out the decision enough, and the other because we think he might be allergic to pet hair (unfortunately). At this point in our lives, this works fine for us. Something may change in the future, but for now, the two of us in this apartment works fantastically. Someday, though, we want the cutest and most adorable little kitten.

I really enjoy writing articles, and I’ve been published on multiple websites. I’m very proud to have been published on PARADE Magazine with my article: Ingredients Matter! How to Easily Cut Calories.

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